In the jungle, Ryan gets even more upset when the pilot can't fix the plane right away. Annie tries to keep him calm and starts talking about Emma. She says the little girl will need stability and they should keep things as normal as possible. Ryan says Emma will need therapy; Annie insists she will just need love and security. Ryan says he will find the man responsible and make him pay. The pilot returns and says the plane is ready.

In Puerto Rico, Greenlee keeps siding with Ryan which upsets Aidan. He says it doesn't matter if Ryan is right or if Annie is – they have to save Emma.

In the hospital, Taylor convinces Jake to sign the marathon sign up sheet; as they talk, they hear Petey declaring his love over the loudspeaker! Taylor decides to call a friend about training methods. Jake warns her not to take on too much too soon; she says she will be fine. Her physical therapist comes in and Taylor says she wants to ramp up her training.

In the storage closet, Brot tells Colby he is fine but says she has to let him go – now! She unlocked the outside door. He settles into a dark area and holds his arm; Colby is worried about him but he refuses to allow her to get a doctor. She sees he is bleeding and tries to help but Brot turns her away. She runs from the room, upset.

As Bianca listens, Reese tells Zach that her family cut her off when she came out. She comes inside as Reese and Zach are talking about color schemes. Zach leaves. Binks asks Reese why she never told her about her parents. Reese says it isn't a big deal but Binks disagrees. "You lied to me," Binks says. Reese says she is okay with how her parents treat her – or don't treat her! That only makes Bianca more upset. She says if this really wasn't important Reese wouldn't have talked to Zach about it. Reese says Erica changed her thinking but Reese's mom never will. She says she couldn't keep lying to her parents after meeting Bianca so she came out! "They were stone cold. No emotion," Reese says. She says she hoped that her father would make her mother see that things would be okay but he didn't. Crying, Reese says Zach made her remember her family. She says they don't know about Gabrielle or Miranda. She apologizes for not telling Binks and for leaving her alone with all of the kids.

Petey sees Colby and asks if she heard his declaration. She is distracted so he tells her what he did and says, "I love you!" Colby says she's busy and walks away. She runs into Jake and Taylor with a first aid kit and says she is just doing her job. They are distracted with Taylor's physical therapy and don't notice how nervous she is. Petey comes up and rambles on about his declaration. She grabs his ear, tells him to grow up and storms off. She returns to Brot and when she sees his face, drops the first aid kit. He makes a smart remark but Colby ignores it and starts working on his cuts. She leaves him for a while and then comes back to check on him. Brot says no one can help him and turns away from her. He remembers the last night he spent with Taylor.

In the break room, Taylor stands on Jake's feet as he dances with her across the room.

At Fusion, David pours champagne and tells Amanda that JR deserves to be brought down. He says their first step is to get JR to drink again! He says she has to get drunk and call JR to come and rescue her; she picks up the bottle and drinks from it! She starts to ramble about living on a boat and being a pirate. JR arrives and David hides. She tells JR she needs help and staggers around. She says she needs help and he sees the empty champagne bottle. JR talks about getting food and coffee but Amanda stops him and begs him not to leave her alone. She says she felt lonely after the moment of silence. "I don't know what to do without Babe," she says and tells him about Fusion, losing her money and Jake. JR says things will be okay; she tells him to leave – just like everyone else! Amanda falls against him and kisses him. JR pulls back. He tells Amanda she is a jerk for doing this, takes her keys and leaves. David comes out and rages at Amanda for ruining their first step. She says she didn't do anything wrong and can try again when JR returns her keys the next day. David says she let him – and Babe! – down! She says she just wanted to kiss him; David says she should have done it better – and kisses her!

In the elevator, JR nearly takes a drink but maintains control. He smashes the bottle and leaves.

Ryan and Annie get to Pine Cay and Annie leads him to the room; Ryan says she didn't mention a room number before. She says it doesn't matter. Ryan kicks in the door. No one is there! Annie is certain they are in the right place but Ryan says the kidnapper is playing them. She says he needs to rest but Ryan refuses. She pushes him and he lies down. Annie lies with him for a while and when she is sure he is asleep, she leaves the room. Ryan listens and then follows but loses her. He finds Aidan and Greenlee and they decide to go after Annie. He and Greenlee go one way and Aidan goes in another. They meet up a few minutes later; Aidan says an American woman checked into room 605 within the last hour; Ryan says it isn't Annie because she was with him. Greenlee wonders who checked in.

Annie goes to another room and calls for Emma. Di comes out of another room and says Emma couldn't make the trip – and she knows all about Annie's plans! "You picked the wrong girl and I won't go down for you," she says and pulls a gun on Annie! Annie asks where Emma is but Di won't tell her. They struggle for the gun and it goes off. In the hall, Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan hear the shot.

Bianca and Reese go home. The kids are asleep so Reese runs a bath for Bianca. They make love. After, Binks comments about missing wine but says breastfeeding Gabrielle is worth cutting out alcohol. When Binks goes to sleep, Reese goes into the main room and cries about her family. Zach, who was at the piano looking at a picture of Kendall, hears her and asks if he can help. She tells him she misses her family; he tries to hug her but Reese pushes him away and returns to her room.

Next on All My Children:

Brot sees how close Taylor and Jake are.

Annie's plans are out of control.

David and Amanda continue plotting.

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