Greenlee has no idea what is going on with Kendall and asks what she wants. Kendall reminds Greenlee about the accident (as if she could have forgotten) and then tells her about Spike's latest setback. She blames Greenlee for all of it! Emotionally, Greenlee asks Kendall to let her help but Kendall won't allow that. "It should have been you," Kendall says and is surprised when Greenlee agrees - and wishes it had been her who was hurt. Kendall leads Greenlee to the candle circle and they sit with Spike's car seat between them. Kendall points out the bloodstains and asks Greenlee to go over every detail of the accident. Greens phone rings - it's Aidan - but she doesn't answer it. Greenlee doesn't want to go back to that day but she can't help remembering. Kendall insists on knowing everything and won't let Greens leave. Greenlee's phone starts to ring and Kendall orders her to shut it off. Greenlee takes the phone and says the phone is what saved Spike's life. "Then who almost took it?" Kendall asks and Greenlee tearfully says she did! Kendall steps out of the circle and asks Greenlee to recreate the scene. Greens asks her to stop but Kendall won't. Crying, Greenlee picks up the seat and places it upside down across the room. Kendall begins to cry, too, and asks Greenlee what she said to Spike so she will know what were the last words that Spike heard! Greens swears she doesn't remember but Kendall doesn't buy it and demands to know. Greenlee tells Kendall that she told Spike he was going home to be with her; Kendall breaks down, crying. Greenlee holds her. Pulling herself together, Kendall backs away from Greenlee. She tells the other woman that she can't be nice to her and they can't be friends ever again. Greenlee says she would go back in time to fix things if she could and that gives her an idea. "Maybe we can," she says! Kendall tells her they can't go back in time. Greenlee suggests they become a family again - by having a brother or sister for Spike!

At The Comeback, Babe is about the light the Mickey Mantle card on fire when Tad stops her. He thinks she is crazy for even considering getting rid of it and she explains that it's from Richie. Tad tells her to put it away for a rainy day. Babe leaves. At a table Ryan is talking to Annie about Spike's day. Tad brings them a couple of drinks and Ryan tells him about Spike's troubles. Tad wonders why Ryan is at the bar instead of at home and they start talking about being dads. Ryan asks about Kate but Tad still doesn't have any answers. Tad tells Ryan to stop focusing on situations he can't change - like Richie! Ryan can't not think about Richie, though, because of the danger he is putting Annie in; Ryan is certain he is smart enough to stop Richie. Aidan calls in with a progress check but doesn't have much new information. Ryan realizes he is distracted and Aidan admits he hasn't been able to reach Greenlee. Ryan tells him to keep looking for Tommy because Ryan isn't done with Richie yet! They hang up.

Colby, Sean and the hip-hop crew come in. Colby asks Corrina if she's decided whether to model for Fusion. The guys tease Corrina about it; Sean wonders why Colby is so interested in Fusion's models. Ren realizes there is more going on between Colby, Sean and Ava that they originally thought. Sean walks off and Colby goes to the kitchen. The kids gather back outside and Colby starts pushing Corrina's modeling career. Sean agrees that Corrina would be a good model; Dre says if she does it should be her decision and not to pump the band. Corrina and Colby go inside to grab more food and drinks. Once the guys are alone, Ren asks Sean about his relationship with Ava. Sean doesn't even have to answer and they know. Colby and Corrina return and the kids start clowning around. Tad comes outside, playing the dad and telling Colby to be careful. She hugs him but reminds him she's a grown up now.

Babe arrives at Richie's motel room. He cleans up a bit so she can sit down and she realizes he is packing up. He tells her that he isn't leaving town but he is moving on from the Pine Cone. He leaves to pick up some packing boxes and soon returns. Babe asks who he thinks managed to get him kicked out of the motel; Richie shrugs off the eviction and continues packing. He asks if she wants him to leave. Babe pulls the Mickey Mantle card from her purse and tells him to take it with him wherever he decides to live. Babe sees a bottle of pills but Richie grabs it - saying it is an anti-inflammatory prescription - before she can get a good look at it. He gets a call to set up a job interview and tells Babe he doesn't need the card back. She asks about the job but Richie doesn't have much information. Babe starts to leave but Richie asks her to stay and he starts goes to change clothes. When he returns, Babe is gone and the baseball card is on the desk.

Adam surprises Krystal by stopping by the Martin home. She sees him through the peephole and struggles with whether to let him in or not. Adam rings the bell again and Krystal answers the door. He barges in without waiting for an invitation, telling Krystal that he wants to visit her as Adam and not as Stuart. He apologizes for his actions and tells her that he is still in love with her! Krystal can't believe what she is hearing and tries to hold back her tears. "Do you think you could ever love me again?" Adam asks. Krystal reaches out to him, telling him that she can love him again! They kiss! And then Krystal wakes up from her daydream. She opens the door and invites "Stuart" in to the house. Krystal focuses on the baby but "Stuart" can't stop talking about Adam and the changes he is trying to make in his life. Krystal asks why "Stuart" keeps pushing her toward Adam. He tells her that Adam is a changed man and that since Jenny stole his heart, he knows Jenny can steal Adam's heart, too! He steps closer to Krystal but just then Babe arrives. "Stuart" makes a quick exit. Babe updates Krystal on where she's been and Richie's job interview. Krystal thinks she knows who is trying to hire Richie and takes off very quickly.

Richie goes to his job interview - and finds Ryan behind the desk in a darkened office! "You can call me Mr. Lavery," he says.

Angry, Krystal storms right in to Adam's and tells him that she knows he is behind Richie's new job!

Next on AMC:

Richie and Ryan hold their job interview. Greenlee tells Kendall that she is suffering too - because of Zach! Adam believes Krystal is still in love with him.

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