Kendall takes Spike to the park to meet Greenlee. She is very excited but Kendall is only playing the part. Greenlee begins to sign to Spike, angering Kendall! Greenlee apologizes, unsure what she did wrong. She tells Kendall that she is lucky to have Spike and that she is a great mom! She wonders why Kendall doesn't sign with Spike and she says that she communicates with Spike through expressions and talking. "It's almost magical," she says. Greens makes a quick move toward Spike, who has a leaf in his hair, and Kendall overreacts, pulling back from Greens. Greenlee backs off and they chat about Fusion for a while. Greenlee tells Kendall she needs to relax and stop worrying about work; Kendall agrees to try. Greens brings up the pregnancy with Spike, pointing out that the park looked the same then as it does now. She tells Kendall that if she could she would go back in time to that time so that they could be friends again. "You still hate me, don't you?" she asks. Kendall convinces Greenlee that she doesn't hate her but that she isn't sure how to recapture their old friendship. Both "agree" that they miss the good ol' days! Kendall asks if they can meet again the next day but Greenlee has a trip with Aidan in the works. She decides to forget about the trip so she can be there for Kendall and for Fusion. Kendall can't believe the sacrifice she is willing to make. Spike makes some fussy noises and Kendall decides it is time to go. Greenlee thanks Kendall for the time they spent together and then leaves. When she is alone Kendall promises Spike that he won't have to see Greens much longer.

Zach meets with JR at the yacht club and tells him to stop stalling - get Greenlee now or lose his new business! JR tells him things are going according to plan and leaves. He returns to the yacht to find Amanda inside. She wonders why he is there but JR doesn't answer. Instead he puts the moves on her, trying to distract her from talking about his plans with Zach. She doesn't give in and JR finally pulls a pair of diamond earrings from his pocket and gives them to her. The gift doesn't distract Amanda, though, who asks who he slept with! JR tells her he hasn't slept with anyone else and tries to convince her that the earrings are simply a gift for his girlfriend. Amanda doesn't believe him so JR says the earrings are a down payment for the money he owes her. He tells her about Adam and Ava, obsessing over the upcoming wedding to Jonathan. That only serves to annoy Amanda even more. Amanda suggests that JR forget about Ava and use her face to launch his network but JR ignores that and tries to make a few more moves on her. Amanda pulls back, wondering if Ava is the root of all their problems - and the reason for the earrings! JR kisses her, asking her to give him a break and swearing that Ava is only a potential employee. Amanda gives in and kisses him back. They make love and afterward JR falls asleep. Amanda leaves the bed, picks up the earrings and decides that JR really did sleep with Ava.

Josh stops by Hannah's, wondering why she hasn't thanked him for saving her job yet. Hannah doesn't answer so Josh asks directly why she is back in town and asks if she is really ready to let Zach go. Hannah makes a romantic move on him and Josh takes the bait. They almost kiss but Josh pulls away for a second. Then, he kisses her quickly and walks out the door! Hannah picks up her wine and, when someone knocks on the door, thinks it is Josh. It's really Adam! She tells him to leave and takes a shower. Adam is waiting for her when she finishes up and asks her to find out what project JR and Zach are working together on. She tells him to leave so she can dress but he refuses. Hannah drops her towel! When Adam still won't leave, Hannah parades around naked while she dresses. He tells her about the seed money JR needed, wondering if Zach was involved. Hannah tells him she won't do it but Adam demands that she find out or he'll tell everyone her secrets! Hannah finishes dressing and reluctantly agrees to do Adam's dirty work. She tells him he better watch himself, though, or she might slip up and let Zach in on the real reason she is back in town.

Josh meets Zach outside the NICU and updates him on Hannah. He still believes that Hannah is keeping secrets and Zach tells him to keep Hannah in his sights. They chat about Ian and then Zach asks him about Greenlee. Josh tells him that things are over with Greens and Zach is relieved. He tells Josh that he is using JR to get Greenlee out of Fusion but asks Josh to help him, too. "I need a doctor, someone who knows about fertility treatments," Zach says. Josh isn't sure about the plan because of the things Greg Madden did in the past. Josh tells Zach that he feels like he let the family down by keeping Greg's secrets; Zach tells Josh he can make up for that now. Josh agrees to ask around at the fertility clinics for some borrowed equipment. Zach is glad of Josh's help, certain that he is one more step closer to getting rid of Greenlee. Josh asks about the effects of the plan on Greenlee but Zach thinks he can deal with the devastation it may cause.

Ryan and Annie struggle over the gun. It goes off and Annie collapses. Ryan begs her to stay with him but Annie stops breathing! Richie starts to freak out and tries to leave to get an ambulance. Ryan points the gun at him, saying he isn't going anywhere! Richie swears he never wanted Annie to die but Ryan doesn't believe him. "She's dead because of you," Ryan says and swears Richie will be held responsible for Annie's death! Richie gets nervous, especially when Ryan tells him the gun was bought off the street and that the police will believe his story about what happened. Ryan turns to pull something from his pocket and Richie makes a break for it. He gets away!

Babe walks into The Comeback, chats with Kyle for a second and then goes to the bar. Tad walks in to talk and takes Babe to a side table. He points out that Richie has acted like a lot of serial killers have acted but Babe still can't make her memories of Wes match the things that Annie says Richie has done. Tad points out that Richie couldn't even be honest about his name. He suggests that Babe keep her distance from Richie for the time being until they find out more about his past. Babe reluctantly agrees and then returns to work. She goes outside to bus a few tables. Richie arrives, freaked out about Ryan and Annie. He tries to explain things but Tad comes to him as he swears he didn't kill Annie! Richie tells them everything that happened. "My sister's dead. Ryan killed her," he says. Tad convinces them both to come with him to Ryan's. They arrive and everyone is surprised to see Annie - alive and definitely not shot! - with Ryan in the living area. Babe can't believe what she is seeing and leaves. Richie stays behind but Ryan orders him out. He goes. Tad smiles at Ryan and then leaves, too. Ryan and Annie can't believe their plan worked!

Ryan and Annie go to the yacht club to celebrate. Over champagne, though, Annie begins to act distracted. She isn't sure they did the right thing after seeing the look on Richie's face when he realized they pulled one over on him. "I've seen that look before," she says. From a distance, Richie is watching them!

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JR begins working on Greenlee. Aidan believes he has evidence that Richie killed the boy at camp. Richie turns to Babe, trying to win her back to his side!

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