JR is meeting with Roger the web guru, who is very happy with the beta-testing of the website. Ava arrives and Roger leaves. JR can't keep his hands off of Ava, who pulls away from him. JR tells her that they are very close to the actual launch. He touches her again and Ava gives him a "hands off" message; JR turns to business and tells Ava that the beta-testing is going really, really well. He touches her face and Ava backs off again. JR returns to his table and tells her about a German investor who wants to meet her. JR suggests a quick trip to New York but Ava nixes the idea. "I can't work with you. I quit," she says! JR tells her she can't quit or she'll become just another has-been. He says she wants to quit not because of Fusion but because she is attracted to him! She says she isn't but JR won't let the subject drop; he goes over every kiss they had in the alley and tells her that he sometimes fantasizes about going further! He invites her back to his yacht and Ava refuses to go. JR leaves to pay the bill and then returns, pulling Ava from her chair and inviting her back to his yacht - again! She tells him she can't because of Jonathan but he keeps pushing her, telling her that she needs to get her attraction to him out of her system. He insults Jonathan, which only serves to annoy her more. JR just keeps pushing her buttons, though and Ava's resistance continues to drop. He turns her to face him and kisses her passionately! Ava backs up but JR follows her movements. She tells him that she wants space from him; she threatens him that if he doesn't back off she'll throw a huge fit. Finally he backs off and Ava leaves.

Tad runs in to The Comeback and orders a coffee from Krystal. Hannah walks in after him; Krystal sees the sparks between them and offers Hannah coffee too. Julia walks in and captures Tad's attention. She asks where he was the night before (she couldn't reach him on Kathy's behalf) and he beats around the bush. She immediately knows he was with a woman! They talk about Tad's leap back into the dating pool. Meanwhile, Krystal kind of asks Hannah what her intentions are toward Tad and Hannah says she won't hurt him! Krystal delivers food and coffee to Tad's table. Julia notices the reserve between them and calls Tad on it. "Is that why you had revenge sex?" she asks. Tad admits it was partly to get revenge on Krystal's night with Adam but mostly it was just because he wanted to have sex. Julia asks what is next, Tad turns to look at Hannah and says, "Outfits". Krystal is back at the bar when Hannah asks her if seeing Tad with Julia is bothersome. Krystal realizes what Hannah is really asking and tells her that it is fine if Tad and Hannah begin dating. Back at Tad's table, he tells Julia that he'll stop by to see Kathy soon. He pays his bill (with a smile) and kisses Hannah. He tries to set up a few ground rules for their next date, which annoys Hannah. He backs off and asks her to dinner.

Kendall and Zach are enjoying some calm time with Ian. The baby smiles up at them as they talk about taking him home. Julia walks in and asks them to go to Joe's office.

Annie pours Ryan some coffee, very strong coffee. He tries it and likes it. Jonathan arrives and Ryan asks him to partake in some of the "miracle" coffee but Jonathan turns it down. Ryan tells Jonathan about Richie's latest scheme (the leukemia diagnosis). Jonathan asks Ryan if they can talk about Ava. He fills them in on the engagement but they already know, having seen the papers. Ryan realizes something is wrong and Jonathan asks his big question. "Do you think I'm throwing my life away by marrying this girl?" he asks. Annie points out that Ava has done some strange things - like the Mohawk 'do - but that she seems like a nice girl. Jonathan brings up Lily, asking if they think it is strange that he is marrying a look-a-like. Neither knows what to say. Jonathan tells them that he loves Ava and they wish him well. A few minutes later Kendall and Zach arrive with news about Spike. The ear infection is gone and Joe says Spike can have the implant surgery! They are all very excited with the news. Kendall asks Ryan if she can pick up Spike that afternoon and he agrees. Jonathan brings up Ava and the wedding date - there still isn't one - and an engagement party. Ryan suggests that he take things over, since he'll probably be the best man. Jonathan teases that Zach will be the best man! Then things get serious and Jonathan asks Ryan if he'll stand up with him. Ryan agrees. Ava calls Jonathan and asks to see him ASAP. She is nearly in tears and tells him to hurry to the house. Jonathan leaves.

Greenlee is sitting alone in her condo, staring out the window, when Aidan comes from the bedroom. He asks her to talk and she tells him a little about her meeting with JR. She tells him that JR is after her fusion shares and she is considering handing them over! Greens asks him how she can choose between her company and the embryos. He points out that JR is probably working a scam. She can't stop thinking about the choices she has to make and Aidan asks her to give him a little more time. "Maybe I can give you what you want," he says! Greenlee has no idea what that means and Aidan tells her that he wants a little more time to find whether the embryos really exist or not. Greenlee worries that if she doesn't give JR an answer in his time-frame, he'll tell Zach and Zach will destroy the embryos. He asks Greens to talk to Ryan before making any decisions. Then, Aidan says he'll stand by her no matter what her decision is. Greenlee is touched. Aidan kisses her, telling her he isn't going anywhere. She agrees to go see Ryan. "I'll do what's best for everyone," she says.

A while later later Greenlee arrives at Ryan's penthouse, stunning Zach, Kendall and Annie when she asks Ryan if they can talk.

Jonathan arrives at Wildwind and finds Ava, crying in a chair. She rushes to him, kisses him and tells him that she wants to set a wedding date and the sooner the better! Jonathan happily agrees but when he tries to get a calendar, Ava pulls him on to the couch and kisses him.

Aidan arrives at The Comeback and finds JR on the phone. When JR hangs up, Aidan punches him!

Next on AMC:

Richie tells Annie that his best revenge would by dying - and taking her with him! Aidan demands answers from JR. Greenlee talks about having children with Ryan.

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