At the Slater House, Kendall is telling off her Greenlee Ghost when Zach walks in. She blunders a bit when he asks who she’s talking to, but pulls it together, telling him that she ran into Greenlee at the hospital and it brought back so many memories and she was just blowing off steam. “You sure that’s all it is?” he asks, looking skeptical as he takes Spike out of her arms. She assures him she’s fine. She changes the subject to Ryan and Annie. Zach tells her that Ryan and Aidan got off the hook. Kendall wonders if everyone’s going to expect her to go easy on Greenlee now that Ryan is. Zach presses Kendall to start a new business, one away from Greenlee, but Kendall isn’t buying. “This whole thing with Greenlee…” Kendall says. “I’m going to deal with this my way.”

At the courthouse, Richie is still lurking around outside, while Annie is alone inside. He comes into the courtroom and starts to leave as soon as he sees her, but she stops him “We’re still family, Richie, we can’t go on fighting and hating each other,” Annie pleads. Richie tells her that he doesn’t hate her – it’s all in her head. She wants him to “prove it.” He wonders aloud if lying to get Ryan off the hook wasn’t proof enough. But she wants more. She wants to spend more time together – alone. Richie turns her down, thinking Ryan won’t go for it. Ryan will be away on business, Annie tells him, and then invites him over for dinner. Richie accepts – and seems pleased, but in a creepy, sinister sort of way.

Aidan and Greenlee are still at The Comeback, talking about their upcoming trip. She says Fusion won’t miss her, as long as she checks in. Lots of flirting ensues, and Aidan thanks Greenlee for standing by him and Ryan when they were arrested. He takes her hand and kisses it, then leans across the table and kisses her on the lips. This must be Greenlee’s good day! She turns and a woman smiles at her. She couldn’t be happier; it seems she’s finally shaking the image of “Town Pariah.” Things get heavy as Greenlee thanks Aidan for being there for her. Greenlee’s gotta go, but before she can head out, her phone rings. It’s Kendall! Kendall wants to meet, and now Greenlee’s torn – go out of town with Aidan or stay to meet with Kendall? “Will you hate me if I stuck around here for a few days more?” she asks Aidan, and, though Aidan is perturbed and he’s not exactly believing the whole “secret friendship pact” thing, he agrees.

JR is at the marina, pondering the menu. His face darkens as Adam walks in. Adam invites himself to sit at JR’s table and gloats about JR’s business idea going sour. JR shares with Adam that it’s off the ground and poised to take the world by storm. But Adam senses that there’s something more – something wrong. JR admits that he’s irked because he thinks he chose the wrong girl. He tries to pass it off as Ava just being a pain in the tush, but it quickly turns to complaints about her wanting to marry Jonathan. Adam guesses that JR’s just green-eyed, wishing Ava would be with him. Adam gives him grief about his choice in women and reminds him about what a bad choice Ava would be. Adam fears that Ava will get JR into real trouble. JR compares Ava to Krystal, rankling Adam. “Busted!” JR says. “You still love Krystal!” Adam denies it, but boy is it a paper-thin argument and JR isn’t buying it, either.

As luck would have it, Ava and Jonathan waltz in, looking glowy and glamorous. Ava wants to hide when she sees JR, but Jonathan won’t have it. They sit, but Ava’s not feeling very romantic. She wants things (and by “things” she means their engagement) to slow down. “If I were you I wouldn’t marry me,” she says. “I think you deserve better than me.” Jonathan is steadfast in his belief in their upcoming marriage, though, which makes it hard even for Ava to ruin the romantic mood. They kiss.

Annie comes home to find Richie already there! “I thought I’d show up early,” he says, “Just in case you were thinking about making this meal my last.” Annie’s serving up Richie’s favorite, but he’s wary about her true motives for having him there. She tells him that it’s her way of asking for forgiveness. He doesn’t look like he’s ready to forgive, though, anytime soon. He bounces back into Cocky Richie and Annie is losing patience. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that he plans to take 7 years away from her life – to match the 7 she took away from him when she lied on the stand – and then he’ll finally consider them even. Annie balks at this, but Richie assures her he’ll find a way to do it. She says Ryan will keep it from happening, but Richie is doubtful, saying Ryan is “lacking in the protection department.” He tells Annie that if she plans to kill him, she’s going to need luck to get it done. He starts to leave, but Annie won’t let it happen. “I’m not through with you yet,” she seethes. She whips out a photo album of her and Ryan and the kids, then begs him not to take her happy life away. Richie reminds her about how her mom begged the same thing when Annie was about to testify and as he storms out the door…Ryan comes in!

Zach and Kendall have gotten cozy on the couch by the fire. Kendall admits that she’s feeling apprehensive about Spike’s implant surgery. She goes into Fretting Mother mode, but before she can ramp up too much, Zach calms her, admitting he’s scared, too, but reminding her why they’d made the decision that this was best for Spike. Kendall starts in then about Greenlee and how everything is her fault, but Zach interrupts. “How about a cup of tea?” he says, and scurries off to the kitchen to make one. Kendall gets up and looks forlornly into Spike’s crib. Zach, out of earshot, makes a phone call.

“You’re too nice to me,” Ava says. “You put too much faith in me.” Jonathan suspects something else is up. He pressures her and she admits it’s something that happened between her and JR. As salad is served, Ava comes clean, not about the kiss with JR, but that she’s going into business with him. But Jonathan is cool with it, saying they’ll find a way to deal with JR together.

Back with the tea, Zach lays it on Kendall that he’s got to go to the office. “No more talking to the wall,” he admonishes before he leaves. Kendall promises that she’ll “vent in a more constructive manner.” No sooner is Zach out the door, Kendall has her laptop open and begins working on the “Greenlee Diary” once again. The phone rings and it’s Greenlee, telling Kendall she wants to meet after all. Kendall tells her to meet her in the park, then hangs up the phone and says, to Spike, “We’ve got her!”

Dinner with JR is over and Adam is leaving, but is interested when he sees Zach come in to the marina and sit with JR. Zach presses JR to get rid of Greenlee. Adam, who’s lurking in the shadows, overhears.

At the park, an excited Greenlee meets Kendall.

Ryan’s immediately ready for a fight, and Annie starts apologizing all over herself for having Richie in the house. Ryan whips a gun out of his waistband, telling Richie he’s wondering how to get rid of him…Immediately, Annie begins begging Ryan to put the gun away. He won’t do it and Annie reaches in and tries to get it away from him herself. The gun goes off and Annie sinks to the floor!

Next on AMC:
Adam threatens Hannah.
Greenlee guesses that Kendall still hates her.
Ryan tells Richie that he’s going down for Annie's murder.

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