Krystal asks "Stuart" to put another coat of paint on the fireplace mantle. Krystal asks herself why she keeps allowing Adam to impersonate Stuart and come by the house. Adam wonders why Krystal won't admit she still wants him. He asks about her relationship with Tad and Krystal sets him straight - she doesn't love Tad but she doesn't want Adam in her life, either! She admits that she still has feelings for Adam but that she knows he isn't the right man for her anymore. "You make Adam a better man," "Stuart" says but Krystal won't waver from her decision. "Stuart" begs Krystal to take another chance on Adam. The dryer bell goes off and Krystal leaves the room. Jenny begins to whine and "Stuart" tries to comfort her. He picks her up and Krystal walks back in. "Stop it. Stop it right there," she says. He puts the baby down and "Stuart" asks Krystal to tell him how she really feels. "I need you," Krystal says, "I need you to keep coming by here. It helps."

At The Comeback, Aidan begins to hack into Zach's computer files! Tad comes by and offers to help but Aidan would rather work alone. Tad goes back inside and Aidan breaks down another of Zach's firewalls. Greenlee calls and asks for an update. Aidan says he is making progress and Greenlee offers to join him at The Comeback. Aidan finally breaks through the last firewall and begins to search for the records in earnest.

JR and Zach meet in the park. Zach asks for an update and pushes JR to get Greenlee out of Fusion. JR asks - again - if the eggs really exist. Zach says they don't; JR tells Zach the plan was great and is obviously enjoying putting Greenlee in some pain. Zach tells him to stop, and says they shouldn't enjoy any of Greens' pain. JR continues to push Zach's buttons. Zach stops him by telling JR that someone else is in on the search; JR keeps on about being ahead of anyone else. Zach grabs him by the ear and begins to twist it! He lets JR go but as soon as he is free JR goes back on the offensive and tells Zach that he will finish the job for Kendall! Zach gets a message and finds out Aidan just hacked his computer! He tells a shocked JR that this is all part of the plan and orders JR to hurry up and get Greenlee's Fusion shares.

Erica surprises Kendall and Spike at the Slater home. They talk about Miranda and Bianca for a bit. Erica quickly cuts to the chase and tells Kendall she wasn't fooled for a second by the "Binx needs you in Paris" routine - she knows Kendall is still plotting against Greenlee! Kendall tells Erica about Greenlee's latest let's-be-moms-together idea and says Greenlee has gone off the edge. She asks Erica to help her and tells Erica what she has been doing to prove Greenlee's instability. Erica tells Kendall that she needs to stop her revenge plans but Kendall won't back down. Emotionally, Kendall says she is done with Greenlee but that she believes she has to make Greenlee pay. Erica realizes Kendall won't change her mind and offers to help by finding out what Greenlee's real plans are. Erica promises not to let Greens hurt Kendall or the boys. She leaves. When they are alone, Kendall tells Spike that she knows her plans are horrible but that she feels she has to do it. She packs up Spike's carry-all and places a small gun inside it! Zach walks in the door.

Greenlee goes to Jack's for a visit and some advice. She tells him she wants to have a baby! Jack is quiet and Greenlee begins to think he doesn't believe she deserves children of her own. Jack says she'll be a great mother and that starting her own family may be the best way to move on with her life. They hug. Jack is taken aback, though, when Greenlee tells him that her embryos weren't destroyed after all! Jack tells her that having Ryan's child isn't the answer. Greenlee says she doesn't want to have Ryan's child but that those embryos were hers and she wants them back. Jack tells her they should take what they know to the police but Greenlee insists that they keep the authorities out of it. Jack promises to keep her secret after Greenlee swears that Ryan is not the reason she wants the embryos back. Erica arrives. Greenlee makes a quick exit and Erica asks about the visit. He asks her why they can't just be together without the kids intruding but she can't drop the Greenlee subject. He asks about Bianca, annoying Erica. She tells Jack that she believes Greenlee is planning to kidnap Spike - again!

A young girl comes on to Tad at The Comeback. Hannah interrupts and plants a hot kiss on Tad! The young girl stomps off. Tad tells Hannah that the young girl was doing great and didn't need any kissing tips; Hannah flirts with him, saying she just wanted him to have the best kiss. They banter about romantic entanglements and begin shooting pool. Colby and Dre arrive to pick up a to-go order for the band. Colby spies Tad and Hannah and wonders about them. She wonders if things are really over with Tad and Krystal. Dre advises her to have a family meeting to get everything out in the open but Colby can't picture making that kind of meeting happen. She grabs their food bags and they leave. Across the room Tad and Hannah have a few more drinks and a do a little more flirting. Both admit that the kiss affected them. Tad gets a tiny cut on his finger and Hannah invites him back to her place to bandage it up! They leave the bar as Greenlee arrives and asks Aidan what he has found out!

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Zach questions Kendall about Spike's bag. Erica and Jack argue about their children. Richie and Ryan start work.

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