Zach and Hannah jump apart as Kendall and Josh come into the office. Hannah moves to Josh's side as Kendall tells Zach about feeding Ian. Zach can't believe it. The group orders in some dinner and champagne to celebrate. Kendall asks Hannah where she has been the last few months but Hannah doesn't give a straight answer. Kendall shows off a few pictures of Ian; she, Josh and Zach gush about the kiddo. She realizes they are leaving Hannah out and Kendall offers the picture to her. "He's beautiful," Hannah says with a strange look in her eye. She gives back the picture and leaves suddenly. Josh follows her. Kendall asks Zach about Hannah's return. Zach tells her Hannah wanted him to impregnate her the last time she was in Pine Valley!

Josh follows Hannah into her office, demanding to know what he and Kendall walked in on. She tells him they were talking about her last night in Pine Valley - and says nothing happened between them that night. "Are you happy?" she asks. Josh apologizes but won't leave when she asks him to. She says she doesn't need to be rescued. Josh kisses her! Hannah undresses him and they begin to make love but before things go too far, Hannah grabs her things and runs from the office!

JR reacts badly to news that Wes isn't the nice, fun-loving guy he appeared to be. Annie tries to call Babe's cell phone but Wes/Richie answers instead of Babe! He doesn't say anything for several minutes as Annie calls out to Babe, finally she realizes someone else must be on the line instead of her friend. He "accidentally" drops the phone and it breaks apart. Babe returns from her check of the weather. Wes/Richie tells her that phone is broken but since Annie seemed to be in a hurry to see Emma, he says they should leave now. Babe is nervous about his sudden change of heart about leaving the cabin. Wes/Richie holds Babe for a while but Babe can't stop worrying about Annie. She tells him that Annie has fought against a lot of odds to keep Emma with her. He is quiet for a while and then tells Babe more about his family. Wes/Richie pauses, unable to talk freely and Babe tells him he can trust her. He hems and haws a little. Emma and little A wake and Babe realizes the rain has stopped. Wes/Richie isn't sure he wants to leave!

Annie hangs up, freaked out because she didn't hear anything on the other end of the line - not chattering kids or anything. Greenlee pipes up that Amanda doesn't know where Babe went with Wes. Aidan returns to the group and tells Ryan he knows where Richie was living; they leave to search his rooms. Greenlee holds Annie and asks if she can help. JR calls in a few favors from the security guards at Chandler and ask them to start searching for little A and Babe. JR fills in Colby and Krystal. Tad arrives to help out. Krystal can't believe how Wes/Richie pulled the wool over her eyes. Adam walks in and before he can go off on Krystal she tells him to stop. Adam wasn't going to yell at her, he says he only wants to help his family. Greenlee stays close to Annie, telling her that Emma will be fine. Annie asks what Richie seemed like when she met him and Greens tells her that Richie was always nice to her and very helpful. "He seemed so genuine. So nice," Greenlee says and then apologizes for giving Annie such a hard time about her "perfect" family life. Julia arrives, very worried because she sent Emma to be with Babe. Krystal shuts down the bar and orders all the patrons to leave. A detective arrives but they haven't found any sign of Babe or the others. Adam wants them to call in Derek but he is in Hawaii visiting Dani. Annie tells the detective that Richie is a 10 on the danger scales and tells them to find him! Adam, Krystal and Colby gather at the bar. With tears in his eyes, Adam finally admits how wrong he was and how sorry he is for the things he did to her and Jenny. "I wish I could go back and erase the pain I caused you and your beautiful little girl," he says. Tad tries to listen in. Annie gets a call from Emma's guard, who tells them that Babe gave him the day off. Adam and JR demand that the detective call in extra help. He says he'll do everything he can and leaves. Greenlee tries to keep Annie calm, saying she'll do anything she can to help bring Emma home. JR is nearly in tears at the bar with Colby, worried that something might happen to little A; Adam comforts Krystal. She thanks him but says she can't just forget what happened. He walks away and Krystal turns to Tad. She doesn't tell Tad about their earlier conversation.

Ryan and Aidan persuade the manager of the Pine Cone Motel to let them search Richie's room. He doesn’t remember much about Richie except that he was quiet and paid the rent on time. They begin to search and Aidan realizes that Richie probably hasn't been living there - the room is too clean and too empty of things. Aidan looks around a little more but only finds one scrap of evidence that Richie has been there - it's a picture of Emma at the beach! Ryan becomes very angry and Aidan has to work hard to keep him calm. Aidan keeps looking around and he finds a bunch of pictures of Richie and Annie as kids. Ryan thinks the pictures look strange but can't put his finger on what, exactly, is wrong with the shots. As they are leaving the motel room, Ryan takes another look at the pictures of the kids. He puts them back in a book and says, "You are a dead man, Richie," and then leaves.

Everyone settles in to wait for news of Babe and the kiddos. A few minutes later Babe walks in with the kids, stunned because everyone is giving her the third degree about Wes! Annie runs outside, looking for Emma. Richie is there, holding her. "Hey, sis," he says!

Next on AMC:

Kendall can't believe what Hannah wanted from Zach. Aidan demands answers from Richie! Ryan tells Annie not to worry about Richie any longer; Annie worries about what Ryan might do.

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