Kendall is at the hospital with Spike when Erica calls in from Paris with news about Miranda. Erica is still worried about Kendall's plans but Kendall won't talk about any of that with her mother. She asks to speak with Binx. Kendall talks with her sister for a moment and then Joe arrives and she hangs up. Kendall tells him about Spike's fever. As he looks over Spike Joe tells Kendall that there will be an opening in the implant department in a few weeks. The news stuns Kendall.

Annie and Ryan are having breakfast at the yacht club, talking over their small victory over Richie. Annie still thinks they made a mistake but Ryan is certain that they made their point - that they wouldn't just sit back and let Richie control things. She asks Ryan how he dealt with Jonathan's bad side and Ryan says that that is different because Jonathan had a tumor. Annie asks if he still loved Jonathan and Ryan says he did. "Then why can't I love Richie?" she wonders. Ryan changes the subject to Emma and their life but Annie can't forget about Richie for long. Ryan kisses her, telling her that they will be together no matter what.

JR and Zach meet at the park early in the morning. JR is a chatterbox but Zach wants things quiet. He finally gets to his point - that he needs a little more information before Greenlee will bite. Zach hands him a folder. JR wants to know where he got the information but Zach won't tell him. He tells JR to explain that Greenlee's eggs weren't destroyed; they were only moved to another facility! JR wants the phony address for the phony papers but Zach won't give him that either. "You need my money to get what you want," Zach says, reminding JR that this is the only way he can get the money he wants and prove to Adam that he is a strong businessman. Kendall calls and asks Zach to meet her at the hospital immediately. Before he leaves JR asks if Greenlee's eggs really do still exist but Zach won't say. He walks away.

Aidan calls Greenlee at the yacht club. They flirt for a bit and then Aidan asks Greens to join him in Chicago. Greenlee turns him down by telling him about her meeting with Kendall in the park. Aidan points out that Kendall's change of heart has been very abrupt but Greenlee insists on looking at the positive - that they are both trying to work things out. Aidan isn't so sure that Kendall is fully on the forgive-and-forget bandwagon. He hangs up. Moments later the family of the dead child arrives at the house in Chicago. He asks them about Richie Novak. The couple tells Aidan about their son, Jay, who drowned on a camping trip with Richie. They sing Richie's praises, telling him that Richie helped them so much. The woman brings up another child who blamed Richie for the death and Aidan asks them more about that child. They tell him that the child who blamed Richie wasn't a credible witness and was severely disturbed himself. They remember the boy's name was Tommy but not much else and then go back to singing Richie's praises. They get a ball that all the scouts signed and Aidan finds Tommy's full name.

JR arrives at the yacht club and tracks down Greenlee, inviting her to have breakfast with him. He tries to set things right by apologizing to her for his reactions the night Babe and little A disappeared with Richie. Greenlee gets up to leave but JR stops her. He says he has been investigating Zach since the hostile takeover of Chandler - he tells her that the blackout is not the reason she has no children! JR beats around the bush, making Greenlee more curious as he becomes even more vague about why the information he has on Zach may be interesting to her - and Ryan! Finally he hooks her by asking what happened to her eggs after the blackout. Greenlee reminds JR that Greg Madden disposed of the eggs after the blackout; JR reminds Greenlee that Zach always keeps something in his pocket to use as insurance. She becomes even more curious. Zach calls JR and tells him to hurry up with their Greenlee project. JR hangs up and asks Greenlee if she can be certain that her eggs were destroyed. Greenlee doesn't believe him until JR pulls out the file that Zach gave him to convince Greens. She can't believe what she is looking at.

Ryan and Annie and Zach arrive at the hospital to talk with Joe and Kendall. Joe goes over the procedure to give Spike an implant so he can hear. He says there is a slight chance that the implant won't work for Spike but encourages them to take the chance. They agree to the surgery. Joe takes Kendall and Spike away for some pre-operative testing. Ryan fills Zach in on the "shooting"; Annie reveals that she is still worried. Zach thinks the plan was ingenious. Ryan asks Zach how Kendall is really reacting; Zach thinks she is doing fine. Kendall returns, telling them all she is still worried about the surgery. Ryan encourages her, telling her that they are doing the right thing for their child. Kendall can't forget her part in Spike's injury though and still blames herself because she allowed Greenlee to take Spike! Zach and Kendall walk off but Annie and Ryan stay behind, talking about Spike and Emma. Aidan calls him and updates Ryan on his findings. "There might be another witness," Aidan says! Ryan tells him to find the witness fast and tells him about Spike's upcoming surgery. Zach and Kendall return and are followed by Joe with Spike. He has bad news - Spike may no longer be a candidate for the implant surgery!

Richie arrives at The Comeback and is surprised that Babe is there instead of Krystal. He wants his job back! Babe tells him to take the hint and just leave town but Richie won't back down. She angrily tells him that she isn't fooled by him any longer after last night. Richie takes her hands and moves close, telling her that there is still something in Pine Valley that he wants! Richie asks her if she really thinks he is crazy, pointing out that Annie is the one who had him falsely convicted and sent to jail. Babe walks away but Richie won't leave. He swears that Ryan and Annie are the crazy people because of the "Annie's Dead" scene he saw but Babe still won't give him the answers he wants. She asks him to leave. She walks away and when she returns Richie is still hanging around. Babe gets irritated and Richie turns on the charm. "I don't care why it started or who started it," Babe says and tells Richie that she isn't interested in bad boys any more! He finally agrees to leave and Babe wishes him luck finding a new job. Richie makes himself comfortable at the bar, wondering if he'll be able to find a job anywhere near Pine Valley. He pulls a baseball card - Mickey Mantle's rookie card - from his pocket and gives it to Babe for little A. Babe refuses to take it but Richie insists. He leaves it on the bar and then leaves.

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Ava debuts a new look. Greenlee decides to get her embryos back! Kendall can't believe Spike may not get the surgery he needs.

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