At the Chandler manse, Adam wakes Krystal with breakfast in bed. Krystal is stunned that they slept together and doesn't react the way Adam expected at all! She gathers the sheet and starts to leave because she is worried about Jenny but more because she slept with Adam. He tries to stop her but she won't be stopped. He points out that she wasn't drunk and she wasn't upset - she just wanted him. Krystal tells him that she didn't come over to sleep with him and it will never happen again. He kisses her neck and points out that they are still married. She tells him that the marriage is only a formality and that doesn't change the things he did to her and to Jenny. She says she can't do this to Tad, which annoys Adam. "Everything I do is for Jenny. I can't take her away from her daddy," Krystal says. Adam tells Krystal that Tad can still be Jenny's father, even if Adam is in the picture. Krystal just keeps beating herself up over not going home and not checking in with Tad the night before. Adam asks Krystal to deny the powerful connection between them; she can't. "We still belong together," he says. Krystal moves to the door and Adam asks if Stuart can stop by her house for a visit. She says yes and then leaves. Alone in the bedroom, Adam is thinking about Krystal when Stuart arrives. Adam asks if Stuart is going by Krystal's but Stuart doesn't answers. He tells Adam that he knows Adam has been impersonating him - because of the kiss Krystal laid on him a few weeks ago. Adam realizes that Krystal has known he was really visiting all those time. Adam is thrilled and hugs Stuart. "I'm gonna get my wife back," he says!

Tad is a wreck at his house because Krystal never came home the night before. Julia, who stopped by because he called her in a panic, tries to calm him down by saying Krystal is a grown woman and there is one reason she may have stayed out all night without calling - and that reason isn't an accident or foul play. She asks if Tad has called Adam's! Tad reminds Julia of all the horrible things Adam did to Krystal, certain that she couldn't have spent the night with Adam; Julia points out that stranger things have happened. Tad is certain that Krystal would never have done that, though. Julia points out that women have needs just like men do and that the man Krystal was with could be Adam Chandler. She asks Tad if he has considered that falling in love isn't always logical and asks if he has considered the possibility of falling in love again. Tad says he is happy just being in love with his baby daughter. Krystal calls to check in and apologizes for not calling the night before. She asks about Jenny and tells Tad she'll be home soon. Krystal arrives home and Tad hurries upstairs to change Jenny. Krystal is stunned that he didn't even ask where she has been. Tad returns downstairs to talk things over with Krystal, asking her to keep him in the loop next time she decides to stay out. She apologizes and tells him they need to talk. He doesn't want to listen but she charges forward anyway!

JR and Amanda arrive at the yacht club for breakfast. JR is in a good mood thanks to some hot sex the night before. He's also excited because he thinks his fashion network is closer to a reality. He offers Amanda a vice-presidency of his new company. Amanda thinks he is offering her the position as a way to get out of paying her the half-a-million he owes her. JR swears she'll have both - and she'll still have him! Amanda still doesn't believe him, points out that no amount of great sex will equal half a million dollars and then walks away.

Kendall and Zach enjoy a quiet morning at home. He kisses her but she is distracted by Spike's setback. Finally she tells him a little about her date with Greenlee at the condo. She tells him it didn't go well at all. Zach tries to get Kendall to focus on Spike now, not Greenlee. Next Kendall tells him everything about that night and how she made Greenlee relive the crash. Zach hints that she won't have to put up with Greenlee much longer; Kendall gets curious and asks what he has planned for her nemesis. Zach clams up but Kendall won't drop the subject. He will only say that since they keep ignoring Greenlee she will soon move on to some other family. That isn't enough for Kendall because she wants Greenlee to pay for the accident that left Spike deaf. "I want to rip away her dreams the same way she ripped mine away," Kendall exclaims. She goes off to get Spike up and returns as Zach is getting ready to leave. She apologizes for what she said about getting even with Greenlee; Zach waves off the apology and then leaves for work. Kendall apologizes to Spike for lying to Zach. "I have to get justice for what she did to you," she says.

Meanwhile Aidan calls the airlines to book an extra seat - for Greenlee! - on his next flight to Chicago to research Richie. She stops him and tells him that she may want to have a baby! Greenlee tells Aidan what JR told her about her eggs, stunning Aidan. She shows him the folder of evidence but Aidan is still not sure that JR or the information is on the up and up. Aidan is also unsure why she would still want to have Ryan's child. Greens says it wouldn't be Ryan's child, it would be hers! She could care less who fertilized the eggs, as long as she can use them. Aidan doesn't like the idea of Greenlee having Ryan's child but starts to look through the papers JR gave her. After a while he asks Greenlee how she'll find a surrogate, raise the kids and how Ryan will react. Greenlee doesn't have any answers. He points out that she could have a child with newly fertilized eggs but she can't let go of the possibility that the old eggs still exist. "I have a right to them," she says, "I want them back. Aidan agrees to help her find out more about the embryos and asks Greenlee to keep a low profile until he finds out more. She agrees. They kiss and hug and Aidan leaves. Alone, Greenlee fantasizes about a life with Aidan - and kids! She dreams that they are all friends: Ryan and Annie, Kendall and Zach, she and Aidan. "One big, happy, extended family," she says and then closes the door.

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Babe and Richie argue about Annie. Hannah tries to back out of her deal with Adam. Tad wonders if Krystal wants Adam back.

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