At the hospital, Jake calls for help. "It's a miracle," he hollers! He returns to Taylor and says the tingling she is feeling is because the brain swelling is going down. She is impatient to feel more and be able to walk but he tells her to give this time. Jake gets rough with Taylor, puts weights on her ankles and tells her to work harder. Taylor gets mad and as she gets angry, her legs move! She wants to work harder but Jake takes off the weights and tells her to take things slowly.

JR takes Little A to the hospital for a tummy ache; David wants to treat the kiddo but JR refuses to let him. Tad is there. David demands that JR let him look at the boy but Tad says there are plenty of other doctors and goes to find one. David and JR argue about the Babe Hayward wing and David says he'll rename it the Babe Chandler Wing so that the hospital isn't harmed. Tad returns and leads JR to another doctor's office. The doctor decides to keep Little A overnight but says he will be okay. Tad and JR are relieved that he'll be okay but worry that David will weasel himself into Little A's room.

At BJ's, Amanda decides to get drunk. The bartender offers her some water after a while but Amanda refuses. She talks about her bad relationships and the bartender says she is looking for love in the wrong places. Across the room, Angie cries on Krystal's shoulder about Jesse and Rebecca and how wrecked her life is right now. "I'm angry at everybody," she says! Jesse walks in and hears her. Krystal excuses herself and Jesse leads her outside so they can talk. Amanda tells the bartender she isn't interested in love – she's interested in men! She grabs Frankie's arm as he walks by! He says he needed time before going home and then takes a seat at a table. Randi arrives and says Amanda called her. She asks what is going on and he says she couldn't understand. He brings up the war but then tells her to drop the subject. She reminds him that he made her talk and says he has to trust her in the same way! The bartender tells Amanda she did a good thing by calling Randi. She says she isn't nice and he says she is too hard on herself. "I'm so sick of being used," she says and the bartender tells her to do something about it! The bartender calls David! Frankie finally opens up to Randi and tells her about going to the VA Hospital; he says he felt helpless there. She says he is a good man and facing his fears isn't weakness. "You're the man I love," she says. The bartender turns on music and announces last call. Frankie dances with Randi around the floor.

Jesse takes Angie home; she goes to the terrace and asks how he can stand her. He says he is going to stand by her and make up for the things he did wrong. He says she is right to be angry; Angie says anger doesn't cover it. "How could you do this to us? To me?" she asks. She brings up Natalia and all of Jesse's secrets and asks how he is going to make things right for both of his families. She says she isn't ready to give him back to Rebecca, even if it's just for a little while! "That part of you will always belong to Rebecca," she cries. She accuses him of loving Rebecca but Jesse says he never loved her. Angie doesn't believe him and says the only reason he came back is because Rebecca pushed him to do it. Jesse calls her the love of his life and says she will always be that. She goes inside. Jesse reaches out to her from the sofa. Angie hesitates and then sits on the opposite side of the sofa. She reaches for his hand.

In the bar, Greenlee unties Ryan. He wants to go after Aidan alone but she convinces him to let her come, too! They look over a map but Ryan wonders why the kidnapper took Annie. He wonders what is really going on! Greenlee says they'll have their answers soon enough thanks to Aidan; Ryan wonders why Aidan is helping them at all. Greens says that is just the kind of man Aidan is. Two officers arrive and question Ryan about the fight at the bar! They blame the fight on Ryan but Greens defends his actions. The officers say the bartender is pressing charges and tell Ryan to come with them! Greenlee steps in and says Aidan started the fight and they should talk to him; they tell the cops that Aidan robbed the place! When the cops begin searching, they run out!

At Annie's beach house, Annie and Aidan share champagne and toast their plans – to ruin Ryan and Greenlee! Annie says Di is still in the dark and thinks she is watching Emma so Annie and Ryan have time alone. She says before long, they will both have their spouses back! Aidan tells Annie about knocking Ryan out and says they need to go over their plan. Annie says things are going perfectly and reminds Aidan that he shot her to make things look good! She says she has everything under control. "Ryan will come back to me," she says and reminds Aidan that this is the best way to get Greenlee back – if that is still what he wants! She is worried that he doesn't want Greenlee back. Aidan says Ryan and Greens will be here soon and tells Annie to clean up. She keeps talking about Greenlee and Aidan rips her dress! "Now, hit me!" he exclaims. She can't do it so Aidan slaps her! Annie slugs him with a cane. Ryan and Greenlee arrive and Annie cries out that Emma is gone – because of Aidan! Aidan says it was Annie's fault and they argue. Greenlee steps in and says they have to focus on the kidnapper. Aidan says the guy hit him and ran; Ryan wonders why he didn't kill them. Annie tells Ryan they have to get rid of Greenlee and Aidan or they'll never find Emma! She grabs her bag and leaves. Ryan follows her. Outside, Annie says she overheard the kidnapper talking about Pine Cay on the phone. Ryan wonders what is going on.

Tad returns home and finds Krystal there; he asks where she has been and why she didn't come straight home. She says Angie needed her and points out that she doesn't need to be coddled. He asks about the anxiety attack. She blames the attack on Babe's death and then says she knows that David feels the same as she does! Tad gets angry and says they can't let David get too close to Little A. He says David is manipulating her but she says he isn't. Tad says David is doing the same with JR and Little A and tells her about David's attempted manipulation. She asks what he did but Tad clams up. She sees his knuckles and makes an icepack. She says she didn't go looking for David but Tad says it doesn't matter because David is looking for her! She says his love is getting her through the grief but keeps defending David.

David takes Amanda back to Wildwind and puts her to sleep on the couch.

Back inside the lighthouse, Aidan tells Greenlee that Annie is always at the center of danger. He says he is worried about Ryan's safety!

On the plane, the pilot says Ryan and Annie will be at Pine Cay in two hours. Ryan is worried about Emma; Annie tries to get him talking. The plane jolts and the pilot says they are leaking fuel. "We're going down," he says!

Next on All My Children:

A ghost named Aggie remembers how Pine Valley began.

Erica's new living arrangement is a surprise to Jack.

David makes Amanda an interesting offer.

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