Jack and Erica talk about their lives and things that are going well. Erica catches on that Jack is still concerned about Greenlee and asks him to talk to her. He tells Erica about Greenlee's involvement with Aidan's PI case, wondering why she is going to such lengths to put herself in danger. Erica tries to be supportive but isn't sure what to say or how to say it without ruining things with Jack. Erica manages to mess things up, though, when she brings up Spike and Ian and blames Greenlee. Jack reminds her that Greenlee is trying to clean up her life by going back to work and by not running away. Knowing what she does about Kendall's plans, Erica gets even more worried about Greenlee and how that could hurt her relationship with Jack. He brings up Lily's problems, wondering if both of his daughters will be whole again. He tells Erica that he hopes both Kendall and Greenlee can forgive and renew their friendship. Erica gets nervous and tells Jack she is late for a meeting with Pam. She leaves.

Greenlee arrives, late, to Fusion. Ava is missing in action and none of the girls can figure out how to reel her in. Kendall tells them all to get to work and Babe asks for some time off in the afternoon. Amanda asks her if she is going to see Wes. Ava arrives, sees Babe trying on a wedding veil and gets mad. She thinks they are making fun of Jonathan's proposal and won't believe them when they say the veil is just a prop for the photo shoot. She mentions Jonathan and they all realize that Jonathan has proposed. "It's awful," Ava says, crying and pulling Greenlee in to a hug. The Fusion girls try to comfort Ava but she is inconsolable. Greenlee wonders why Jonathan is bringing up marriage with Ava - the woman who looks exactly like his ex! Kendall pulls Greenlee away from the other woman and they begin arguing about intentions and apologies. Babe and Amanda give up and leave the office. Kendall and Greens keep arguing and then Kendall starts to laugh. When she is sure they are alone, Kendall tells Greenlee that she was picking a fight to clear the room so they can talk. She tells Greens about the boys but says they have to be careful about their friendship still because other people won't understand.

Jonathan arrives at the Montgomery home, hoping to find Ava. She didn't return to Wildwind the night before. Lily is outside and tells him that Ava spent the night there and that she was upset all night long. Jonathan tells Lily that he is the reason Ava is upset but says it isn't because of sex this time. Lily turns to go inside and Jonathan drops the ring box accidentally. "You asked Ava to marry you," Lily says and begins to hyperventilate. She starts counting and by the time she reaches 140 she is much calmer. Jonathan asks if she is okay and apologizes for surprising her about the proposal. He reaches out to her but Lily backs away. She tells Jonathan she is happy for him but then goes inside without talking with him any more. He tries to follow but she closes the door. Ava arrives! Ava apologizes to Jonathan but then gets mad when she finds out that Lily already knows about the proposal. He apologizes for accidentally letting Lily know and for surprising her with the proposal. He tells her that he will help her realize her dreams of money and fame and power but that he will also protect her from the people who would do her harm. He hands her the ring, asking her to hold on to it until she is certain of what she wants. He kisses her and leaves. Ava isn't sure what to think.

Tad meets with Krystal over coffee at The Comeback. She is grateful that Wes showed up on his day off to work. She goes on about Wes, believing that he is the reason the bar is doing so well. Inside, Wes is talking to the picture of Emma, comparing her to Annie. Krystal and Tad go inside and talk with Wes about his date with Babe, little A and Emma. "The anti-Wes just walked through the door," Tad says as she spies Adam coming in. Adam asks Krystal if they can talk. She takes him outside and tells him she doesn't want to talk to him - at work, at home or just generally on the street. Adam says he is there for Stuart, who is heartsick at not being able to see Colby and Jenny anymore. Krystal feels badly about her decision but sticks by it because every time she looks at Stuart she sees Adam. Adam begs her to allow Stuart back in to her life.

Hannah walks in to The Comeback and sets up for a game of pool. She catches Tad's attention and they get reacquainted when she reminds him that he had her investigated during the Satin Slayer case. Tad keeps asking her questions and they play a game together. They play a little and flirt a little. After the game, Tad leaves. On his way out, he gives Krystal a reassuring pat and tells her to let Adam have it. Krystal stands to go back inside but Adam isn't through begging her to let Stuart back into her life. Krystal gives in and tells him that Stuart can come to her home any time.

Still stuck on the island, Annie threatens Wes/Richie's picture. Ryan returns and tells Annie that they will be stuck there for at least another day because of the storm. Annie can't believe it. Ryan tells her that they'll get Richie's picture circulated around Pine Valley and Emma will be fine. He also promises her a perfect 4th honeymoon, since all of their previous tries have been ruined. He has an idea to get them off the island right away. Ryan summons the resort manager and asks him to call in the Coast Guard to get them back home! Annie makes up a story about her brother being sick and on his death bed with only a few hours to live. The manager tells them that the Coast Guard still can't take them off the island. Annie puts on the tears and begs him to help them. He agrees to call the Coast Guard but doesn't guarantee anything. Ryan can't believe how convincing Annie was with the manager and that makes her very nervous. She wonders if he doubts her now the way her parents doubted her in the past. Just then the manager arrives and says the Coast Guard will take them home. They get packed and leave the island.

Wes calls Babe as she is on the way out of Fusion. He tells her how excited he is about their outing and then hangs up. Wes finishes up a few preparations for the bar - and puts one of the knives from the chopping board into his backpack! Babe arrives a while later and introduces Emma and little A to Wes. Babe tells Wes about Emma's guard. Wes wonders why the girl needs a guard but Babe doesn't tell him. Together, they all leave for their picnic. On the way out, Babe gives Emma's guard the rest of the day off. Wes tells Emma that she looks exactly like a girl he knew a long time ago.

Lily goes back inside the house. Jack finds her rocking on the couch and asks what is wrong. She tells him about Jonathan's proposal to Ava. Jack brings Lily her blanket to help her calm down. She asks why he is sad but Jack only tells her that he loves her.

Erica arrives at Fusion and finds Kendall, alone, working on her computer. She reads over Kendall's shoulder and then turns off the computer and tells her the Greenlee Project is over!

Greenlee is at The Comeback, watching a couple of friends celebrate a work milestone. She can't help but remember a few milestones she and Kendall had.

Next on AMC:

Greenlee won't let Aidan go. Kendall refuses to stop plotting against Greenlee. Zach tells JR that everyone will get what they want - except Greenlee!

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