Krystal wakes from her dream and is relieved to find her bed empty and David nowhere to be found. She has a panic attack and clutches her throat.

David and Amanda make love. After, she has regrets. She calls herself a floozy and beats up on herself; David says she is a strong woman but she won't listen to him. "I sleep with men for all the wrong reasons," she says. David asks why she slept with him. She says she slept with him because of what JR said about her. David says there are worse things.

Krystal goes to the hospital and Angie runs some tests; she says everything looks fine. Krystal says she had a nightmare and woke up with chest pain and tightness in her belly. Angie asks about the nightmare and Krystal has another attack. Angie tries to calm her down. David arrives and looks at her chart; he examines her and says she had an anxiety attack. He says she is too stressed out over Babe's death and tells her to try to stay calm. Angie returns; he tells her to remember to eat and leaves. Angie asks how Krystal is and agrees with David's diagnosis. She asks Krystal to come and have a bite with her.

Annie calls Ryan and says she doesn't know where she is. The phone goes dead and Ryan tells Aidan what Annie said. Aidan checks the phone but finds out the number is untraceable. Ryan is very worried; Aidan asks how Annie sounded. Ryan says she didn't mention Emma at all, which worries him even more. He tells Aidan they have to look for a house on a beach. "Uh, we're on an island, that doesn't do us any good," Aidan says. Annie calls back and says her captors came back! She says she is in danger and then screams and hangs up! Ryan says she mentioned a lighthouse and they look at a map. Ryan is ready to go but Aidan says there is something wrong; he suggests that someone is setting a trap for them. Ryan won't listen. Aidan tells Ryan to let him go alone first but Ryan and Greenlee won't listen. Aidan clubs Ryan and ties him up! He tells Greenlee that Ryan is going to get Emma hurt and when he comes around, tells him to stay put so Aidan can check things out first. Aidan leaves. Ryan demands that Greenlee untie him but she won't do it; she says they have to listen to Aidan. "No, I will be the one to save my daughter," he says!

In her hideaway, Annie hangs up the phone and takes a drink of champagne! She calls Di to check on Emma; Di says the kiddo is fine! She offers to let Annie talk to Emma but Annie says she shouldn't do that. They go over their meeting plans and then Annie hangs up. Aidan arrives and watches her through a window.

At the hospital, Tad tells Frankie that the man he met is definitely Brot! Frankie tells Tad how bad things were in Iraq and how twisted up soldiers lives can become once they are back home. He says Brot must be twisted up beyond comprehension. "He was burned alive," Frankie says. Tad agrees that he must be in a terrible place but doesn't understand why he hasn't tried to contact Taylor. Frankie doesn't know but insists that they can't tell Taylor the truth.

Taylor and Jake kiss but then she pulls back. She says she had forgotten how good a kiss can feel but warns him that she is still very messed up. Jake says he feels the same way sometimes; Taylor says the bad feelings seem to pop up most when she tries to move on. Tad comes by her room and listens as they talk. He gets Jake's attention and they go to the hall to talk. He asks about Taylor's progress and Jake says she is doing well – and he can't live without her! A physical therapist comes by and promises to work with Taylor later. Tad asks what is going on with Taylor and Jake says they had a break-through. He asks what happened with Tad's mystery client; Tad says there is nothing new. Jake returns to Taylor and says she has to start physical therapy. She is reluctant but agrees to try. Jake works on her feet and legs, massaging them and working all of the joints. He rolls Taylor onto her side and keeps working on her legs; she can't feel anything he does but he says she will be fine.

Brot sits alone in a hospital waiting area. Frankie walks in and sees him. "You're not supposed to be here," Brot says. He tells Frankie to get lost because he is a walking dead man. Frankie angrily tells Brot that he made Frankie a liar and is still hurting Taylor. Frankie tells him how messed up Taylor was and still is but Brot doesn't believe him. "Are you going to let her commit suicide?" Frankie asks. Brot says he isn't the same man he was back then. Frankie walks away.

Jesse goes to talk to Rebecca and apologizes for leaving her at a time like this. She says she is the one who let him go and now she needs him to let her go! Angie listens. Jesse says he can't walk away because he loved her. Rebecca says he has to focus on Natalia. They talk about a shared sunrise when they were still a family. He holds her hand and she goes to sleep. He leaves her room.

Krystal and Angie go to BJ's for a quick dinner. Krystal gets Angie talking about Jesse and Rebecca; Angie orders drinks. Amanda walks in and goes straight to the bar. The bartender flirts with her a little but Amanda tells him to leave her alone.

Tad runs into David and asks about Krystal; David gives him a hard time about leaving Krystal home alone. He says Krystal had an anxiety attack – and it's all Tad's fault! Tad gets angry and walks out but David keeps talking about Krystal – and all of Tad's women – running to him for help!

** Show Note: The last 10 minutes of All My Children was pre-empted for a report on the first meeting between President Bush and President-Elect Obama.**

Next on All My Children:

Jesse asks Angie to be honest with him.

Aidan and Annie play a dangerous game!

Tad and Krystal agree to be a united front against David.

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