At the hospital, Joe reads a news article telling Pine Valley citizens about a moment of silence for the town today. Opal sees the news story and tells JR and Little A about it; JR takes Little A home. David watches them and then examines Opal; he clears her to go home and then asks about Little A. Opal tells him to stay away from the boy. Colby arrives and tells Ruth and Joe about a woman, Aggie, who they found in the rubble at the courthouse. She says things look familiar and then lowers a book which reads 'All My Children'. Aggie tells them the book is something she wrote. Joe takes Colby and Pete to the hall and tells them that Aggie seems to be fine. He decides to keep her overnight; Ruth comes out and says Aggie knew she was a nurse! They turn back to her but Aggie has disappeared!

Jesse and Angie read the story and then see Frankie. He is still angry and tells Jesse that he should have been honest from the beginning. Angie listens. Jesse says he did what he did because he loves his family. Angie interrupts to say Rebecca is awake. When Jesse leaves, she tells Frankie that Jesse needed Rebecca and they shouldn't judge him for that. "Jesse had no one. She saved him," she says. Jesse returns and Frankie tells him how hurt and angry he still is. He apologizes for not being more understanding. "I forgive you," he says and they hug. They go into Rebecca's room and join hands as they observe the moment of silence.

Tad and Krystal read the same article, and look at a picture of Babe. JR returns with Little A and says he is doing fine today. She goes to make lunch. Tad thanks JR for staying in town and says Krystal is doing much better. He says he should have hit David harder and more! JR's things are delivered from San Diego, reminding them all of Babe. Opal arrives and JR leaves for the cemetery. Colby and Petey arrive and ask Tad to help them find Aggie. Just then, Aggie walks in the door! She says this is her home! She says she needed to visit Myrtle and Palmer. Tad asks how she can live in his house but she can't explain. She asks Tad about his broken arm; Opal remembers Ray breaking Tad's arm when he was a boy. Opal gets nervous and leads Tad to the hall. Krystal follows. Opal says Aggie's aura is filled with spirits. Tad tells her to lie down to rest but Opal says there is something strange about Aggie. They turn around and she is gone! Opal faints. The kids search but can't find her. Opal researches Aggie and finds out the woman who founded Pine Valley was Aggie! She says Aggie wrote a book called 'All My Children'. "A ghost?" Krystal asks. Joe and Ruth arrive; Opal insists that Aggie is a ghost and probably came back because of the storm.

Jack reads the story and leaves his house.

Erica arrives at Adam's to find all of her belongings there. He says the Yacht Club isn't safe so he is moving her in there! Adam instructs a worker to take Erica's things upstairs but she refuses, saying she will stay at the Valley Inn. Adam informs her that the Valley Inn is booked. She suggests going to New York but then realizes that is too far from Bianca. She agrees to stay for one night only and Adam sends her luggage upstairs. She says she'll stay in the West Wing when he suggests taking the room next to his. "I'm not that lonely," she says. She is upstairs when Jack arrives and questions Adam's motives for dropping the suit. He suggests that Erica forced him to do it. Just then Erica returns in her robe! She leads Jack into the parlor; he says she doesn't have to do this with Adam and she hugs him. Jack asks what she is up to. She says she wants to be there for him the way he has always been there for her. She asks about Greenlee; he says she is with Ryan. Adam listens at the door. Jack asks why she is with Adam. She says she doesn't love Adam but she needed a place to stay for the night. She brings up Kendall, Zach, Bianca, Reese and the kids and says she doesn't have room for a romance but needs as many friends as she can get. Jack tells her to be careful around Adam. She says she has Adam under control. Jack turns to leave but Erica asks him to stay with her for the moment of silence!

Zach returns home. Bianca is waiting; he says Kendall is still unresponsive and she hugs him. Reese comes downstairs but Zach wants to be alone so they return upstairs. He stares at a picture of Kendall, remembering the last moments they had together and cries. Reese brings the boys downstairs and Zach reads them "Sleeping Beauty"; he asks her to join them. Binks brings in Miranda and Gabrielle; Reese sends Miranda into the kitchen with Spike. Zach asks how things have been and Bianca says things are going well. Zach talks about the damage to his office and Reese says she has some ideas for him. He puts Ian to bed. Bianca asks Reese about her visit to Cambias; she says it will take months to fix the casino. She suggests that they stay in Pine Valley for awhile; Binks says she wants to stay forever and then backtracks; she says she needs to stay in town for a while for her family. Reese is understanding and says they should stay for a while. They kiss.

David wakes Amanda up at Wildwind by yelling, "Rise and shine." He tells her he picked her up at BJ's after she passed out. He asks what she wants. "For the room to stop spinning and my mouth to not taste like cotton," she replies. David asks about her long-term goals and she talks about shopping; he tells her not to waste her life. Amanda says she doesn't want to need men or be used by men anymore. She says she wants her money back! "Then go get it," he says. He doctors her hangover and says she should go after the Chandler's! She says it won't work and she doesn't want to hurt JR. David reminds her of what JR said and says JR owes her! She says she has nothing to blackmail JR with and needs to get to work. David says he'll pay her to bring down JR! He writes a check for $500,000 and tells her to push JR toward a breakdown! "If you bring him down for good, you'll be $5 million richer!" he says. Amanda hesitates but then takes David's money.

JR goes to the cemetery and talks to Babe. He says he wants five more minutes with her. Amanda walks up. She asks how he is doing and says she isn't doing well at all. She asks if they can spend the moment of silence together! JR takes her hand; David watches from around the corner.

Zach goes to his office and finds the place in shambles. He remembers pulling the wreckage off of Kendall. A fireman comes in and says he has to leave because the office is unsafe. Zach grabs his axe and starts to demolish the walls!

Jack and Erica arrive at Zach's just as he returns. The family decides to observe the moment of silence together.

Adam goes to Tad's and is invited in for the moment of silence. As sirens go off around town, everyone joins hands in their respective homes. Joe offers a prayer for his family, Erica offers a prayer for her family and JR offers a prayer for Babe. Together, they recite the 'All My Children' poem. Aggie appears outside Erica's window and says, "You are all my children." She blows a kiss.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan tells Aidan that he is suspicious of Annie!

Adam and Erica continue their flirtation.

Frankie wonders if he should tell Taylor the truth.

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