JR tracks down Zach outside the NICU watching Ian. JR tells him that he is in but he wants more information first. Zach tells him to just focus on the money; JR wants to know if there is even a thread of truth to the lies he'll be telling Greenlee about her eggs and Ryan's sperm. Zach won't say straight out whether there are any eggs left; he says JR only need to give Greenlee the possibility of eggs in return for her Fusion stock. JR doesn't like the idea any longer but when Zach starts talking about Spike he sits down to listen. Zach emotionally blackmails JR with his part in Spike's premature birth and the problems Kendall had, telling him that he owes Kendall a favor! He says if JR helps him, Zach will forget about all the things JR did to Kendall. He even gives JR the "proof" he'll need to convince Greenlee that the fertilized eggs still exist! Zach tells JR to say he wanted leverage against Greens and Ryan and that is why he kept the eggs. Zach hands JR a briefcase with half the start-up money, promising the rest as soon as Greenlee is out of the picture. JR accepts! Zach warns JR not to try any double-crosses. JR swears allegiance to Zach's money and then leaves.

Aidan and Greenlee meet at The Comeback. Greenlee asks him about the picture from Ryan but Aidan doesn't want to talk about it. He thinks Greenlee is being a little too loose-lipped about their investigation. Greenlee starts whispering, trying to get Aidan to give her the latest on the investigation but he holds out on her. Instead he turns the subject back to Greenlee and her recent thirst for danger. He tells her she is off the investigation! Greenlee gets angry but Aidan won't back down. She begs him to reconsider but he won't so she tells him she'll carry on alone! She thinks he wants her out of his life but Aidan sets her straight - he cares about her a lot and doesn't want to see her hurt. Greenlee is flattered by takes what he said wrong and they argue about her continued "help" with Annie's situation. She refuses to desert Ryan and Aidan thinks it's because she is still in love with him! Greens can't believe it and tells Aidan she isn't interested in returning to Ryan's bed. Aidan tries to take her at her word but he's still a bit jealous. Greenlee makes up a story about her plans to woo Ryan back once Annie is out of the picture; Aidan isn't sure if he should believe her. Greenlee holds him, saying Ryan is only in her past. Aidan walks away. JR walks up to her.

Kendall wonders why Erica is suddenly against the plan against Greenlee. Erica says it is because of Kendall herself! Erica asks what Kendall is doing and she tells her - she is planting journal entries to Spike on Greenlee's computer. Erica reminds Kendall that what she is doing will only cause more pain but Kendall doesn't want to listen. She can't believe that Erica is bailing out on the plan now and wonders why - or who! - convinced her to go easy on Greens. Erica admits she has been talking to Jack. Erica says she is worried that Greenlee might strike out again and this time Kendall could be the target. "Forget Greenlee. Take this time and hold your babies," she says. Kendall feels like she can't stop and tells Erica to butt out! She asks Erica to keep quiet about the plans and Erica reluctantly agrees. Erica gets the urge for a drink or a pill to make the whole mess float away. Kendall offers to take her to a meeting but she says she doesn't need it. Kendall thinks Erica was faking; Erica says she was making a point - about Kendall's addiction to revenge! Kendall agrees to stop her revenge scheme when Erica points out all the things that could go wrong. Erica is relieved and reassures her that Greenlee won't try anything else. Erica leaves. Kendall calls Bianca for some sisterly advice about how to deal with Erica! Kendall and Bianca come up with a plan to get Erica out of Pine Valley; as they talk, Kendall starts writing a few more journal entries! It's the hospital.

Adam can't stand the noise in the mansion - Colby is visiting with Dre, Ren and Corrina and they are listening to a few new tracks. He orders them to turn down the noise but Colby tells him that they need as much sound as they can get. She offers him ear plugs so they can keep listening. Adam takes a business call and leaves as Sean walks in. He's been covering an anti-war protest at PVU and tells them about it. Ren talks about war being wrong and that starts a fight with Dre, who says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Adam returns and Sean picks his own fight - with Adam for hiring Ava to plant drugs on him! Colby separates the guys and takes Adam outside, apologizing on Sean's behalf. Adam tells her he deserves it. She asks about Krystal and he tells her that things aren't going well because Krystal doesn't want to see him any longer. Colby has a brilliant idea: Adam should take Krystal fishing! Adam knows that won't work because Krystal would never agree to an outing. Colby asks him to try and then returns to her friends. Stuart arrives and asks if he can help. Adam wants to know if Stuart told Krystal about the impersonations. Stuart doesn't say anything. Adam goes on about his conversation with Krystal and tells Stuart he has permission to stop by from time to time.

At The Comeback, Krystal delivers a drink to Hannah and introduces herself. They chat about pool and men. Hannah isn't in the market, she tells Krystal, because of a broken heart from her past. Krystal identifies with that because she's dealing with a broken heart herself. Krystal talks about Adam, calling him an attractive toxic mess. A little girl talk ensues and both women discuss their attraction to the absolutely wrong men! Hannah says she has learned to let a little arguing with her CEO take the place of passionate romance. They chat a while longer and Hannah leaves to get back to work. Krystal begins to clean up but she can't get Adam off her mind as she arranges flowers for the tables and picks up dirty glasses.

Colby returns to her friends inside just in time for Sean to unveil the CD cover for the band. They all love it - especially Dre, who sees that his face is in shadow. Colby is worried, though, especially when she learns there aren't any pictures of Dre inside either. Dre says the fans can listen to the music to learn about him instead of looking at his picture. Corrina begins singing a new riff as Adam returns to the group. He asks if they know any real music and Corrina reels off a list of Golden Oldies, she even sings one of the songs. Adam likes her voice but the song reminds him of Krystal and he becomes sad.

Zach returns to the office and is thinking of all his plans when Hannah walks in. He focuses on work and talks about a deal being blown. Hannah isn't interested in work. "I lied to you," she says!

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JR tells Greenlee he might have the key to her future! Hannah can't forget her night with Zach. Annie thinks Richie has been in her home; Babe and Wes's picnic gets underway.

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