Lily is shocked at Ava's new 'do. For her part, Ava is still not liking the look. Lily offers a solution - wait for it to grow out! Ava catches on that Lily is distracted and asks what is going on. Lily tells Ava about her new friend, Richard. She talks about his dislike of touching and how he likes numbers and equations. A little worried because "Richard" obviously made a separation between touching and sex, Ava asks Lily more about him. Lily reports that "Richard" doesn't have a disorder like she does. Ava asks if they are going to hook up again but Lily doesn't have a phone number for him. Ava tells her to be careful and take things slowly with the new guy. Lily isn't sure it will go anywhere at all because "Richard" might already have a girlfriend. Lily finally gives Ava some good advice - cut off all of her hair and wear a wig until it grows back. She offers to cut the hair for Ava and they get to work. Ava promises to tell Lily the next time she has a crazy hair idea as long as Lily tells her before she sees "Richard" again.

Annie can't believe it when Ryan tells her that he just hired Richie. She calms a little when Ryan shows her a Richie-cam that he installed in Richie's new office. Annie still doesn't like the idea and comments that she needed such a change that she dyed her hair (it's a deep brown now) that morning. Ryan tells her that keeping Richie close is their best option in getting him out of their lives forever. Annie remains uncertain but goes upstairs to get Emma ready for day care. Annie takes Emma to school and comes back home looking for Ryan. He surprises her with champagne and toasts their future. Annie is still distracted and Ryan tries to draw her out of the shell she has been hiding in. Ryan lights a fire and asks Annie to imagine a date of dinner and dancing - no kids, no family dramas, just them. He toasts to their happiness and begins to really smile for the first time in a long time. They dance in the quiet condo and declare their love.

Babe runs into Richie in the park. He stops her to tell her about the job but Babe isn't interested. Babe is stunned when he tells her he'll be working for Ryan and wonders what he is really after. Richie swears it is just a chance to be close to his sister - and stay in Pine Valley. Babe reminds him that she is definitely not interested in whether he stays or goes. Richie asks Babe if she knows why he was in jail and goes on to tell her that Annie lied against him in a robbery/assault trial. He gives her the details and Babe thinks she knows why he is sticking around. "You want her to pay," Babe says. When she tells Richie she'll decide about Annie on her own he reminds Babe that Annie has lied about her family since arriving in Pine Valley. He goes on to tell her about life in prison and admits that he wanted to make Annie pay for a long time. Now, he says, he doesn't; he just wants to move on. "I came here to forgive Annie," he says. Richie tells Babe that he just wants to move on with his life but he feels he has to make amends with Annie first. Babe is hesitant to believe in him completely but she does listen to him when he says that his feelings for her were - and are - very real! Richie agrees not to push Babe and then she leaves for work. She watches him pop a couple of pills and then toss the empty pill bottle. After he is gone, she takes the pill bottle from the trash can! Babe writes down the identifying number from the pill bottle and text messages Josh to find out what the pills are for.

Krystal tries to explain what happened the night before but Tad doesn't want to listen. Knowing that she slept with Adam is enough and he doesn't want to talk over the events with her! Tad acts like an angry father, telling Krystal that he wants phone calls when she is staying out late and then commenting that he'll at least know what to tell Jenny! Krystal can't believe him and tells him so. Tad won't let the subject drop and tells Krystal she is acting like a teenager! He orders her to her room and when Krystal won't go he locks her in a closet! After a while Tad lets Krystal out of the closet. Krystal apologizes - again - for the night before. Tad asks if she is going back to Adam. Krystal swears she isn't going back to her ex and tells Tad it was just a one-night stand. She apologizes for not calling and he apologizes for locking her in a closet. They are friends, again! Tad leaves. Krystal gets ready for her day at home. "Stuart" arrives a while later and she invites him into the home.

Adam's new maid tells him about a visitor. Certain it is Krystal, he admits the guest and is surprised when Hannah walks through the door. She hands him a file of papers and tells him that she is quitting as Adam's spy against Zach! Adam won't let her "resign" the position and tells her to get back in line or he'll tell Zach her secret - that she had an affair with Alexander when she was younger. That, he says will quash any hopes she has of keeping her career or even earning a living in Pine Valley. Angry, Hannah picks up a knife from the low table and tells Adam she'll kill him before she allows him to ruin her! Hannah goes after Adam! Adam wrestles the knife away from her and asks who Ethan's father really was - Alexander or Zach. He points out that Alexander could have changed the DNA results. Hannah threatens to kill Adam if she exposes her past or spreads lies about Ethan. "No wonder Krystal hates you," she says but agrees to go back to work for Adam. He gives Hannah a new mission: to find out what Zach, JR and Greenlee have going on together. She prepares to leave and Adam gives her a last warning that she had better not cross him. "You have no idea what I'm capable of," he says. She leaves. Adam picks up the picture of Krystal and kisses it.

Richie arrives at his new office and finds a list of duties that Ryan left for him. "So damn predictable," he says and puts the list back in the envelope. Richie realizes someone may be watching him and sits down at his desk to work.

Annie and Ryan make love and afterward Ryan turns on the Richie-cam and watches Richie at work. Richie turns toward the camera and smiles really big!

Tad heads for The Comeback and pours himself a beer. He sees Hannah across the room and smiles.

Next on AMC:

Tad and Hannah kiss. Krystal tells "Stuart" she needs him. Erica promises to protect Kendall from Greenlee. Zach realizes Aidan has hacked into his computer.

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