In Kendall's hospital room, Zach finds a woman ready to take Kendall away! It's the specialist Erica sent; she says Kendall will have better care in Canada but Zach refuses. Bianca arrives and he tells her that Kendall isn't going anywhere. He sends the specialist away and Bianca leaves, too. Zach tells Kendall she will be fine and he won't send her away. Joe comes in and asks Zach about the specialist. Zach says Kendall would want to stay in Pine Valley; Joe tries to get through to him. He says they aren't asking Zach to give up on Kendall. Joe leaves. Zach keeps talking to Kendall, telling her that she is almost strong enough now to wake back up.

At the cemetery Krystal pleads with JR not to leave town. She says he and Little A are the only ties she has to Babe and she is afraid they will move on and forget her. She begs him to stay. JR says he will stay in town – for now!

At the hospital board meeting, David proposes the Babe Hayward Memorial Wing; both Angie and Jake point out that Babe went by the last name of Chandler but David says she was a Hayward. They don't like his plans but David plows right ahead. He says Jake should be ignored because he has put the hospital in jeopardy and then brings up Carolyn. Jake storms out.

Tad goes to Taylor's hospital room and finds her on the floor; he tries to help her but she pushes him away. She says she can handle this on her own. Jake walks in and is short with her; he says she doesn't have to be so independent and then walks out again. Taylor is shocked. Tad apologizes for Jake's shortness; Taylor says it doesn't matter. He sees how depressed she is and asks what is next. She says nothing.

At Fusion, Amanda calls Jake to meet for dinner; Erica walks in and says she is taking over Fusion! Amanda brings up Greenlee and Kendall; Erica says Greenlee obviously can't be bothered and she won't let her daughter's company falter. She asks what Randi's job is; Randi says she is the receptionist so Erica puts her to work calling newspapers and Adam! She tells Amanda to fetch her a latte! Amanda walks out. Adam arrives and asks what she wants; he believes she is going to tell the world he was behind the tainted perfume. Erica says if he drops the Fusion lawsuit and agrees to pay the settlements, she will keep his part in the scheme a secret! She says he will also fund the launch of a new line of cosmetics. "This company is in desperate need of direction," Erica says! She is worried, though, because the reporters they have contacted so far haven't seemed interested. Adam says they are still consumed by the tornadoes but Erica insists that everything she does is breaking news.

Amanda finds Jake at the hospital but he is distracted with David and Taylor and puts her off. She says he should just concentrate on Taylor since she is the only woman he can think about and walks out! On her way out the door, she bumps into JR and he asks if she is okay. Amanda breaks down and says she is out of control and everything is wrong; she realizes JR's problems are worse that hers and apologizes. David sees them and watches. Amanda tells JR she'll be around if he needs a friend. He leaves. David follows Amanda and offers her a shoulder to cry on; she goes on about Babe and Jake. He says she wasted her time on Jake! She talks about Babe and offers him some of her pictures if he would like; they make plans to meet later. David leaves.

JR finds Angie; she tells him about David's plan for the memorial wing. JR is stunned.

Bianca sits with Reese in the waiting room. They talk about Kendall; Bianca isn't sure how to get through to Zach that Kendall needs specialized care. Reese doesn't know and is distracted. She admits to Binks that she feels disconnected from Gabrielle, like she doesn't fit into the baby's life. Bianca says Reese is the baby's mother, just as much as she is and that is all that matters. She is about to go back to Kendall's room when she sees Erica and tells her about Zach's decision. Erica says they have to get Kendall to the specialized facility; Bianca convinces her to wait. Erica spots the engagement ring and Bianca tells her Reese proposed! Reese catches up with them; Erica compliments the ring. Reese asks for Erica's blessing! She is shocked but says she wants them to be happy. "Should I call you Mom?" Reese asks. "No!" Erica exclaims; she says Reese should call her Erica so that her own mother won't be upset. Reese says the wedding will be in Europe because they can't legally get married in Pennsylvania; Bianca says they did talk about a commitment ceremony. Erica says she'll plan the whole thing. Gabrielle cries; Reese takes her to be changed. Binks asks Erica what she really thinks. Erica says Reese is exactly as Bianca described and hugs her.

Krystal and Tad arrive home. She is crying and Tad can't understand why, especially after Krystal tells him JR is staying in town. He says this is good news; Krystal says JR is staying for her and that is the wrong reason.

Joe catches up with Jake and says he defended him; Jake says he doesn't need his father fighting his battles. Joe asks if Jake is upset at David's plans or because David brought up Carolyn. Jake doesn't answer. Adam and JR walk in and ask what is going on; Joe explains. JR says he'll sue the hospital if they go along with David's plans.

Jake returns to Taylor's room. She tells him to leave but he says he won't go until she admits she wants to walk again.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan try to find Annie and Emma.

David manipulates Krystal.

Adam annoys Jack.

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