Adam has no idea what Krystal is talking about so she lays it out to him: she wants to know why he offered a job to Richie! Adam swears he didn't offer Richie any jobs. They begin arguing, neither wanting to admit that the other could be right. Krystal brings up Janet but Adam won't apologize for that again. She starts to leave but Adam reaches for her and rips her blouse! Krystal struggles with Adam but the struggle ends in a kiss - and then they quickly undress one another!

Jonathan is meeting with a party planner at the yacht club. She suggests a few decoration ideas for the engagement party at ConFusion. Ava arrives and Jonathan tells her about the party plans - it will be an engagement/birthday party. He asks about Ava's cowboy hat and she ignores the question. The party planner asks about themes and Ava makes a smart comment. JR and Amanda walk in and watch from the sidelines. JR is positive that Ava's new look will turn Jonathan off for good; Amanda isn't so sure. They party planner leaves. Finally Ava shows Jonathan her new 'do (she admits she hates it!) and then tells him about the photo shoot with the magazine. He tells Ava that her hair will grow back and advises her to think twice the next time she thinks she has to do something outrageous to get attention. They begin laughing about her new style. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss. JR watches and can't believe that Jonathan hasn't freaked out yet. Amanda wants to leave and gets annoyed when JR can't stop talking about Ava. Amanda tells him that no matter what Ava does they won't let her out of the Fusion contract. JR says he'll have her soon enough and Amanda realizes he doesn't want Ava for the new business - he just wants Ava! JR tries to convince Amanda that she is nuts. They argue about his Ava-obsession; JR continues to insist that he is only interested in the money Ava can make him. Amanda tells him to prove it - by leaving the yacht club! When JR doesn’t jump up to leave Amanda gets up, prepared to leave by herself. JR slows her down and agrees to go wherever she would like to go. He kisses her and they leave. On the way out the door, JR can't take his eyes off Ava!

Richie can't believe Ryan set up the "job interview". He is even more surprised when Ryan offers him three choices: a job with him, a check to get out of town or a gunshot wound! Richie isn't interested in getting shot but tells Ryan he won't work with him. Ryan offers him a million dollar check but Richie rips it up! Ryan gives Richie one more chance to take the job offer - a position with the magazine! Richie agrees! They go over the job details and then Richie leaves. In the hall, he calls Babe.

Annie is watching Spike and Emma when Zach stops in. Emma tells him about wanting a puppy. He pulls Spike's blanket from a bag and Annie updates Zach on Spike's condition. He asks how Annie is; she is still worried about Richie. Zach grabs a book about families from his bag and offers it to her. Annie can't stop thinking about Richie, worried that Emma or Spike will be hurt and even worrying that someone outside the family will be hurt. Zach reminds Annie that she is no longer alone and then leaves. Ryan calls and tells her he'll be home soon. She hangs up as Emma comes downstairs with chocolate all over her face. She tells Annie that Richie gave her the chocolate and to keep it a secret! Annie gets really nervous, puts Spike in the stroller and leads Emma out of the condo! "Everything's okay. Everything's okay," Annie says over and over. They make it to the elevator but halfway down, the lift stalls and they are trapped inside!

Kendall reminds Greenlee that Spike already has siblings and then realizes that Greenlee means her own child! Greens tells Kendall that she may still want children of her own but doesn't say anything about the eggs. Angry, Kendall tells Greenlee that their children couldn't be friends because Greenlee's children will never face the trials that Spike and Ian have already faced! Greenlee realizes that she and Kendall can never be friends and turns to leave. Kendall stops her. Greenlee tells Kendall that she won't allow her to continue walking all over on her and points out that Kendall still has her children - but Greenlee doesn't because of Zach! Kendall completely surprised Greens by saying they may just need more time to get past all of the drama of the last few months. Greenlee leaves.

Greenlee goes straight to Pine Valley Memorial and asks a nurse to put her in touch with a fertility specialist. The nurse leaves and Zach walks up!

Kendall arrives at Greenlee's and sets up to work. Aidan is already there!

Next on AMC:

Aidan questions Kendall's illegal entry into Greenlee's apartment. Annie reaches Ryan and tells him about Richie's "visit". Greenlee confronts Zach about her eggs.

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