Kendall is watching Ian from the NICU when Josh arrives with Spike. He sees how upset she is and asks what is wrong. Kendall tells him that one of the premies died! She tells Josh about the baby who died, worried that the same setback could happen with Ian. Josh tells her to relax and focus only on what is happening right now. Kendall begins tell Spike about brothers and points out Ian through the glass. Josh chimes in that brothers are always around for each other. The nurse comes out and tells Kendall there is good news: she is going to be able to feed Ian with a bottle for the very first time! Josh tells her not to wait for Zach and to go ahead with the feeding. Kendall leaves Spike with Josh and goes inside to Ian. She feeds him and talks to him. She watches Josh and Spike outside the window. She finishes up with Ian and they all leave to meet Zach.

Hannah tells Zach she lied about why she returns to Pine Valley - it wasn't just to help him at Cambias! "I want to thank you for the most wonderful night of my life," she says. Zach tells her to walk away but Hannah is intent on forging forward. She reminds Zach of that last night and how he swore he would give Ethan to her if he could. She tells him she didn't really want him to give her another child, she only wanted him to be in her bed! She says she is grateful that they made love that night but Zach has completely different memories. He remembers pulling away from her advances and then helping her pack her things to leave. "That's exactly how it happened in reality," Hannah says but then tells Zach that in her mind they made love that night! For days she thought Zach would follow her so they could begin a life together. When she realized the extent of her delusions about Zach, Hannah checked herself into a hospital. She tells Zach she is okay now and has let the past go. Zach wonders why she bothered to tell him at all and she says it was to protect her job, so that no one could use her past against her. Hannah begins to cry and apologizes. Zach holds her. Just then Kendall and Josh walk in!

JR takes Greenlee to a table and tells her they should be friends! Aidan walks in and goes straight to the bar. Greenlee gets his attention and asks about work but Aidan basically ignores her. JR pushes her buttons, wondering why Greens is trying to move in on Kendall's old flame. Greenlee doesn't like his implications. JR tells her it may be time for payback. He says with Kendall married to Zach, the master manipulator, they should work together to bring him down! Greenlee isn't interested and tells JR she is going to win Kendall's friendship the old-fashioned way! JR tells Greenlee to take back her life - the life that was stolen the night of the blackout. He offers to give her anything she wants. "I want to go back before it all went crazy-wrong," she says. JR says he might be able to make it happen!

Annie and Ryan arrive home, without Emma. Ryan isn't so worried that Emma wasn't at Wildwind but Annie is very worried. She calls Julia and leaves a message to bring Emma home immediately. Rain begins to fall and that worries Annie even more. She and Ryan are just leaving when Julia calls back. She tells Annie that Emma is fine and with Babe for the day because Kathy's sick. She says the guard is with Emma and not to worry, wondering why Annie is so freaked out. They hang up. Ryan realizes the picture of Emma has been moved! Annie finds the picture on the floor and thinks she may have dropped it when she was cleaning and not noticed. Annie decides to call Babe. Ryan grabs his cell phone and calls Aidan. Ryan tells Aidan that Richie has been in the house and asks him to find the man now! Aidan offers to stop by the condo but Ryan asks him to stay away. Ryan decides to meet Aidan at The Comeback a little later so they can go after Richie together! Annie returns to Ryan and tells him she hasn't been able to reach Babe he tells her to try again.

A storm is brewing at the picnic but luckily Wes knows just where to go with Babe and the kids - a secluded cabin! They make themselves comfortable and Wes builds a fire, playing with little A and Emma the whole time. The kids are playing in some old newspaper and wrestling around with Wes. He suggests they build s'mores and turns away. Wes pulls the knife from his pocket! Babe pulls out the picnic fixings - carrots and celery and trail mix but Wes digs into the basket for chocolate and marshmallows and tells them a few stories. The kids settle down after a while; Babe and Richie talk about kids and their pasts. She asks about his family, specifically his "crazy" sister! Babe interrupts him to put the kids down for a nap. Wes pulls out the s'more fixings again and they have a snack. Babe asks for more of his childhood stories. He says it is just him and his dad now because his sister isn't part of the family. "Somewhere along the line she stopped putting us first," he says and tells Babe that he wants to find his sister so he can show her how much he still cares. Annie reaches Babe on her cell phone. The connection is bad because of their location. She tells Annie Emma is fine and they are just waiting for the storm to pass. Emma wakes and Babe hands over the phone so Emma can talk. She tells Annie about the house-eating-bunny story that Wes told her earlier! Annie gets nervous and asks Babe to come home immediately. Babe agrees and hangs up. She asks Wes if he wants to meet Annie! Wes leaves to check on the car and the roads. He returns and tells Babe they are stuck for a while because of the rain. Babe isn't worried until Wes says they may be stuck in the cabin all night long.

Annie hangs up from Babe and hugs Ryan, excited that Emma will be home soon. Ryan swears all of their worries will be over soon. They leave for The Comeback and see Greenlee but not Aidan. She tries to butt in but Ryan only wants to talk to Aidan. He pulls out the picture and Greenlee realizes that Richie is Wes, the bartender. Aidan confirms it and Annie starts to freak out because Babe told her Wes was with them at the cabin. JR is listening in, too. "He's got Emma, he's got Babe, he's got little A. He has all three of them," Ryan says!

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Kendall asks Zach about Hannah. Aidan and Ryan search Richie's hotel room. Annie threatens Richie.

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