Amanda is sleeping in JR's bed when he arrives home from taking little A to the center. He undresses and kisses Amanda awake! Amanda asks him about the Slater file she found on his table. She wants to know why the file was filled with information on Greenlee! JR swears Amanda to secrecy and then tells her that he is doing a favor for Zach - getting rid of Greenlee - in exchange for Zach funding his new startup! Amanda wants to know why Zach would trust JR. JR tells her to just go with it because he can't tell her what they have on Greenlee that would make her give up some of her Fusion stock. To distract her, JR seduces Amanda and they make love. Amanda isn't easily distracted, though, and afterward turns the conversation right back to his deal with Zach. She thinks JR is doing all of this to get Ava and tells him it won't work - because Jonathan and Ava are getting married!

Jonathan and Ava are having a quiet night at The Comeback when a bunch of photographers arrive. Jonathan asks them to leave but they inform him that Ava invited them and they aren't going anywhere! She stands up on the bench seat and shows off a new tattoo on her lower belly - and then says yes to Jonathan's marriage proposal. The tattoo is a heart with "J & A" inscribed in it. Ava poses for a few more pictures and the photographers leave. Jonathan reacts badly to Ava's answer and to the photographers, wondering why Ava had to make a spectacle of their engagement. Ava tells Jonathan that she was trying to show the papers that there is nothing wrong with Jonathan and then brings up Lily's pro/con list. Jonathan is still resistant and Ava makes a big deal about having the tat lasered off. "Are we getting married or not?" she asks. Jonathan calms down and accepts Ava's acceptance of his proposal. He gets down on one knee and re-proposes, placing the ring on her finger. He leaves. Ava is happy for a moment. Then, JR walks up! He tells her that she can't marry Jonathan and still be the star of her own network. He wants her to choose!

Hannah and Adam are watching Jonathan and Ava. Krystal introduces them and they pretend not to know one another. Krystal warns Hannah to be careful around Adam and leaves. When they have a moment of quiet, Adam tells Hannah to get things going on the Zach investigation. Krystal notices and asks what is going on with them! She is soon distracted with bar business and Hannah tells Adam that she has a lead on the dummy corporation that Zach is using to hide Adam's fortune. She turns the conversation back to Krystal, wondering how Adam charmed her into marrying him. They stop talking when Krystal returns. Adam leaves. "So Adam Chandler is the bad boy you can't forget," Hannah says to her!

Greenlee makes her way into the interrogation room where Ryan and Aidan are. Ryan asks about Annie, surprised that she isn't there, too. Greens tells Ryan that Annie went to the hospital but her father wouldn't let her inside. Ryan begs Greenlee to get Annie out of the hospital and back to the hospital. Aidan steps in and tells Ryan to pull off Greens' guards if he wants her help. Greenlee can't believe she was still being watched. Ryan promises to call off the surveillance and Greenlee goes after Annie. Zach arrives and offers to help. Ryan fills him in and then asks Zach for advice on how to get rid of Richie without getting caught! Zach tells them that they need to dig into Richie's past to find any mistakes he may have made.

Annie meets with Kendall at the hospital. She can't get into Richie's room because of a hospital guard. Kendall comes up with a plan to distract the guard so Annie can get inside! Annie tells Kendall not to do it but Kendall insists. Annie agrees but then waffles over the plan, afraid that Kendall might get in trouble. Kendall goes to the admissions area and a NICU nurse starts chatting with her. Kendall says she'll be up to see Ian soon; the nurse leaves and Kendall makes a beeline for the guard. She fakes weakness to get the guards attention. He comes over - and so does Greenlee! Kendall says it's just a blood sugar reaction and the guard returns to his post. Greenlee stays with Kendall, surprised to learn her "illness" was a fake to get Annie into the room. Kendall admits that it wasn't a complete fake because being back in the hospital gives her the willies. Greenlee sympathizes but Kendall doesn't want that kind of reaction from her. Worried about Annie and trying to get on with her mission from Ryan and Aidan, Greenlee starts to leave. Kendall stops her, telling her that she is ready to move their friendship forward! They hear yelling from inside Richie's room!

Annie makes it inside Richie's room. Annie tells Richie that she knows he kicked the chair out from under him to make Ryan look bad. He throws their mother's death in her face. Annie offers anything to Richie if he'll just leave her family alone - she offers to get him money, to tell everyone that she lied on the witness stand and even offers to take Ryan's place in jail. Richie is about ready to take her deal but then starts talking about the money, wondering how much she is willing to pay to get him to leave them all alone. He tells her about the people he had to deal with in prison and Annie doesn't waver. Richie turns things on her at the last minute and says the only thing she can do is get help for herself! Annie angrily grabs him, telling him to leave her alone. The guard hears and pulls her out of the room; Kendall and Greenlee comfort her and then Greens leads Annie away.

Annie returns to the jail with Greenlee and tells Ryan about her meeting with Richie, worried because her brother wouldn't agree to her deal. Ryan tells her not to worry. He thanks Greenlee. The detectives arrive to take Ryan and Aidan to court. Zach, Annie and Greenlee leave. They all arrive at the courtroom just as Richie walks in the building!

Kendall is almost to Ian's room when orderlies rush by with a patient. She pauses, flashing back to the day she and Spike were hurt. "Greenlee, it isn't our friendship that is being taken to the next level," she says and continues on.

Next on AMC:

JR threatens Ava. Richie has his day in court. Annie decides it is time to cut and run!

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