Lily is making a list when Ava arrives at the Montgomery home. She surprises Ava by telling her that the list is filled with things she'll need for her wedding! She begins asking Ava questions about where they will live after the wedding and how they'll create a budget and meal plans. Ava wonders if the list is a holdover from when Lily was married to Jonathan. She backtracks. Ava tells Lily that she hasn't accepted Jonathan's proposal but Lily is certain that Ava will accept. Lily starts back on the list to help Ava decide if she should marry Jonathan. They make a pro/con list, which makes Ava really examine how she feels about Jonathan. Because she has never really loved anyone in her life, she isn't sure she can love Jonathan unconditionally. Ava brings up one big con - hurting Lily - that could keep her from marrying Jonathan. Ava tries to get Lily to admit that she still loves Jonathan but Lily won't admit it; she can't even consider that. "You have someone who can love you forever, besides me. Where is the con in that?" she asks. Ava cuts off the conversation and Lily leaves. She imagines herself accepting a movie award and then imagines herself pregnant with crying babies all around. Jonathan walks in the picture to run off to work and she angrily asks him what happened to her life. He leaves for work. Next, Ava imagines being on the red carpet with reporters asking if she can have it all - a huge career and a great marriage. Lily returns with a photocopied list of the pros and cons. Ava thanks her for the list but says she doesn't need it.

Amanda meets Jonathan at ConFusion and sarcastically asks about wedding gifts. "Are you out of your flipping mind?" she asks. Jonathan thinks Amanda is jealous but she swears she is just worried. Jonathan throws JR in Amanda's face but she points out the difference: she and Jonathan are just having fun when he and Ava are not. Jonathan doesn't want to listen to Amanda, especially when she tells him about Ava's freak-out at Fusion. Jonathan makes excuses for Ava's behavior, telling Amanda that Ava is just confused and unsure about how to take all of the attention that is being thrown at her. Amanda doesn't believe that and tells him so. He points out Ava's good side - her patience with Lily, the way she talked to Spike and brought gifts to him. Amanda asks him if he is trying to protect Ava from the world by marrying her. Amanda asks Jonathan to consider Lily's feelings but he thinks he has. He asks Amanda to butt out! Amanda admits that she has probably overstepped her bounds but tells Jonathan she is worried for him. She says she'll always be around for him and then leaves.

Richie kicks the chair from under his feet, hanging himself. Ryan and Aidan rush to lift him back up as Annie and the police burst into the storage room! They get him down with the help of the police. Aidan takes the blame for stringing up the noose in the first place but Ryan blames Richie, telling the detective that Richie kicked the chair out himself. The detective orders both Ryan and Aidan to be arrested! The detective escorts them to the hospital and Richie is taken to the emergency room. Annie follows but the detective won't allow her into the interrogation room. He asks what they were planning to do with Richie and tells them that Babe insists nothing strange happened at the cabin. Ryan tells him about Aidan's mugging and the harassing phone calls but none of that can be traced back to Richie. The detective is called away to look at crime scene photos. Aidan tells Ryan that there is something really wrong with Richie because he didn't break when Aidan strung him up.

Greenlee arrives at the police station and Annie fills her in on the arrest. "Richie has made himself the victim - again," she says. Jack arrives and the detective shows them the pictures of Richie's neck. Annie angrily tells them that they are wrong about Richie. Jack and the detective leave. Greenlee tells Annie to keep the faith because Jack will fix things. Annie thanks her for sticking around but is still worried about Richie. She believes that her brother wanted Ryan to go after him to make his return more of a challenge. Annie gets quiet, realizing that she used to think about Greenlee the way she now thinks of Richie. She apologizes to the other woman and tells her there is one huge difference - Greenlee has a heart and Richie never has. Annie tells Greens about Richie pushing Walter out the window and the child who was killed while Richie was at camp.

Jack returns inside to talk with Aidan and Ryan. Aidan decides he should take the blame on his own but Ryan won't let him. Jack asks them what kind of evidence they have against Richie. They don't have any hard evidence to give him, though, and after the cops found Richie swinging from Aidan's noose Jack isn't sure he can get the guys out of trouble. An officer comes in to take them to the holding cells. Outside, Annie apologizes for bringing Ryan all this trouble. She volunteers to go see Richie, hoping that she can make him drop the charges. Ryan asks her to stay away from her brother. Aidan is surprised to see Greenlee there. She kisses him, glad that he is okay. They are taken away. Annie decides to go to the hospital. Jack talks to Greenlee and tells her things aren't good for Aidan and Ryan. She asks him to do anything he can to help the guys.

Julia is checking on Richie when Babe arrives. Richie wakes and Julia gives them some space. Babe asks him why he kept his past a secret and wonders why he set up the robbery at The Comeback. Richie makes a big deal about not being able to speak because of the noose and begins telling Babe his version of their family history. He says that Annie was thrown out of the house and that she has always twisted things to her own benefit. Babe has her doubts but Richie keeps working on her until she admits that he could be telling the truth. He brings up his attraction to Babe but she cuts him off by asking why he chose to return to Pine Valley but keep his identity a secret. Richie insists it was the only way to prove to Annie that they could be a family again. Richie plays up the fact that Annie ruined his entire life. Walter arrives and hugs Richie. Richie introduces Walter to Babe and before she can leave, tells her to stick around so he can tell the truth about what happened. He blames Ryan, telling Walter that Annie probably didn't mean for things to go that far. Richie keeps the details to himself but when Walter insists on knowing, he tells them that Ryan and Aidan trussed him up and then kicked the chair from under his feet to hang him. Babe can't believe it! Walter becomes angry at Annie. Babe turns to go but Walter stops her, siding with Richie. Annie walks in and Walter orders her to stay away from Richie! "You're sick. You sent your husband to murder your brother," he says and pushes Annie out of the hospital room.

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Adam threatens Hannah. Ryan asks Zach for advice on Richie. Annie tries to make a deal with Richie!

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