At Fusion Di, Amanda, Babe and Ava try to brainstorm new ideas to save the campaign. None of them want to work, they would rather be with Kendall, but they sit down to work anyway. Amanda asks if they can send samples but that won't work. Ava brings up spamming the buyers. Amanda and Di object. The plan gives Babe an idea to do a virtual launch - transform Ava from day to night live online! Ava doesn't like the idea - at all. While Babe deals with Ava, Amanda listens to Di to get an idea of how to pitch the virtual launch. Across the room, Babe reminds Ava that she is both day and night. Babe tells her to be an actress and pretend, but Ava has no idea how to look like Lily without acting like Lily at the same time. Babe encourages her to figure it out. She asks Ava about her past, trying to help her find peace or happiness from when she was a child. Ava remembers a summer with her grandparents on the farm. As she talks her face transforms from cynical to carefree. The virtual launch gets underway. Ava steps up, showing a carefree side for the "day" products and a hotter, sultrier side for the "night" products. As soon as the show is over, Fusion's phones begin to ring. Babe, Amanda and Di all field calls. They can't believe how well the virtual release went. Thanking Ava for her hard work, Babe hugs her and tells her the success is all hers!

At the hospital, Jack asks Erica not to let Greenlee and what she did or did not do come between them. Erica can't easily forget, though, that Greens was driving when Spike was hurt or that she was headed away from Pine Valley. She asks Jack to come with her. Erica leads Jack to the NICU to see the new baby, talking about him and about Spike. "Do you want to see what Greenlee did to Spike?" she asks when Jack turns away. Talking about their families reinforces Jack's point - he doesn't want to lose Erica because of the drama surrounding them.

Kendall and Zach see Greenlee in Spike's room and order her to leave. With tears in her eyes she hobbles away. Greenlee stops at the information desk. Josh is there. He suggests she go back to her hospital room but Greenlee only wants to go home. Josh can't believe it and asks how she'll get home and who will take care of her there. Greenlee continues down the hall but Josh stops her, offering to take her home and stay with her for a while. Reluctantly Greenlee agrees with his plan. They arrive at Greenlee's penthouse a few minutes later. Josh asks her about the pain prescription but Greenlee tells him she can deal with the pain on her own. Before he leaves Greenlee asks him for a favor - to keep her updated on Spike's condition. Josh doesn't like the idea at all but can't turn her down. "I guess so," he says and leaves her alone. Jack arrives a while later with no news about Spike. He stays with Greenlee, trying to offer her a little comfort. After a while he leaves and Greenlee is alone again. Alone in her apartment, Greenlee sits beside the window, staring out at the city.

Back in Spike's room Ryan, Annie and Zach help Kendall move from the wheelchair to a chair beside Spike's crib. "Why is he so quiet?" she asks. Ryan and Zach reassure Kendall, telling her the doctors are keeping him sedated so he can recover more quickly. Kendall beats herself up because she couldn't be with him during the night. Zach holds her and Ryan assures Kendall that Spike is going to be fine. Ryan tells her about the infection Spike is fighting, explaining that that is why the doctors have him so sedated. Kendall gets mad when, for about the fifth time, Ryan tells her Spike is fine. She doesn't believe he is fine - if he was fine he would be at home not lying in a hospital bed! She begins talking to Spike. Annie asks Zach about the new baby. A nurse arrives and tells Kendall and Zach that they need to go to the NICU right now! Zach helps Kendall back into the wheelchair and takes her to the other room. Annie hugs Ryan and begins to pray. As Ryan continues his vigil beside Spike's bed, Annie sits with them both. After a while, she tells Ryan she needs to go pick up Emma. They kiss goodbye and Annie leaves. Ryan stays beside Spike, talking to him about the future. He tells Spike about making model rockets and learning to water ski. "And I can't wait to play catch with you," Ryan says. Spike doesn't move at all.

In the NICU, Dr. Delano and Joe tell Kendall and Zach about a hole in the baby's heart. They tell them it is a normal thing for a premie of this type and suggest surgery to repair the problem. Joe tells them they will have to collapse one of the baby's lungs in order to do the surgery. Zach asks what Joe would do. Joe tells them he would do it. Zach asks what Kendall wants but she can't answer. She agrees to the surgery. Erica walks in to the room and they fill her in. Erica takes Kendall back to her room but Zach stays to talk with the doctors. "Is he strong enough for this?" he asks. They tell him it is the baby's only hope. Dr. Delano and Joe allow Zach to stay behind with the baby while they get ready for surgery. Zach calls Myrtle but gets her message machine. She has left him a message and as she talks Zach is reassured about the kids. She tells him to let his feelings out, not to keep everything inside. "You're a father now," Myrtle says and the machine clicks off. Zach breaks down, crying and alone in the hallway. He looks into the NICU and then follows the doctors and the baby to the operating room. Zach sits down to wait outside the doors.

In her hospital room, Kendall tells Erica about Spike and the new baby. She mixes up their ailments and their names. Erica tells her that both of her children will make it through okay. Joe comes in to give Kendall a few more details. Erica leads him outside and asks him about Kendall directly. Worried because of Kendall's slip, she asks if anything can be done. Joe tells her Kendall is reacting to everything normally. He goes on to tell her that both of the boys have a good chance, but Spike's chances are much better than the baby's. Erica brings up Greenlee and Joe tells Erica to give Jack a break, because he is simply being a father. Joe leaves to go to surgery. Erica composes herself and then returns to Kendall's bedside. Erica brushes the hair from Kendall's face. Erica brings out a small photo album, reminding Kendall of happier times. She begins to cry. Erica talks about Mona, telling Kendall how proud Mona would be. Kendall asks Erica to take her to Spike but Erica won't let her go. Kendall begins to cry. "You don't have to pretend. You don't have to be strong," Erica says, rocking her as Kendall finally breaks down.

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Tad and Adam spar. Jack asks Ava for help. Babe and the girls confront Greenlee. Kendall's baby is brought out of surgery.