Zach and Greenlee are arguing at the hospital. She asks him about the embryos but he doesn't answer. Josh listens in from the hallway; Julia comes over and tells Greenlee that her appointment has been rescheduled. Greenlee walks off and Zach asks Josh about Greens' doctor - Josh says the doc is a fertility specialist! Zach likes this piece of information and leaves. Julia follows Greenlee and asks if she is okay. Greenlee vents a little about Zach and asks Julia if they can talk. They sit down and Greenlee apologizes for venting to her. "It's like one look at him and I'm right back there at the night of the blackout," she says. She goes on to tell Julia that she has to understand exactly what happened that night to be able to let it go. Julia isn't sure Greenlee should go there but offers to help her do some research. Julia tells Greenlee what she knows: that frozen embryos can be viable for a decade or more and that fertility docs prefer that women have all of the procedures done in the same office as that of the embryos. She asks Greenlee if she is thinking about having a baby. Greenlee admits that she is but isn't sure if she'll go through with it. They talk about becoming moms and Julia tells Greenlee about the things Greg did to her. Julia brings up adoption but Greenlee thinks she wants to try for a biological child first. Julia tells Greens not to give up, no matter which route she takes. The nurse joins them and tells Greenlee that the doctor is ready for her.

In the NICU, Josh tells Zach that he is having second thoughts about the Greenlee plan. Zach is focused on Ian until Josh talks about the harm they could do to Greenlee's psyche. He reminds Josh of the things Greenlee has done to Ian, Spike and Kendall. Josh tells Zach that he can't keep working on the next project because of the things that Greg did in the past. Zach is understanding and offers Josh an out. He, however, is going to keep working on the project because even if Greenlee stays in Pine Valley, Zach is certain that at least he can protect Kendall and the boys because Greens will be out of Fusion. "Greenlee is a threat to my family," he says, "and I will do what needs to be done." Greenlee walks past, sees Josh and Zach - they don't see her - and then walks away. Josh asks Zach how he will explain things to Spike and Ian; Zach doesn't have an answer to that. He tells Josh that he can't stop the plan but tells Josh that he can back away any time. He says Josh will understand when he has a woman in his life who is more important than anything else. Kendall calls and asks Zach to bring Spike home tonight.

Annie tries to call Ryan from the elevator but he can't understand anything she says because of some kind of interference! He leaves the office and heads home. Annie sets off the elevator alarm. Ryan arrives home and hears it going off. Ryan gets the doors open and Annie hands Spike out of the elevator, followed by Emma. Annie is the last to leave. As soon as she gets out she tells Ryan about the brownie Richie gave Emma. They head for the hospital. As soon as they arrive, Joe walks in and Annie asks him to pump Emma's stomach! Instead of rushing her to the ER, Joe takes Emma's Ryan gets a call from the penthouse maintenance staff who assures him that the elevator getting stuck was a simple electric surge - it wasn't tampered with. Emma returns and tells them that the brownie was left over from the trip to the cabin - weeks ago! - and she only remembered it tonight. Mystery solved, Julia takes Emma off to the bathroom. Relieved, Annie and Ryan embrace.vitals and asks her questions. She says she just has a tummy ache but isn't dizzy; he tells Annie and Richie that there is no need to pump Em's stomach or even to run more tests. Annie insists that Joe pump Emma's stomach but he resists. Joe suggests they take some less-invasive steps and calls Julia to take Emma away. Alone, Annie tells Ryan she isn't sure Richie would have hurt Emma. Ryan insists that of course Richie could hurt Emma - because he is crazy! Ryan gets a call from the penthouse maintenance staff who assures him that the elevator getting stuck was a simple electric surge - it wasn't tampered with. Emma returns and tells them that the brownie was left over from the trip to the cabin - weeks ago! - and she only remembered it tonight. Mystery solved, Julia takes Emma off to the bathroom. Relieved, Annie and Ryan embrace. Annie tells Ryan that she can't keep living this way - in fear of Richie. Julia brings Emma back and they assure her that everything is okay.

Richie goes to the yacht club, mistakes Lily for Ava and joins her at her table. He quickly realizes there is something different about the girl and Lily tells him about her autism disorder and that he is mistaking her for Ava. Richie is charmed by the girl and joins her. They talk about nicknames and the wedding plans; he thinks it is strange that Lily is being so helpful to her sister and her ex. They talk about their touching issues - Richie admits that he doesn't like to be touched, either. Lily asks about his family and Richie says he wishes he and his sister were as close as Ava and Lily. They go back to talking about the wedding plans. The more Lily talks the more intrigued Richie is with her. He asks Lily if they can be friends and tells her he isn't like everyone else, either. "I don't see things like everyone else does," he says, telling her that people can change their minds about you any time. He tells Lily that he counts when he is upset, just like she does! He says there is one difference - he doesn't count anymore, now when he gets upset he hurts other people. Lily tells him she has meltdowns that scare people, too. Richie returns a second later and sits on the floor with Lily.

Aidan confronts Kendall, wondering where Greenlee is. They argue about the past - Zach and Greenlee specifically. He asks where Greens is now, worried about her. Kendall tells him she doesn't know and tells him to call Greenlee if he's so excited to see her. He refuses and asks about the package she brought in to Greenlee's apartment; Kendall makes up a story about a contract for Fusion but he doesn't buy it. Aidan tells Kendall exactly what he thinks: that she is setting Greenlee up for something! Kendall tells him that she is only trying to work through their issues so that they can work together somewhat peaceably. Aidan still doesn't believe her and pushes the issue but Kendall sticks to her story. She starts to leave and Aidan asks about the "contract" she brought with her. Frustrated she shows him the things in her bag - all clothes for Spike. She turns the tables and asks why he is so concerned with Greenlee. Aidan turns the subject back to Kendall and Greenlee. Finally she tells him a little about her plans - that she is trying to keep her relationship with Greenlee a secret with Zach because he wouldn't understand. She gets angry, believing that Greenlee has told Aidan everything and tells him to tell her that their deal is off! Aidan can't believe that Kendall is going to drop Greenlee just like that. As they argue, Greenlee listens in from the hall. Kendall finally admits that she wasn’t leaving anything for Greenlee - she says she was on her way over to apologize for their earlier disagreement. Aidan still doesn't believe her. She goes on to tell him about Spike's change in condition. Greenlee comes inside. Kendall apologizes to her and offers Greenlee the keys (Bianca's keys!) that she has been using to get into Greens' apartment. She starts to leave but Greenlee stops her. She starts to say something but then stops herself and says she'll see Kendall at the office the next day. Kendall leaves. Aidan hugs Greenlee and tells her they need to talk about Kendall. Greenlee kisses him and asks him to hold her.

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Krystal and Adam sleep together! Kendall asks Zach about his plans for Greenlee; Greenlee tells Aidan she is considering having a child!

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