JR gets a call and starts to leave the yacht club but Greenlee stops him. She wants to know if he is playing her! JR sits down with Greenlee, reminding her that the papers he found are very real looking and also brining up Zach's propensity for thinking way ahead. Greens asks about the location but JR doesn't know. Greenlee has a new mission: to find her frozen embryo's. "These belong to me and I'm going to be the one to get them back," she says! JR tells Greenlee that she needs help and he is just the guy to give it. He convinces her to lay low and let "his guys" keep digging to find all of the evidence. Greenlee sits down, wondering if Kendall is involved. JR tells her Kendall is probably in the dark but tells her that when they have all the evidence - and show it to her - it might be enough to pull her away from Zach! JR insists that she let him find the dirt and Greenlee pretends to agree. When JR is gone, she decides to do a little digging of her own.

Hannah interrupts Josh, who is working at Zach's desk. She flirts with him and begins to question Josh about Chandler Enterprises. Josh hedges but Hannah pushes, asking why there haven't been employee changes or plant closures. Josh hedges a little more and Hannah brings up JR, wondering if he is involved. Josh gets really curious where Hannah is getting her information about Zach and JR working together and tells Hannah that Zach is definitely not working with JR. He gets a call; Hannah doesn't believe Josh for a second. They continue talking and Greenlee barges in, asking to see Josh. Hannah pretends to leaves but is listening in just outside when Greenlee tells Josh that Zach may still have her fertilized eggs! Josh asks where she got her information and when Greenlee won't tell him, suggests that whoever it was is just messing with her. Greenlee won't let go, though. She asks him to help her find out where Zach might be hiding her eggs, reminding him of the bad things Greg did and telling him that he isn't like Greg. She asks him to help her find the truth. Josh changes the subject and tells her to go on vacation for a while. She can't let it go but Josh refuses to help her. Greens asks him to keep her visit from Zach and he agrees, as long as she promises to stop looking in to the past. Greenlee leaves. In the hall she calls JR and tells him to keep looking! Hannah is listening from around the corner!

Joe tells them that because there is fluid on Spike's inner ear he isn't a candidate for the cochlear implant right now. Joe assures them that if the fluid is because of a cold or an infection he could be a candidate for the procedure later on. If, though, the fluid is residual from the accident Spike won't get the implant. They are all stunned. Kendall breaks down in Annie's arms. Ryan and Annie leave to get Spike's new prescription and Kendall turns to Zach. They sit down and Zach encourages her that things can still be okay for Spike. "I wasted so much time with Dr. Hilliard," Kendall says, believing that because of her, once again, Spike is in danger. Zach turns it around, blaming Greenlee. Kendall tells Zach that she is going to stop Greens, right now! Zach convinces Kendall to back off of any plans she may have for Greenlee and suggests they go home. Kendall says she has to go to work.

In another area Ryan and Annie talk about this new setback for Spike. For the first time in a long time neither is thinking about Richie or their own problems - all they can think about is Spike never being able to hear. Annie begins to teach Ryan more signs, and encourages him to learn about lip-reading, too. Together, Ryan and Annie begin teaching Spike to lip-read and sign words like "Daddy". After a while, Spike says "Daddy" as he signs the word! Ryan and Annie are very excited.

In her old condo, Kendall lights a candle and calls Greenlee to set up a meeting! Greenlee arrives and sees candles lighting the room and Spike's mangled carseat sitting in the middle of the floor!

Babe brings Colby and Corrina in to be Fusion's young focus group. Amanda is the only on in the office. Corrina talks about Ava and is definitely a fan. Ava hasn't come in yet and that is worrying Amanda because the photographer and reporter are due any minute. Just then Ava walks in a goofy looking sexy-mummy dress dress with her hair pulled back in a turban. Ava and Babe tell her to change but Ava refuses, telling them to fire her if they don't like her outfit. Ava asks Corrina what she thinks; Corrina likes it! Ava and Amanda keep arguing; Babe tries to calm both of them down. Ava spots the reporter and photographer coming in and begins to throw a huge fit! Babe and Amanda manage to calm her down and the interview gets underway. In the middle of everything Ava unveils her real new look - a blonde Mohawk and punk gear! Amanda and Babe drag Ava away, telling her that if she doesn't straighten up and fly right they will keep her under contract and not let her do any work at all! "You'll be the face of nothing by the end of the month," Babe says. Ava storms off. The reporter comes over and tells them how edgy they are being - he loves Ava's new look and wants to go on with the interview. Babe decides to give Ava the "good" news. She tells Ava that her perspective is fresh and they will give her some say in what she wears and how she looks. Ava unwraps her new look. Finally the interview is over. Corrina can't say enough about Ava's new look and Colby suggests that Corrina do a little modeling for them, too! Meanwhile, Ava's next photo shoot gets underway. JR arrives and watches for a while. Amanda spots him and tells him that Ava's latest stunt isn't going to get her out of the Fusion contract.

Zach arrives at the office and Josh fills him in on Greenlee's visit. Zach tells Josh about the setback with Spike.

In Chicago Aidan calls a contact, telling him that he hasn't been able to find the witness named Tommy and asks him to deal a little deeper. He makes another call, this time to Greenlee, but can't reach her.

Next on AMC:

Ryan wants Aidan to keep trailing through Richie's past. Adam asks Krystal if she can love him again. Kendall tells Greenlee to give her all the details of the car crash. Richie continues to make a few moves on Babe!

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