Colby is less than thrilled over the news of the new baby, and she suggests Krystal may be in menopause. Krystal assure her that she is not that old, and that she's definitely having a baby.

Krystal says what she feels for Adam she's never felt for another man.

Sean comes inColby tells him she's the one who "feels like puking. I have to find a way to take those Carey women down!"

She's concerned that Krystal is taking her place with Adam. Sean commiseratesand says he knows what it's like to be used. He hides when Adam calls Colby.

In court, a note from Tad is read, in which he promises to "make Dixie pay." Livia accuses him of being motivated by jealousy and bitterness. Tad denies it and still says the security film is a fake, and accuses Zach of paying off Daniel Kagan. He leaves the courtroom, and is confronted by JRwho tells him to get out of their lives. Jamie says "What's the problem? You found out Tad is just like you?"

The prosecution rests. The defense calls Jimmy Valens, employee of the motel where Dixie and Zach stayed. The attorneys make their final statements, and the jury leaves to deliberate.

Dr Joe tells an upset Josh that they're all here for him.

Babe, JR and Dixie return to the Candler manse. JR promises Dixie that if she's found guilty, they'll appeal.

In the courtroom, Dixie and Kendall voiceovers are heardboth wondering if they have any future with Zach. Ryan's voiceover expresses his desire for Kendall to be safe and to form a family with Kendall and Spike. Zach wonders if he has any future with Kendall. "Do we have a chance?" wonder all of them.

In the waiting area, Jamie and Tad embrace. Dixie goes to visit Zach in the holding cell; Kendall enters and sees them. She returns home, upset, and is comforted by Ryan.

The verdict is in: Not guilty on all counts! Tad congratulates Dixie and wishes her a happy life with Zach. An anguished Josh asks Erica and Jeff "who do you think killed him?"

Zach takes an unwilling Dixie to Tad's house, then leaves. She says she doesn't have anything to say to him or want to listen to anything he has to say.

Ryan wants to stay with Kendall, but she insists he return to work.

Colby tells JR that Babe and Josh have something going on. JR refuses to believe that, and tells her to stop or he'll send her back to Liza.

Kendall answers a knock at the door. It's Zach.


Tad says he got Dixie off.

Josh tells Babe she has to choose.

Zach talks to Kendall.