Jonathan and Ava meet at The Comeback. He tells her to be wary of JR but she takes things the wrong way: she thinks he is trying to take away her spotlight! Jonathan can't believe her and says he is only trying to protect her from JR's bad ideas. Ava tells Jonathan she doesn't need protection - she needs the money that will come from JR's deal! Jonathan offers to help her but Ava doesn't want anyone to help her, she wants to make her life her own on her own. Jonathan completely stuns her when he pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to her! Ava doesn't say anything so Jonathan keeps talking, telling her that they can make it through anything as long as they are together. She grabs her bag and runs off.

JR isn't sure what to think of Zach's business offer. He wonders what Zach is really up to. Zach tells him to name a price and JR settles on $4 million! Zach okays it and JR asks what he has to do to get the money! They watch Ava and Jonathan arguing at an outside table for a moment. Zach tells JR about his plan: offer Greenlee something she really wants in return for her Fusion shares. JR wonders how they could offer Greens what she really wants - Ryan's child - since all the eggs were destroyed. "Or were they?" he asks. Zach smiles and walks away.

Ryan asks Annie to be sure the man in the photo is Richie. She is positive it's him and begins to worry about Emma. Annie calls Julia to check on Emma but the phones keep cutting out. She can't hear anything Annie is saying. Then the phones go dead! Ryan calls the front desk to see when they can get off the island. All the lights go out and Annie begins to freak out. Ryan calms her down but can't reach anyone in the resort. He leaves to get help to get off the island. Alone, Annie can't keep the nursery rhymes out of her head. She remembers playing Ring Around The Rosie with Richie, winning the game and him pulling the arms off her doll. He blamed her and their parents believed him. Ryan returns. Annie freaks out again and tells Ryan about an Outward Bound trip that Richie took as a kid - another boy died! She is positive that Richie killed the other boy and wonders what he might do to Emma while they are gone. Ryan tells her to calm down because they can't leave right away. He promises her that they'll be able to go home tomorrow.

Greenlee and Aidan come into her apartment and Kendall quickly hides in another room. They are about to make love when Ryan calls - he tells Aidan about cleaning up the picture and asks him to pass a copy along to the kid's guards. The phones are breaking up because of a storm at the island and Aidan doesn't catch what he said about the kids. Aidan hurriedly gets dressed to go to the office. Greenlee tries to tag along but he won't let her. Kendall listens in from her hallway hideout as Greens turns on the television. She is crawling around a corner and knocks over a stack of magazines! Greenlee hears and begins to search the condo. As she is searching, Kendall manages to stay hidden. Greenlee turns off the scary movie and goes to bed. Kendall peeks around the corner and sits down at Greenlee's desk. She turns on the computer and takes a CD from her purse. She logs on and puts her plan in motion. She finishes up and leaves the condo. Greens returns to the living room and turns the television back on. She grabs the scissors and starts looking around again. Aidan arrives and tells her that whatever Ryan was supposed to be sending never arrived. He is worried about that but Greenlee distracts him. Aidan tries to focus on work and tells Greenlee they were right about the guy in the picture being Richie. He asks her what the scissors are for. "I think someone was here," she says. Aidan convinces her that she is imagining things because of the detective work they've been doing. He kisses her and they make love.

Wes kisses Babe, who is getting in very deep. She asks about his past but Wes doesn't have much to say so she asks about his present and future but Wes doesn't open up about those things either. He tells Babe he heard about Pine Valley from a childhood friend and decided to come there for a fresh start. He also says he isn't CEO material but that he wants to live comfortably. Julia calls Babe to ask her to take care of Emma the next day since Kathy's sick. Babe agrees. She tells Wes about the next day's play-date and he volunteers to help her out! Babe isn't sure what to think about his offer, especially when Wes tells her about a place he knows out of town. Wes charms her though and she agrees to let him tag along. Wes leaves. Babe arrives home and calls Julia. She leaves a message when Julia doesn't answer, telling her that she'll be there to pick up Emma at noon with a friend.

Kendall returns to Fusion and turns on her computer. She begins writing love notes to Spike - from Greenlee! In the notes, Kendall writes about how much Greenlee loves Spike and how hard she is trying to worm her way back into Ryan and Kendall's lives so that she can have Spike again. She ends the note and sends it to Greenlee's computer!

Wes enters Ryan's condo - he has a key! - and begins to look around. Smiling, he turns on the lights, grabs a drink and begins to look around. He picks up a picture of Emma. "Hello, Emma. I'm your Uncle Richie," he says.

Next on AMC:

Krystal and Adam argue. Ava deals with Jonathan's proposal. Wes and Richie make plans. Annie urges Ryan to get them off the island.

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