Erica arrives at Fusion; Krystal is there packing up Babe's things with Amanda. They go to the lounge. Reese arrives and starts taking measurements for renovations; Jack walks in and helps her. Erica, Krystal and Amanda return and Erica gives her some errands – like picking up her dry cleaning and buying office supplies. Amanda angrily leaves. Jack asks about Kendall. Erica says there is no change and then says she is focusing on Fusion so Kendall will have a company to return to; she says she has already started by getting the lawsuit dropped. Adam walks in and Jack puts two and two together. Jack says Erica has no right to do this without Greenlee's approval. Erica points out that Greenlee is nowhere to be found. Reese steps in and says she thinks Erica is on the right track and then introduces herself to Adam. Bianca arrives and Adam has food delivered. She and Reese focus on the plans for Erica's new office while Erica focuses on Adam, who attends to her every need. A construction worker moves Kendall's desk and Erica freaks out. "Nothing of my daughter's moves, nothing changes," she repeats. Bianca hugs her.

At the hospital, Jake wakes up to find Taylor watching him. She tells him to get out so she can rest. "Nope. I'm the doctor and I'm the boss of you and I say no sleep," Jake says! He brushes his teeth using his index finger and her water jug. Taylor tells him again to get out but Jake won't leave. He reminds her of their deal – he leaves when she is ready to work. Taylor tries to use the call button but Jake grabs it and unplugs it! He closes her blinds and says she doesn't need light if she is just going to let herself die. He turns on the television to a foreign station and they try to figure out what is going on. Jake decides they are fighting over a woman; Taylor thinks they are doctors fighting over a patient. After the show, Jake starts doing push-ups, trying to get Taylor interested in something. She brings up Amanda and he says they broke up – because of her!

Tad arrives at the hospital and asks Frankie about any friends he might have known at the Bethesda Veterans Hospital. He tells Frankie about the mystery man and Frankie gets nervous. He says one of their friends, Tim Richardson, is at Bethesda but he wouldn't talk when Frankie went to visit. Tad leaves.

Tad arrives at the VA hospital but the doctors won't let him see Frankie's friend. They do let him sit in on a group meeting with veterans. He listens as the male and female soldiers talk about signing up for duty and serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tad listens as nearly all of them say they didn't realize what was happening when they were first attacked because it was so surreal. They say coming home was hard; many of the soldiers faced alcohol and drug addiction because of their injuries and some fought depression because of the extent of their injuries. He hears something in the hall – it's the mystery man, calling Tad's cell phone!

Bianca walks into Kendall's room and tries to talk to Zach about moving Kendall but he refuses to listen. JR walks in and tells Zach not to let go and not to assume anything about Kendall. David walks in and apologizes to him for blaming him about Babe. He turns to Zach and tells him that the doctor Erica brought in is the absolute best chance Kendall has to survive. Zach walks out. Bianca isn't sure he'll do it. She asks JR if she can help but he says no. She leaves, too. David asks JR about the move but JR says he knows what David's plans are! David insists he has turned over a new leaf; JR is certain that he is just trying to gain custody of Little A. He says he'll get David fired! Krystal walks in and listens as David apologizes again. JR walks out and Krystal goes to David, who says JR will see the difference in him one day. She tells him JR changed his mind about the move; David tells her about the new hospital wing in Babe's name. Krystal hugs him.

Zach returns to Kendall's side alone. He sits for a while – and then Kendall appears behind him! He tells her about what Erica and Bianca want but says he doesn't want her to go. Kendall reaches out to him and tells him that he has to let her go. "I can't do that," he whispers. She kisses him and is gone; Zach turns to watch her in bed and shakes his head. He calls Erica and agrees to send Kendall to Canada. Erica stops by a while later with Bianca and Zach calls the hospital. Binks says she and Reese will stay with the boys; Erica thanks Zach for doing this and Bianca assures him that Kendall will be home soon. Bianca and Erica tell Kendall goodbye and she is wheeled away.

Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee arrive at the airport. A worker refuses to help them so Ryan gets rough with the guy; that only makes the man more reluctant to talk so Aidan steps in. The man leaves. Aidan says they have to approach this the right way; he notices a pilot watching them and questions the man. The pilot says he wasn't watching them but says he noticed Annie and Emma; he says they were going toward Toabaja.

Jack finds Adam in the hospital waiting room; he is waiting to see Kendall. Adam tells him about Zach's decision. Jack asks why he is there; Adam says he and Erica are in love!

Krystal follows JR to the cemetery to talk to him about David. She says David is really trying to change because of Babe's death but JR doesn't believe that. "All the love that he felt for Babe, he feels for Little A," she says. She asks JR to give David the benefit of the doubt but JR can't do it. He tells her she is wrong. She swears David isn't manipulating her but JR doesn't believe that either and Krystal slaps him!

Amanda goes to Wildwind and surprises David by asking him to dinner. She has a wine cooler and offers him a drink but he declines. Amanda goes on about Erica's latest tirades at Fusion and says she can pick up her own dry cleaning, then says Jake can stick with his G.I. Jane. She starts to cry and David hugs her. She wonders if she will ever have someone to care about her. David says she isn't alone – and kisses her!

Next on All My Children:

Annie is stirring things up!

Tad meets the man who wanted him to spy on Taylor.

Jesse realizes Natalia has been hurt - by him!

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