Slowly, Richie walks into the courtroom as everyone turns to watch him. Jonathan arrives a moment later, wondering what is going on. Jack arrives and so do the police. Richie says he just wants to tell his side of the story! Jonathan and Ryan both get loud with Richie, who sits calmly in the seating area. Richie surprises everyone by telling the cops to let Ryan and Aidan go! He says they didn't do anything wrong! Richie makes up a story about calling Ryan to meet him to talk in private. He tells them about the questioning and the cops ask about the noose. Richie says it doesn't matter because he put the noose around his neck and that the chair slipped from under him. Annie can't believe what she is hearing when Richie says he just wanted to know what their mother felt like when she killed herself. Everyone in the courtroom is stunned. The police don't completely buy the story either and ask Richie for a complete statement. He moves to the back of the courtroom to wait. Annie is still nervous and Ryan tries to reassure her. Greenlee distracts Annie and the girls go to the seating area. Jonathan and Zach both wonder what Richie really has in mind. Jack returns and tells Ryan and Aidan they are free to go. Annie tries to send Greenlee back to the guys but she won't leave Annie's side. Ryan asks Jonathan to focus on Annie and Emma for the time being. Jack usher everyone out the door, asking about Richie. Aidan tells Jack that Richie has no soul. Jack and Aidan leave the group and then Jonathan takes off. Greenlee follows the men out. Zach talks with Ryan for a moment but he isn't ready to leave; he tries to get Annie to leave but she won't go without Ryan. She tells Zach that they have to leave town - Ryan, Emma and Annie - for good! She goes on to tell Zach that she can't trust Richie to leave town or to leave her child alone.

Across the room Ryan tells Richie to drop the act but Richie keeps it going, telling Ryan that he only wants a chance to be close to his family. When Ryan doesn't bite on his innocent act, Richie lets his true colors show. Angrily, he tells Ryan that he wants a new life - the life than Annie stole from him! He reminds Ryan that he's a free man now and he plans on staying in Pine Valley to be close to his family, especially Emma! Angry, Ryan tells Richie he'll never get close to Emma again.

In the hall, Jack asks Jonathan about his proposal to Ava. Jonathan tells him everything, hoping that Lily will be okay with the changes coming into her life. Talking about how much he loves Ava, Jonathan tells Jack that he thinks things will be great for them once they are married and Ava knows she can depend on him. He is still worried about Lily but Jack tells him that things will work out for Lily. Jack leaves. Jonathan returns inside to check in with Annie. She tells him to go home, that things are fine and he leaves. Zach tells Annie she can count on him to help in any way and then leaves. Annie turns to watch Ryan and Richie. Richie returns to his nice-guy act but Ryan doesn't buy it and Richie gets angry again. He says, "This is going to be more fun than I thought". Annie listens as Richie puts on his nice act. She goes to Ryan, telling Richie to leave. He does.

Kendall gives Rachael the rest of the day off to be with her mother. Once she is alone with Spike, she tells him her plans for Greenlee, assuring the little one that she is only playing nice with Greens to set a trap. "It's called justice," she whispers! Kendall details her plans for Greenlee, explaining how she is planting journal entries about Spike onto Greenlee's computer. The kiddo watches while his mom goes to work, writing about her run-in with Greens in the Pine Valley Memorial ER. Kendall creates a long entry, telling Spike that she hates every letter she types but she can't think of any other way to get Greens out of their lives. Kendall begins to hear Greenlee's voice in her head, telling her that she doesn't feel the same way about Spike any more. Annoyed, Greenlee's "specter" tells Kendall that she is going to ruin everything. She tells Kendall that she doesn't want Spike any longer but Kendall insists it is the only thing to do. "My skin crawls, my stomach turns when I hear your voice," she says, breaking Greenlee's heart. Greenlee defends herself, telling Kendall that she isn't the same woman but Kendall doesn't believe her. Kendall goes back to writing the journal entries even though "Greenlee" tells her everything that could go wrong with her plan. Kendall is too far gone to care about the consequences and begins yelling at Greenlee. Zach walks in the house and overhears!

Meanwhile at The Comeback, Ava sits JR down and demands that he tell her everything. He assures her that the funding is there and the network will go live very soon. Ava begins to compare herself with the Britney's and Paris's of the world; JR tells her to slow down and keep everything to herself for a while longer. She starts planning her paparazzi-filled wedding day and JR gets angry. He calls Jonathan a psycho and Ava gets mad and starts defending him. She tells JR that she is marrying Jonathan and they'll be together forever - she shows him the tattoo to prove her point but JR only laughs. They play around, pushing and shoving. JR calls Jonathan a psycho-boy again, making Ava angry. He kisses her and she pulls away but quickly goes back into his arms, kissing JR passionately! JR pushes Ava into the bushes and they are about to make love when Ava pulls away, remembering her newly-engaged status! Annoyed, JR walks off. Ava walks back to the front of the building and JR follows. As they are talking - and getting close to one another again - Jonathan arrives and they both spring apart. He tells Ava they need to celebrate Ryan's freedom. They leave.

Aidan and Greenlee arrive at The Comeback. Greenlee can't get over the evil in Richie's eyes. She says that look is exactly like the way Ryan used to look at her. Aidan reminds her that Ryan has taken a few steps away from hatred. Greenlee changes the subject and asks Aidan about his new job - tracking Richie's past to find out about his mistakes. Greenlee tells Aidan that he should stay in Pine Valley and just get on with his life. Aidan surprises her and says he was going to ask her to come along to help. She likes that idea and decides they should both go get the dirt! Aidan tells Greens it won't be fun and games. Greenlee realizes she'll have to put her renewed friendship with Kendall on hold. Aidan tells her that the friendship will continue whether she is in Pine Valley or not. Aidan tells her they need to go to the camp where the young boy was killed.

Next on AMC:

JR thinks Adam still loves Krystal. Jonathan realizes something is bothering Ava. Ryan comes up with a plan to get rid of Richie for good.

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