At the hospital, Taylor kicks some workers out of her room. Jake hears her and asks Joe what is going on. Joe says Taylor won't let anyone near her so Jake walks in. Taylor is talking to her superior, telling him that she is fine. Jake asks why she is lying! He shows her the chart and she tosses it at the wall, saying he is fired! Jake refuses to leave; he says if Taylor would work with them they could fix her body. She says hospitals couldn't fix Brot and she hates hospitals. She rips off her covers and yells that she can't feel anything. "It doesn't matter if I try, I'm out! Medical. Discharge," she says. Jake says there is more to Taylor than soldiering; he asks what she had planned for the rest of her life once the war was over. Taylor takes a deep breath and says she would wait for more orders.

Jesse tells Ryan and Greenlee that it is going to take time to find Emma. Ryan is impatient; Jesse leaves. Aidan tells Ryan that he is Emma's best hope. Ryan agrees to let him help. Ryan tells Aidan about the distorted voice and the mask; Aidan wonders why the kidnapper took Annie instead of Ryan. Ryan doesn't know. He says he lunged at the man but then the shooting started and the man got away. Aidan says this isn't about money or Emma – this is about getting at Ryan! Greenlee wonders who hates Ryan that much. Ryan starts to walk away but Aidan stops him; he says Ryan has to think about who hates him enough to steal his life! Ryan suggests David but says with Babe dead, he doesn't believe he could do it. Ryan brings up Jonathan but both he and Greenlee believe Jonathan wouldn't do this. Aidan thinks about it and realizes that whoever was shooting aimed over his head and didn't really mean to kill Ryan. Ryan hands over his phone and Aidan pushes a few buttons; there is no message but he says with the right equipment he could capture the old calls!

At home, Tad tells Krystal that the insurance came through on The Comeback. She isn't sure she wants to reopen and he says they can take their time. Tad checks his email and finds a message from the man who hired him to research Taylor. Krystal and Tad are both curious about the man but Krystal says he has to talk to Jake and Taylor before telling the stranger anything. JR and Little A arrive. "This is goodbye," JR says! Krystal hugs Little A and tells him to call her all the time and come back to visit; JR says they will visit and Krystal and Tad are welcome to visit them, too. Tad hugs JR and he leaves. Krystal breaks down in tears; Tad holds her. He says goodbyes are never easy but assures her and things will be fine.

JR takes Little A to the mansion to say goodbye to Adam and Colby; Colby is heartbroken and asks JR why he has to leave now. JR says he can't stay in Pine Valley. Adam sits with Little A and tells him that he loves him. Little A runs to JR's side and says Adam loves them; JR says they can visit and tells Little A to say goodbye. Adam asks if they can just say, "See ya later," and JR agrees. He and Colby walk out.

Zach is talking with Dr. Barnaby, Kendall's new surgeon. He doesn't tell him anything different than what David has said. He sees David, who apologizes for being so negative before. David tells Zach not to give up and says he was in a bad place because of Babe when he gave Kendall's prognosis earlier.

Joe, Angie and Jake meet with David about hiring a new cardiologist. Joe suggests David but Jake is adamantly opposed and Angie says they need to consider all of the ramifications. Joe says David is here and available and with Zach's lawsuit threat, they should consider David. He turns to David and asks if he'll take the job! "Your first wrong move, you're out the door," Joe says when David accepts. Joe leaves to talk to the board. Krystal arrives and asks what is going on; David tells him about the job offer and says he is going to prove to the town that he isn't out for revenge. Krystal says he is staying because of Little A and David admits she is right. Krystal says that won't happen because JR is leaving for San Diego right away. David can't believe it. He says JR is just running and then tells Krystal that JR is abandoning her – not him! Krystal says she will be fine and so will JR and Little A but David keeps manipulating her, telling her that she'll never see Babe's son again. "You have to stop this," he says.

Tad finds Jake at the hospital and asks about Taylor's prognosis. Jake says he doesn't know but that Taylor has given up. Jake thinks Tad is trying to butt into his life but Tad tells him about the emails and the strange man asking questions. Jake and Tad are both worried; Tad says they should talk to Taylor about this but Jake doesn't want to do that. Tad says the mystery man might be able to get through to Taylor!

Jake returns to Taylor's room and starts popping wheelies in a wheelchair. This angers Taylor who tells Jake that a wheelchair isn't enough of a life! Jake says it doesn't have to be enough and walks out. Taylor stares at the wheelchair and then pushes her legs out of bed and lunges for the chair. She falls to the floor but keeps pulling herself up.

Jesse arrives at the hospital and runs into Angie. He asks about Natalia's release and Angie says she is still there. Angie hesitates and then tells him about Rebecca's collapse. "She has a brain tumor," Angie says, shocking Jesse. He asks to see her; Angie says she can't have visitors yet. Jesse worries what this news will do to Natalia. Angie says there is nothing they can do about Rebecca's tumor because it is inoperable. "No," Jesse whispers. Jesse is very worried but asks Angie what she thinks; she says Natalia is a part of him and that means she is also part of Angie. She says Natalia will be okay because they will be there for her.

At Greenlee's, Aidan manages to capture Annie's call. They hear a jet engine in the background and deduce that the kidnapper took Annie and Emma to an airport! Aidan makes a few calls and finds one private airport that is allowing flights. The airport lists two flights – one charter and one from a news organization – which have left. He says the plane arrived a month ago, leading them to believe that the kidnapper was also Annie's stalker! Ryan leaves, telling Aidan and Greenlee to wait. Greenlee and Aidan pack; she wonders if they should tell Jesse. Aidan says they don't have time to wait for the police – because Annie and Emma could be dead!

At the board meeting, Joe asks the staff to prioritize their needs. Angie and Jake listen; David stands up and says bringing Babe back to life is his priority!

JR takes Little A to the cemetery. Krystal is there and says he can't take Little A away!

Ryan goes to Zach's. He holds Spike and tells Zach about Annie's disappearance; he asks for the Cambias jet and Zach says he can have it!

Tad arrives home as his mystery contact calls. He asks about Taylor; Tad says he wants more information about the caller before he says more about Taylor and the man hangs up!

Next on All My Children:

Erica takes over Fusion!

David moves on Amanda!

Jake decides to help Taylor walk again.

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