JR goes to see Adam, who asks about his new fashion network. JR gives him an update but no real details. Adam keeps pushing and digging, trying to find out exactly what JR has planned but JR won't tell him anything. Adam surprises him by mentioning Zach's financing of the business! He plows right ahead, telling JR that partnering with Zach and using Greenlee - however he is using her - will only lead to disaster. Adam tells JR to partner with him and cut Zach out altogether! JR turns him down so Adam points out that Zach won't forget what JR has done - and he'll hold it over his head forever. JR says Adam needs to move on and is surprised when Adam points out that he has turned the corner with Colby and is beginning to set things right with Krystal. He asks JR to work with him so they can turn the corner, too. JR doesn't trust Adam's motivations, though, and insists on doing things his own way. Adam keeps pushing and finally JR admits that someone could be hurt, at least emotionally. "Someone is going to be mightily stung," Adam says. He warns JR that Zach will manipulate him but JR is certain he is one step ahead of Zach, after all, he was raised by master-manipulator Adam!

Annie goes to The Comeback and is startled that Babe is so hostile. She asks Annie about the trial, wondering why she would lie to send Richie to prison. Annie turns away but Babe stops her and asks about the night Ryan shot her. Annie tells Babe to watch out for Richie or he'll ruin her life. Babe blurts out that Richie is sick! Babe stuns Annie by saying Richie is physically sick - with leukemia! She tells Annie how she found the pill bottle and got the information from a doctor she trusts. Babe hands over the pill bottle but Annie thinks it could be a fake. "Do you want your brother to die?" Babe asks. Annie gathers her things and leaves.

Jack tells Erica that Greenlee doesn't want Spike but Erica insists that she must - or Jack would tell her what Greenlee's visit was all about. Saddened, Jack won't tell Erica anything about the visit so Erica goes into Kendall's fears that Greenlee wants one particular child - Spike! Jack insists that Greenlee is only trying to make amends but Erica is still worried. Finally Jack tells Erica that Greenlee's plans have nothing to do with Spike; Erica asks if he is positive. She keeps pushing to get Jack to tell her everything that Greenlee said but Jack won't budge. Instead he asks her to trust him to know if Greens is planning something sinister. Erica appears to have given in and hugs Jack. A while later Erica brings out a business proposal - for Greenlee! She tells Jack that she can make the job happen and it could be the very thing that Greenlee needs to move on. Jack isn't so sure and tells Erica to stop! "You're not going to run my daughter out of town," he says. She suggests that they just let Greenlee know about the job but he is determined to help Greens recover from the past in Pine Valley. Erica tells him it won't work and Greenlee and Kendall will tear each other apart first! Erica begs Jack to at least tell Greenlee about the job but he refuses. Angry, Erica storms out.

Kendall is cleaning the gun when Zach walks in. She hides it in Spike's bag, picks it up and tries to hurry off with Spike. Zach quashes that idea and tells her they should go on a family picnic. Kendall gets very nervous and insists that she stick with the "play-date" she has planned. She apologizes for snapping at Zach but he is very curious about why a play-date has her so out of sorts. He backs off and tells her he'll pick her up after for dinner but Kendall insists that Zach stay away because after the play-date she has to go to work. She prepares to leave and Zach stays with Spike. When she returns, Kendall tells Zach that she is still unsure of Greenlee. He promises that Greenlee will never hurt her again. Greenlee calls and after, Zach picks up Spike's bag. Kendall overreacts and tells him not to touch it! She tries to cover by saying it's full of Halloween stuff and Zach buys it. She packs up and leaves with Spike. Zach isn't so sure Kendall was being 100% truthful, though.

Ryan is going through Richie's computer files when Richie walks in with a bag and a plant. Angry, Ryan asks what Richie has been doing and brings out the list Richie has compiled of remedies for hearing loss patients! Richie settles Ryan down by telling him about the research he has been doing into cochlear implants but the more he talks about Spike's hearing the more angry Ryan becomes. Richie hands over a few more documents but Ryan won't take them. He wonders what Richie is really after and Richie claims he is just trying to stave off boredom! Ryan finally looks at the folder and is impressed but still doesn't trust Richie. He throws another long prison term in Richie face but Richie clams up. He points out the camera and tells Ryan that he won't make a mistake on camera but when he does make a move, he'll move fast! Annie walks in and asks Richie when he planned to tell her that he is dying!

Greenlee asks Aidan what he's found and he shows her the computer files: one of the files is marked "Lavery, Greenlee and Ryan" and has the same serial number that Greg Madden assigned to her eggs! They leave The Comeback and stop in the park. Greenlee watches a little girl playing and wonders about her age and if she could have had a child that age by now. Aidan tries to make her stop and says JR could be lying. For that matter, he says, Zach could be in on it. He points out that it was too simple to find the information. Greenlee finally starts to listen and gets even more overwrought, believing that Zach is trying to torture her. She still believes that the embryos exist - and that Zach is keeping the location secret! Greenlee calls Kendall to set up a meeting. Kendall talks in code and Greens realizes Zach is there. They agree to meet but before Greenlee can say anything about the embryos, Aidan takes the phone and hangs up on Kendall. He tells Greenlee that she can't go to Kendall without proof - and by proof he means the actual embryos! - or she will never believe the plot. Aidan is positive that Zach will hide the embryos, if they even still exist, even deeper in the shadows. Greenlee can't give up and begs Aidan to find the embryos but he isn't sure where to start. Greenlee thinks Aidan doesn't want to find the embryos because they are Ryan's, too! Aidan says it doesn't matter who the embryos belong to, that he just doesn’t know where to start.

Erica goes straight to Adam's and asks him to help her get Greenlee out of Kendall's life!

Greenlee is waiting on Kendall at the park but leaves just before Kendall arrives. Kendall sits down and begins to rearrange Spike's bag so that the gun is in an easy place to reach. She hears rustling, turns and is surprised by who she sees!

Next on AMC:

Erica and Adam make plans for Greenlee. Babe tells Richie that she cares about him. JR gets in a fight!

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