Babe and the others are celebrating the virtual launch when Greenlee walks in the door. She sits down to work as they tell her about the virtual launch. Babe escorts Ava to the elevator, thanking her for her hard work and reminding her to "just say no". Back in the office, Di is baiting Greenlee, telling her that they have been getting along just fine without her. Amanda tries to be gentler with Greens but Di just keeps hammering her. Unable to take it any longer, Greenlee gives them her version of events but none of them buy it. Di reminds her she was headed away from Pine Valley. Babe pipes up, telling Greenlee that it is her fault that Kendall could lose both her children! Babe compares her keeping Miranda to Greenlee trying to kidnap Spike. Greenlee still won't admit what she did. Babe asks what would have happened if Spike would have died and reminds Greenlee that she couldn't have just missed a turn because she was miles in the opposite direction. Di steps in, giving Greenlee a status report - while Kendall was in labor with the new baby and Greenlee was kidnapping Spike, they were saving the company! Amanda tells the other girls to back off but neither Babe nor Di will. Babe gets a call from a reporter, asking for Greenlee. She puts her on hold to ask Greenlee how they should deal with this since the reporter wants information about the Amber Alert for Spike and not the launch. Greens takes the phone and makes up a new story about the accident with Spike - she tells the reporter that she saved Spike's life! "You are a piece of work," Di says. Babe tells Greenlee to look for sympathy elsewhere. Amanda takes over with Greenlee, feeling sorry for her. "I was raised by Janet-from-another-plant," Amanda says, "so you're still sort of human." Babe and Di leave to tell Kendall about the launch. She warns Greenlee to stay away.

Zach is waiting outside the surgery for news of the new baby when Annie and Emma arrive. Emma invites Zach to come swimming with him. Annie settles Emma down with some colors and she and Zach begin talking. Seeing that he is near the end of his rope, Annie compares losing Emma to what Zach is going through now. She tells him to keep planning the baby's life, to keep imagining how their lives will change. Zach isn't sure he can do it. Emma finishes her picture and gives it to Spike. Annie gathers their things and takes Emma to the beach for the day. The surgeon walks up to Zach.

Kendall comes back to Spike's room, unable to stay away from her son. Ryan is there, watching over him. He tells Kendall to go to Zach. Kendall is torn over where to be - with Zach and the new baby or with Spike. They talk as they watch Spike; Kendall can't bring herself to leave Spike's side. Both them blame themselves for Greenlee's actions, believing that if they would have held her off she wouldn't have been so close to Spike. "Do you think it was premeditated?" Kendall asks. Ryan doesn't know. He tells Kendall that he thought Greenlee was moving on with Josh but now he doesn't know what to think. Zach walks in to tell them about the baby. "Our son is still alive," he says. The surgeons were able to fix the hole in the baby's heart and he is going back to the NICU. A doctor comes in to check on Spike. He tells them Spike is out of danger, too. Ryan, Kendall and Zach are stunned. Zach shows them the picture from Emma; Ryan hangs it on the crib. Kendall tells Ryan to go home to be with his family. Reluctantly, he agrees to go.

Jack and Sean return from court. Jack has a new plan - if they can get Ava to work with them to turn in the drug dealer, they can clear Sean's record. Sean isn't sure the plan with work but Jack goes ahead. When Ava comes by to see Lily he sidetracks her, gives her the information and tells her to help. Ava, unsure of his real motives, won't admit to anything and tells him she can't help! Ava tells him about her contract with Fusion and tells him she can't risk her image to help him or Sean. Calmly Jack tells her that she won't be charged with anything if she helps them. Ava tells Jack to call Adam if he really wants to nab the drug dealing creep. Jack tells Ava he knows Adam was involved but that they can't prove it. "I will do everything I can to protect you," Jack says, promising that Lily won't find out. Outside the drawing room, Lily walks up and begins to listen to them. Ava tells Jack that she doesn't want to hurt Lily and that is why she won't help them. He leaves. Lily hides in a doorway. When he leaves she joins Ava, asking what is going on. Unable to beat around the bush, Lily asks Ava about the secret. Ava tells her that she got the Fusion job back, hoping Lily will drop the subject. Lily buys the story. She asks Ava about the drugs. They talk about Sean and the charges. Lily swears she will find out what happened with Sean; she believes the drugs were Ava's but they wound up in Sean's pocket by accident. Lily swears she won't let any of that trouble touch her sister. Touched, Ava tells Lily that she will take care of the troubles. Ava runs into Jack outside. She tells him that she will do whatever it takes to clear Sean's name.

Annie and Emma arrive for an afternoon of swimming at the yacht club. Ryan arrives and begins playing with Emma.

Adam is at the yacht club when Colby arrives with little A. He invites them to join him but Colby declines because of little A's swimming lessons. Tad arrives, telling Adam to leave the kids alone! He runs down Adam's recent list of crimes, most of them revolving around Ava, Sean and Colby. Adam tries to ignore him and even tells Tad to leave but he stays at the table. "Everybody you care about, I care about," Tad says, and warns Adam not to keep hurting their families. When Adam keeps referring to Colby as "his" Tad brings up Liza to push his buttons. Little A runs in to see his grandfather. Jack arrives, angry, and tries to take Adam to task. Tad pulls him away and tells Jack to calm down. He asks about the kids and Jack gives him an update. When he asks about Greens, Jack is surprised because no one else seems to care about his daughter. He tells Tad he isn't sure what to do about Greenlee. "However it turns out my family is going to be splintered in a million pieces," Jack says. Tad leaves. Jack approaches Adam. "Shame on you," he says and walks away. Adam turns to watch Colby and Sean. A few minutes later, his banker arrives and Adam signs a few papers.

Across the way, Sean tells Colby that Jack might be able to get the charges against him dropped. Colby is excited but quickly distracted when she sees Adam. Sean distracts her and they talk about Jack's plans.

In the NICU, Kendall and Zach talk about the new baby. Zach suggests a name - Ian, it is a name he read about in a pamphlet. "It means 'God is gracious'," Zach says. Kendall loves it. They sit together for a while longer before Zach tells Kendall to go back to Spike. Reluctantly, she goes back downstairs. When he is alone with the baby again, Zach tells him he will be just fine.

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Jonathan tells Ava he wants her. Greenlee opens up to Aidan. Ryan gets bad news!