Everyone disperses quickly when Greenlee barges in to Ryan's condo. When they are alone, Ryan asks how she is doing. Greenlee tells him she is there to talk about babies. Greenlee slowly gets to her point - the blackout. Ryan tells her to stop blaming Zach for all of her problems because he is just as much to blame. Ryan tells her to forget the past but Greenlee can't. She assures him that she isn't after Spike, not in any way. She asks in a roundabout way how he would feel if there were children out there that belonged to the two of them and says she can't stop thinking about that. Ryan has no idea where she is going with anything. Ryan apologizes to her for his actions - leaving her and faking his death, not supporting her wishes for a child and not being around when she lost their baby. Greenlee is stunned when Ryan says that if she had had their child he would have loved it. "The same way I love Emma and Spike," he says. Greens is encouraged that Ryan would have accepted their child and begins thinking of that in the present tense. Ryan doesn't like where the conversation is going and wonders if she is talking about Spike again. He reminds her there isn't a child. "Greenlee you're not part of us and you never will be," he says. Ryan understands playing "what if" games but tells Greenlee that she has to move on. He tells her about Spike and the surgery and gets really excited for them. Ryan goes on to tell her that he doesn't hate her and takes some of the blame for the accident by saying that he pushed her too far and too hard. Greens tells him that she wants him to be happy; Ryan tells her that he hopes she finds happiness like he has. Ryan suggests that Greenlee take what she can use from the past and use that to reinvent the future. He brings up Aidan and Greenlee smiles, realizing that she does have a place to start her future - Aidan! Greenlee leaves. A delivery comes to the condo. Ryan opens the package to find a note from Richie and pictures of them as kids at Halloween.

Erica calls Adam's friend, Barry, about Greenlee's commitment and tells him that Greens is a huge danger to herself and the entire community. She asks him to have her committed straight away. Greenlee walks in to Erica's office and offers to fill her in on the visit with Zach. Kendall follows her in and Erica gets between the two girls, telling them that she is taking care of everything. Two mental health workers come in, put her in a straight jacket and cart Greenlee away. Greenlee asks Kendall to help her but Kendall likes the plan! Kendall thanks Erica for saving her and then Erica wakes up from the daydream! Kendall really does arrive just then and tells Erica that Greenlee is still a problem. Kendall tells Erica about the good news about Spike and says she thought Greenlee was out of the picture - but then she showed up at Ryan's right afterward. Erica tells Kendall that Greens may have gone to see Ryan about some other problem but Kendall doesn't buy that for a second. Erica tries to convince Kendall that she should just move on and suggests that Greenlee is on her way to the funny farm. Kendall realizes that Erica is working on her own plan for Greenlee. Erica ignores that and tells Kendall to focus on her boys and leave Greenlee in the past. She reminds Kendall that it is Halloween and she should be playing with Spike. Kendall agrees to focus on the kiddo and leaves Erica's office.

JR angrily asks why Aidan just slugged him; Aidan tells JR to stay away from Greenlee! Annoyed, JR tells Aidan that he is working with Greenlee - not him. Aidan reminds JR that the embryos already belong to Greens and she shouldn't have to pay for them. JR spouts the laws of supply and demand. Aidan asks if the embryos are real; JR doesn't say one way or the other and instead asks Aidan how it feels to know his girlfriend still wants to have her exes child! Aidan stays on point and orders JR to tell him where the embryos but JR won't budge. Aidan grabs JR by his lapels but still he remains mum. Aidan gets even more mad when JR says the embryos are partly his because only he and Zach know where they are. They argue some more but neither gets what they want. Greenlee arrives and tells JR she is ready to move forward. "You can take your tank and shove it," she says! She tells JR that she no longer wants the embryos but JR doesn't believe her for a second. Aidan loves what Greenlee just did. JR tells Greenlee that the price just went up but she doesn't care. JR stomps off. Aidan tells Greenlee she did a good thing. Greenlee says she is really, finally ready to move forward with her life and stop living in the past. Unfortunately Kendall overhears Greenlee say "I'll do anything to have Ryan's baby" (she is speaking sarcastically) and believes that Greens is still after Spike!

Zach arrives at work. As Lily is presenting his appointments she realizes he is quite distracted and asks what is bothering him. Zach tells Lily about Spike's good news and then asks what is new with her. Lily tells Zach about her new friend "Richard" and his love of numbers. Lily asks what else is going on and tells Zach she knows he is upset. Zach tells her that he has a solution for his problem but he doesn't like the solution any more than he likes the original problem. They talk about how they would protect their families. Josh walks in, excited because he just heard about Spike. Zach sends Lily off. Zach tells Josh that things aren't as simply as he had hoped and Josh realizes he is having second thoughts. Zach says the second thoughts don't matter because he has to protect his family. Josh reminds Zach that he can stop the plan at any moment. Zach says he has to move forward.

Annie goes to visit Richie at the Lavery offices. She has research on leukemia treatments and Pine Valley Hospital. Richie takes the folder and tosses it in the trash. She asks if he is faking the illness but Richie just keeps playing his games with her, not telling her anything. Richie waves at the camera in the vent and tells Annie that Ryan knows she is there and he'll be coming to her rescue soon. Annie tells Richie that she is done being terrorized by him. "What better way to go than to take you with me?" he asks. Annie tells Richie she wants to be real and honest with him. Angrily, Richie tells her about his real life in prison. Annie reaches into the trash and hands him the papers again. Richie doesn't take them. "Don't you want to see me die?" he asks and Annie tells him he is already dead - in his heart! Ryan walks in and tells Richie it's time for them to go on a trip!

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Simone shows up to talk to Kendall and isn't happy about it! Ryan begins a "science experiment" with Richie! Zach tells JR to find another backer for his company.

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