Adam can't believe that Erica is coming to him for help and turns her down. Erica doesn't give up easily, though, and begs him to hear her out. "I just need to have someone committed to a sanitarium against their will," she explains. Adam is intrigued, especially when Erica refuses to tell him who she wants committed. Erica mentions protecting Kendall and Adam knows: it is Greenlee that she wants to have put away! Erica insists this isn't just about Greenlee; that she is also interested in saving Kendall and even Jackson. Adam does a quick about-face and agrees to help Erica have Greens committed. Erica wonders about the fast change and asks what Adam has against Greenlee. He won't tell her, insisting that he is only trying to make Greenlee pay for what she did when she returned to Pine Valley. Erica asks Adam to keep her name out of anything that happens, saying Jack will understand why Greens needed to be put away once he sees what she actually had planned. Adam wonders what plans Greenlee has been working on but Erica won't tell him. They get started on the commitment plan. He points out that they need evidence, hard evidence, to get Greenlee into a padded cell. Erica doesn't have anything and Adam agrees to invent some! Then, he suggests that they get Mary, Greenlee's mom, on board so that she is the one who has Greenlee put away. He is certain that he can get Mary on-board without Erica having to do anything more. Adam calls an old friend to get the ball rolling on Greenlee's commitment!

Kendall calls out to Greenlee but is surprised with Zach comes through the gate instead of Greens. Zach is just as surprised to learn that Greenlee and Kendall had a meeting scheduled - and to find that there is no playdate. He suggests they go home and grabs Spike's bag; inside he finds the gun! He asks her what she has planned and listens as Kendall says she is just trying to protect herself. He gets her talking and Kendall tells Zach about her fears - that Greenlee is only lying low until she can steal Spike from her. "So you came to the park, tired, with a gun and with our little boy," Zach says. When Kendall starts to cry he points out that the gun wasn't loaded so she couldn't have hurt Spike or Greenlee. That doesn't make Kendall feel any better, though. Zach takes her in his arms and promises to hold on to her. They return home and talk. Zach tells Kendall that she needs to drop anything she has planned for Greenlee right now. Zach says she needs to focus on their family, their kids and tells her to just forget about Greenlee. But Kendall can't let it go. She does apologize for carrying around the gun. "I lost myself," she says and Zach reassures her that justice is headed straight for Greenlee! Kendall begins to get a little annoyed at herself for, once again, having to be rescued by Zach and for almost throwing away her family. Zach listens to her and then asks what she had planned for Greens in the park. Kendall won't tell him.

Greenlee, meanwhile, has tracked down JR at The Comeback. She demands to know if the embryos really exist and asks him to give her an exact address. He buffalos her and says he'll tell all - if she'll give him Ava Benton's contract with Fusion! Greenlee agrees. JR makes another demand: all of Greenlee's Fusion stock. She laughs at him but JR won't back down. He tells her this is a one-time offer and she better not pass it up! She refuses but JR keeps pushing her buttons, referring to Fusion as a child and making Greenlee angry. She tells JR that she won't give him Fusion and allow him to work so closely with Kendall - not even for her unborn children! The more JR talks the less Greenlee wants to deal with him but he won't stop. Greenlee hauls back her hand and slaps JR - hard! - across the face! JR recovers and tells Greenlee to keep her temper in check. He pushes her buttons about Zach having her embryos, crushing Greenlee. Emotionally she tells JR how she has mourned for her children and how she has been dreaming for her own children. JR plays it tough and gives Greenlee a 24 hour deadline to give him the answer: embryos or Fusion! "I could walk you into that storage facility and walk you out with your potential children," JR says and turns back to the bar. He leaves and Greenlee starts to cry.

Richie makes a flip remark about not dying but Annie doesn't buy it. She shows him the pill bottle and asks if he has leukemia. Ryan insists that Richie isn't sick - and the pills are just part of his plan! Richie tells Annie that Ryan is right and the pills are fakes but Annie doesn't believe him. He picks up his briefcase and leaves the office. Ryan points out that Richie is a psychopath and that he had to have planted the pills. Annie has a hard time believing that, though, and worries that he might really be sick. "Richie has done horrible things and he has no conscious but he's my brother. . .I should feel some sort of compassion for him, right?" Annie asks. Ryan says no! He insists that Richie is just trying to manipulate her once again but Annie has a hard time believing that he would fake a serious illness. She talks about identifying the body in the morgue and admits that when she saw him, she didn't think about the horrible things Richie had done; she could only think of the good times. Ryan points out that the body in the morgue was another victim of Richie's and that it was all part of his scheme to get revenge on Annie. He calls Joe Martin to learn how to test for leukemia!

Richie arrives at The Comeback to see Babe. Angry, he asks why he is messing with his life. She says she was worried about him and he wonders why. Babe asks about the pills, wondering if he really is sick. Richie beats around the bush which causes Babe to admit that she does care about him. Richie makes a few sarcastic comments and fakes a few coughs but Babe doesn't buy into it and demands to know the truth. Richie keeps avoiding her questions, which only annoys Babe more. Finally he walks away. JR comes outside and asks her if he can take little A for a Halloween hayride later in the week. He starts to flirt with her, asking about her perfume and Babe wonders what is up. "Did you win the lottery or something?" she asks and JR says it was something better.

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Aidan tells Greenlee to talk to Ryan. JR and Ava continue to dance around their feelings. Zach has news about Spike.

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