Annie asks Richie to hand over Emma but he hesitates, telling Annie how much Emma looks like their mother. Annie takes Emma inside and tells Richie to stay where he is. Everyone questions Babe, making her really nervous about Wes. Tad tells her who "Wes" really is. Babe can't believe it. Annie walks in with Emma, and leaves her inside. She, Adam, Tad and JR go outside but Richie is nowhere to be found! They return inside. Krystal hugs Babe and Annie wonders where Ryan could be. Tad calls Detective Perry, who promises to return to them soon. Babe can't believe that Wes is really Richie and has been stalking her friend. JR attacks her choice to even see Wes/Richie. Adam steps in and defends Babe, telling JR to back off. Babe is having trouble believing that the sweet "Wes" she knew is really Annie's crazy brother. Det. Perry arrives and asks what Wes/Richie did in the cabin and Babe says he was the perfect gentleman and helped with the kids. Annie tells Babe and the detective it was all an act. Babe would rather trust her own instincts and tells Annie so. Annie can't listen to her. Greenlee sticks close to Annie, telling her over and over that she believes her about Richie. Adam tells Krystal and Colby that the Chandler security team is on the case to help track down Richie. Krystal asks why he is being so nice. Outside, Tad reassures Greenlee that Ryan and Aidan will be okay with Richie. He returns inside just in time to hear Adam tell Krystal that he is trying to be a nice guy. She wants to know why. Det. Perry gets a call that Aidan and Ryan left the Pine Cone an hour before. Julia leaves, telling Babe how sorry she is about everything. Ryan calls Annie and tells her that he and Aidan have Richie. She demands to know where they are but Ryan won't tell her anything. He hangs up and that makes Annie even more nervous. The detective asks where Ryan was and Annie tells him that she heard Polka music. He deducts that they must be at the Octoberfest situation. JR gathers little A to leave, on his way out the door he tells Greenlee that she'll understand how he feels about little A if she ever has a child. At the bar Colby, Babe and Krystal wonder how they could have been deluded by Richie. Tad tells them they were simply fooled. Colby wonders if Richie is the honest sibling and Annie is the liar.

Ryan and Aidan grab Richie and take him into an abandoned warehouse. Richie plays dumb, like he doesn't know or recognize either man. They tie Richie's hands and begin questioning him. Richie swears he was just biding his time until Annie wasn't angry with him any longer. He tells Ryan he only wants to see that Annie gets the help she needs for her problems and tries to convince both men that Annie is the psycho and he is the victim! He swears that Eddie was working on his own. Ryan doesn't believe him for a second and orders him to start back at the beginning and tell the truth this time around. Aidan pulls Ryan away from Richie, tell him that they need to be calm and collected. Aidan asks Ryan to leave them alone for a few minutes. Ryan leaves. Aidan introduces himself as a former special-ops spy. "When I ask questions, I get answers," Aidan says. He ties Richie up with a noose around his neck and his feet barely balanced on a chair. Ryan returns and Aidan says Richie is ready to talk! Ryan tells Aidan to take Richie down. Laughing at them, Richie says he won't talk because he knows they won't kill him. The police bang on the door and Richie works up a few tears. He knocks over the chair and starts to hang himself just as the cops bust in the door!

Hannah returns to the yacht club with Josh close on her heels. He wants to know why she just ran out on him. Hannah invites him in, telling him about her chat with Zach. She hems and haws but finally tells Josh that she has been obsessed with Zach. Josh is stunned. Hannah tells him that she expects to be fired soon. Josh tells her he may have a way for her to stay. He decides to talk to Zach on Hannah's behalf to convince him that she can still do her job. He kisses her and then leaves. Once she is alone, Hannah makes a call and reports her progress with Zach. She orders whoever she calls to meet her at the yacht club now. Adam arrives a while later. They are working together! Hannah tells Adam she needs more time. Angry, Adam tells her she better come through for him because he knows her big secret! He slams out of the hotel room.

Kendall asks Zach why he didn't sleep with Hannah. He says he couldn't because of his love for Kendall. She believes him but isn't sure if Hannah is really done playing with Zach. He says it doesn't matter is Hannah is still obsessed with him because he is going to fire her. Kendall convinces him to keep Hannah around, because she believes in him and in their vows. Kendall doesn't believe Zach will ever be unfaithful to her and tells him that Hannah can continue working at Cambias. Kendall leaves just as Josh arrives. He tells Zach that Hannah isn't being 100% honest and he thinks they should keep her around until they learn the full truth. That way, they'll be ready when Hannah makes her real move. Kendall returns; she and Zach leave. Zach hasn't decided what to do about Hannah.

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Amanda warns Jonathan that Ava isn't ready for marriage. Ryan and Aidan are arrested!

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