At Wildwind, David holds a gun to his head. Krystal walks in and says, "No." He says, “Give me one good reason not to.” Krystal says she has more reason than David has to be responsible for Babe’s death. He throws the gun down. David says his life is the darkest place. Babe was his one beam of light. He knew she was happy. It gave him reason to live. He has no reason now. He lost everything. Krystal tells him that’s not true. David says there was always a barrier between he and Babe. Krystal says not to blame J.R. David blames her, Krystal. Krystal agrees they are both in pain. David is angry and says that Krystal wanted Babe all to herself. Krystal admits he had a chance to be a good father but his hate for the Chandlers’ interfered in that. She reminds him of the torture he inflicted on J.R. David shouts at Krystal and blames her for his losing Babe. She says David is responsible for his losing Babe, no one else. David grabs her, but Tad walks in and says, “Get your hands off my wife.” Tad demands David go away. Krystal tells Tad that David needs to be alone then leaves with Tad. David rubs his forehead and thinks of what Krystal said to him. He screams “No!” David tears up the room.

Zach goes to Kendall’s bedside, but a nurse suggests he go home to see his kids. He takes out photos of the two boys and says this is who she wants to see when she wakes up.

At Zach’s house, Bianca agrees to marry Reese and they kiss. They discuss wedding dates and where they might get married. Reese has an idea. Why don’t they do it now in Pine Valley? Bianca wants to have a more spectacular wedding than is possible in P.V. Bianca points out that gay marriage is not legal in Pennsylvania. Then Reese suggests they have a commitment ceremony. They kiss passionately. They drink wine and laugh about funny wedding ideas. Reese puts on romantic music and they dance. Bianca leaves. Zach walks in and Reese offers him a drink. Reese tells Zach that she and Bianca just got engaged. They sit down and talk about the tornado. Zach tells Reese that he wanted to have another baby, but that Kendall said no. He had agreed with Kendall but wasn’t really all that happy about waiting. He worries that now it might be too late. He is discouraged. He explained that he left the beach house to get marshmallows, but the real reason was to clear his head. Bianca returns and the three of them talk about Zach being the sperm donor and how they can’t imagine him not in the baby’s life. They all agree to call him Uncle Zach and laugh about giving her the middle name of Zacharina. They decide on Gabrielle Amelia. Zach is touched and leaves to check on the boys.

At the hospital, Jesse asks Greenlee what the hell is going on than makes a telephone call. The police are looking for Annie and Ryan and for a guy, armed and dangerous. He thinks they must have received another call from the kidnapper. Just as Jesse wonders if Ryan and Annie are walking straight into a trap he gets a phone call to say there were gunshots heard and he rushes out.

Also at the hospital, Randi sees Frankie and reminds him it’s his birthday. He forgot they had a date. They agree to go to the cafeteria for his birthday dinner, and she asks him what is bugging him.

Annie and Ryan search for Emma. Ryan shouts, “Give us our daughter!” Annie feels faint and Ryan thinks she should go to the hospital. She says she’s not leaving. They hate the waiting. Just then they hear a distorted voice that says, "Don’t turn around." He tells them not to move. The guy says he will take Annie, and only Annie, to see Emma and warns if they want to see their child alive, to do what he says. He tells Ryan to put his hands behind his head and not to stand up but to turn around slowly and walk to him. The man grabs her violently and holds a machine gun to Ryan who runs after them. He fires but misses Ryan. Jesse and the cops arrive. They agree they need to find Annie and the kidnapper. Jesse asks for details on the kidnapper’s description. Ryan says the guy knew about the cops being involved. According to a witness, a dark 4 door car just left this location. Jesse promises to keep Ryan informed. Ryan says someone is taking everything he loves away from him and wonders who hates him this much. Greenlee agrees to help. He thinks it might be Jonathan. She says it wouldn’t be him. The phone rings. It’s Annie. Ryan asks where they are, but they are disconnected.

At J.R.’s Adam is grateful that J.R. has forgiven him and hopes he'll move back home. Colby asks J.R. to listen to Adam. Adam asks for a chance to prove he’s a better man, and Colby asks J.R. to try to be a family for a change.

In Natalia’s room, after Rebecca collapses, Angie takes her away for medical help. Frankie and Randi are left behind. Frankie tells Randi that he grew up thinking his dad was dead. He is angry that Jesse chose his other family over him and he refuses to tell Jesse that Rebecca collapsed. He says that Angie can do it. Randi tells him how lucky he is and that she would give anything to be in his place. All she ever wanted was to have a family and a sister. Frankie says he doesn’t need another sister. He already has one.

Randi points out that all of this is not Natalia’s fault. She suggests he and Natalia help each other out. He thanks her for listening and says he is blessed to have her in his life. Angie walks in with Rebecca’s MRI. It doesn’t look good. They both go to Natalia’s room to tell her the news. Rebecca has a brain tumor which is inoperable. Natalia cries and Angie holds her.

Tad, Colby, Adam, David and Krystal stand by Babe’s burial site at the cemetery. Tad and Krystal talk about the grief she and David are feeling. Krystal is sticking up for David and Tad can’t believe it. J.R., Tad, Krystal Adam, David and Colby look at Babe’s coffin. J.R. says that Babe is with the angels now. David promises he will be no more trouble and that Krystal convinced him that he is to blame for his own misery. He wants to wipe the slate clean as that is what Babe would want him to do. David tells Adam that little A needs to be with his father. He hopes to be able to see him and watch him grow up. David plans to get his job at the hospital back. He is going to spend every waking minute proving that he has changed. Adam laughs. David says he is only able to make those promises because of Krystal. He moves to Babe’s coffin to say goodbye. He tells Babe not to worry there are plenty of coffins for all of them. He won’t forget what they did to her.

Next on All My Children:

Angie gives Jesse bad news about Rebecca, worrying him.

Aidan gets a clue to Emma's kidnapper.

David asks Krystal to stop JR from moving away with Little A.

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