At the VA hospital, Tad sees the strange man at the payphone and corners him. He admits he is the one who hired him to find out about Taylor but he won't tell Tad his name. He says he was worried about her but now knows she is okay. Tad says Taylor is far from okay! He tells the man about her accident. The man calls himself Sweeney and tells Tad that he cannot tell her about him – ever! Tad warns him that Taylor is in bad shape and needs all the friends she can get but he just walks away.

In the wilderness, Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee reach an area with shallow graves. Ryan believes it is Annie and Emma and loses hope. Aidan starts to dig – and finds Emma's doll in the grave! "Who would do this?" Ryan asks. Aidan leads the way to a nearby bar and they question the patrons and show them pictures of Annie and Emma; one tough guy says he recognizes Emma's picture. Aidan and Ryan focus on the tough guy and offer him money for information. The guy says he saw Emma at a cathouse! Ryan slugs him; Aidan grabs another tough guy who is giving Greenlee a hard time. They fight off the tough guys and then the bartender breaks up the fight. Greens gets ice for Aidan but he knocks the ice away. Ryan jumps on Aidan's case; Aidan says he isn't there to make nice with Greens or Ryan – he is there to save Emma's life! Annie calls and whispers that she is in an old house and the man who took her is coming back. Ryan says they'll find her and asks about Emma but the phone goes dead.

Annie hangs up the phone – and continues with her bubble bath!

At the hospital, Jake tells Taylor that he has feelings for her that he can't hide. Taylor calls him a liar. He says she wants to go back to Iraq so she can die! She says she doesn't want to die but she feels useless here; Jake tells her about losing his friend in Africa. He apologizes for telling her but she says his experience is just like hers. She tells him about her last night with Brot – they danced and made love and danced. "I can still feel his hand on the small of my back," she says. She asks about Jake's marriage. He says they went to Africa to save the world but then she left him for a unibrowed guerilla. "You've seen the Cave Man Commercials?" Jake asks. The mystery man calls but Taylor is practically laughing so he just hangs up. Taylor and Jake talk and then she kisses him!

Frankie sees Angie and Jesse with Natalia; he is short with them and walks off. Natalia goes to Rebecca's room; Angie and Jesse break the news of Rebecca's illness. Rebecca says she doesn't want to undergo any kind of therapy because it will take her strength. Jesse says he wants Natalia to be part of his family with Angie and she runs out of the room. Jesse isn't sure what to do. He takes Rebecca's hand and apologizes for not being a better man; he also apologizes to Angie for not telling her the truth sooner. He asks what Rebecca needs. Rebecca has a seizure and Angie calls for help.

Natalia runs into Randi and Frankie and they go to BJ's to blow off a little steam. Frankie tries to convince Natalia they have the same problems but Natalia says they aren't mad about the same things and have nothing in common. Frankie tells her that she should stay with Rebecca because Rebecca is living on borrowed time. Natalia angrily asks if he wants Rebecca to die. "You don't know me," he says. Frankie is paged back to the hospital; Randi stays with Natalia and they have lunch.

Frankie runs into Jesse at the hospital. Jesse thanks Frankie for reaching out to Natalia; Frankie says Randi did that. Jesse tells him about Rebecca's seizure and apologizes for the mistakes he made. He asks how long Frankie is going to be mad at him. Tad arrives and tells Frankie that the man at the VA hospital was named Sweeney. Frankie shows him pictures from their unit but Tad says that Sweeney isn't the Sweeney he met. Frankie opens another file and Tad sees the man who hired him. "That's Brot. That's impossible," Frankie says!

At the cemetery, Krystal tells JR that she is not being manipulated by David. She says she knows what to expect from the man. JR still has doubts and brings up Tad. She says she loves Tad and he loves her and David can't hurt them. Krystal takes a picture of Babe from her purse and places it over the grave. JR tells her to go home.

At Wildwind, David pulls away from Amanda. She grabs her drink and tells him about her fling with JR last year and her blackmail of Adam. David is fascinated and picks her brain about how she got the Chandler men under her thumb. She tells him everything. David says she deserves admiration and respect and she starts to cry again. She says no one has ever talked to her this way. David advises her to go back to work and take all of the guff she has to from Erica because soon enough Erica will see how great she is. He offers to let her stay at Wildwind and she goes upstairs. JR arrives and tells David to stay away from Krystal – and Amanda! David says Amanda's car broke down but she left. Amanda listens from the hall as the men argue about Krystal and about Amanda. JR says David can have Amanda because she ruined things for Babe at Fusion – and is responsible for Babe's death! JR leaves. Amanda is crushed. David apologizes. She asks why Babe had to die instead of JR! They talk about Babe and Amanda hugs David. She kisses him!

Krystal goes home and takes a nap. She has a nightmare about David. "You're all mine," he says. She wakes up.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan wonders what Aidan is really up to.

Frankie wants answers about Taylor's condition.

David pushes Tad.

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