Colby is surprised to find Erica at the mansion until Adam tells her that Erica has moved in with them! She is shocked and walks out. Erica says Colby must believe that she is after Adam and swears she isn't. They quip about paying one another visits; Adam says he left his door open and Erica says she double-bolted hers! She tells him she is leaving, surprising him. Erica reminds him she was only staying for one night and says she has business and wants to see Kendall; she says she doesn't love him. "What if I were the last man on earth?" he asks. "I'd become a nun," she replies.

Colby finds Petey at the hospital and tells him about Adam and Erica's new fling. She can't believe they are jumping into bed together and says she will never be like them. Petey takes her hand and says things will be right for them. Colby pulls away from him, hurting Petey's feelings. She leaves to check in for work.

Reese tells Zach what she will need to rebuild his offices. He gives her free reign; she goes to the living room and finds Bianca asleep. Binks is exhausted but says Rachael will be back soon; Reese returns to Cambias. Gabrielle starts to cry and the phone rings – it's Rachael and she is sick! Binks settles in with the kids but four little ones are tough to care for on her own. Erica arrives and finds Bianca playing with the kids and feeling overwhelmed. Erica says Reese should be there with her! Erica calls in a couple of nannies. Bianca gets dressed and Erica tells her about her trip plans. She asks Binks to stand in at Fusion while she is on the press junket but Bianca can't with all of the kids. Erica says Reese should be around more; Bianca says Reese is perfect just the way she is.

Back at Cambias, Reese and Zach talk with a contractor. After they go over the plans, he leaves. Reese says she won't let Zach down. Reese settles in at Lily's old desk while Zach goes into his office. She hears Zach talking to Kendall via a tape recorder. He tells her about his day and she closes the door. Reese waits awhile and then goes in to talk to Zach. She tells him about her family, who shut her out after she came out to them. Bianca arrives and listens.

In Puerto Rico, Greenlee worries about Ryan, hoping that he hasn't been killed. "Because if he is dead, you'll be dead, right?" Aidan says.

On the island, Ryan rants at the pilot about fixing the plane. The pilot insists he is trying but doesn't have the right tools. Ryan tells him to call for help but he doesn't have a cell phone. The pilot goes to try to fix the plane and Annie follows him. Ryan calls Aidan and says Annie planned the kidnapping! He says Annie is too gung-ho about finding Emma without any cops; Aidan reminds him that Annie was shot but Ryan thinks that was all a ruse. He tells Aidan about the hotel on Pine Cay and hangs up. Annie returns and says the pilot can't find anything to fix the plane. She breaks down and Ryan holds her, wondering what she is up to. He takes her hand and swears everything will be okay. Ryan brings up the kidnappings and says they need to figure out what went wrong in their relationship; he blames himself. She says it was her fault, too. She says she still loves him but realizes that he doesn't love her anymore. Ryan walks away from her and Annie gets upset and asks about Greenlee. Ryan says he is thinking about their relationship, not Greenlee. Ryan steps closer to her and kisses her!

Aidan hangs up the phone and tells Greenlee that Ryan suspects Annie is behind everything! Greenlee immediately believes Ryan but Aidan says this is all Ryan's fault. He tells Greenlee exactly how Ryan's courtship was and how quickly Ryan left her alone. He says if Annie has gone crazy it is all Ryan's fault! With Greenlee distracted, Aidan tries to call Annie. Greenlee hears the phone ring and picks up. "Annie is that you?" Aidan says! Greenlee confronts him. Aidan says he was calling Annie to see if he could get through to her because of what Ryan said. He points out that if Annie is on the edge, Ryan is going to need help. Greenlee wonders why Annie left her phone behind and tries to find any evidence on it. Aidan grabs the phone! He says he needs to download the phone to his laptop before valuable information is lost. Greenlee wonders if he is telling the truth.

Jake visits Taylor's room; she is having more therapy. He thinks she is pushing too hard but Taylor refuses to slow down.

In another room, Tad and Frankie talk about Brot. Tad says they have to give Brot the benefit of the doubt; Frankie tells Tad about his visit to the hospital. He says Brot has disappeared. Frankie isn't sure he should tell Taylor but worries that he will ruin their friendship if he keeps quiet. Tad blames Brot for Frankie's tough position and leaves. He is in the hall when Taylor walks by with Jake and the therapist. Frankie takes over for the therapist and Taylor says she wants to walk all the way to Philadelphia! Frankie takes Taylor back to her room; Jake leaves. Taylor tells him that she feels good for the first time in a long time. She asks about running events and when Jake comes back says both guys are going to run with her in the Pine Valley Marathon in the spring!

Brot calls the hospital and asks for Taylor's room; a nurse gives him her room number and he hangs up. He skulks around and sees Taylor with Jake. He goes to a storage room and some shelving falls on him. Colby finds him there but he tells her not to call anyone for help.

Petey goes to the mansion and asks Adam about Erica. He says Erica is just pretending not to love him; he says all women just need to be convinced of who they love. Petey listens intently. "Once you've broken them, you're in," Adam says! A while later, Erica returns. Adam showers her with jewelry and asks her to stay with him. Erica kisses him!

Petey returns to the hospital. The nurses' station is unattended and he grabs the overhead speaker and says, "Colby, it's me, Petey, the one you love!"

Next on All My Children:

David and Amanda set their plan in motion.

Annie's partner in crime nearly ruins things.

Pete tells Colby he loves her!

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