In the NICU, Zach sits beside the new baby. A nurse comes in to take the baby for some more tests. Zach goes to check on Kendall, who is just waking up. Sitting with her, he tells her that Spike is holding his own and that the new baby is fighting, too. Kendall asks to see the babies but Zach holds her back. That makes Kendall more nervous. Zach distracts her with a special breakfast, not usual hospital food but a gourmet meal, to keep her strength up. Kendall can't believe what Zach did for her. She takes a few bites. Henry, the chef, tells Kendall the boys are in his prayers and then leaves. Kendall takes another bite and then asks Zach to take her to the kids. He says he will as soon as she eats a little more and swears that the boys will both be okay. Erica walks in the door. She apologizes for bringing in the chaplain. Kendall accepts her apology on one condition - that Erica help with the real christening in a few months. She tells Kendall about Bianca being stuck in Paris because Miranda has chicken pox, but wanting to be there. As they talk Erica offers another apology - for trying to keep she and Zach apart! "I was wrong," Erica says, reaching out to Zach and Kendall. She tells Kendall the boys are going to be fine and Kendall asks again to see them. Sitting with Kendall, Erica tells her she needs to get stronger first. "But how many miracles do we get?" Kendall asks. Erica doesn't have any answers. She leaves. Kendall tries to get up to go see the kiddos. Zach holds her back, telling her she has one more job - she needs to express some milk for the new baby to eat. The nurse comes in with the kit and Kendall gets started. When she finishes Zach brings in a wheelchair. Zach tells her about the new baby but Kendall asks if she can see Spike first. He and Kendall go to see the kids.

Annie brings coffee and clean clothes to Ryan at the hospital. She talks but Ryan is silent for a long time. Annie pulls out a card from Emma for Spike and hangs it on the wall. She also brought Spike's blankie. Ryan places the blanket in Spike's crib. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he whispers to Spike. Annie tells Ryan that the accident was not his fault. She calls him a hero for trying to accept Greenlee back into their lives. Ryan gets mad at Annie and tells her that he isn't even close to being a hero. Annie tries to take the blame, telling Ryan the accident and Greenlee taking Spike is as much her fault as his because she wasn't with Kendall. Sad, Ryan asks why Annie isn't saying "I told you so" every five seconds. Annie tells him that the present and getting Spike well is more important than the past. Ryan holds her for a moment. Annie pulls back for a second and then kisses him.

In another hospital room, Greenlee wakes up alone. Jack brings her flowers. She asks him first about Spike and then the new baby and Jack brings her up to date. "I have to tell you everything," she says. Jack tells her not to talk but she insists. Derek walks in with questions of his own. He takes Greenlee back through what happened before they switched cars. Greens reluctantly talks, asking about Spike throughout the questioning. Derek asks her how she wound up in the ravine 20 miles in the opposite direction. Greenlee makes up a story about getting lost. "I don't know how. I thought I knew what I was doing and I just got lost," she says. Jack steps in, telling Derek to back off. Erica walks in, surprised to see Derek but immediately siding with the lawman. She tells Derek to arrest Greenlee. Jack gets between the women as Erica demands Greenlee admit that she kidnapped Spike. "Because of you Spike is fighting for his life," Erica says. Jack continues trying to separate them but Erica won't stop or back off. She blames Greenlee not just for Spike, but for the new baby's too-early birth, too! Finally Jack grabs Erica and drags her from the room. Crying, Greenlee tells Derek to continue with his questioning. He asks about the accident.

Outside, Jack vents on Erica, telling her that they don't know the full story yet. Erica tells him that Greenlee is sick and needs help. "You need to come to grips with what your daughter has done," she screams. Jack tells Erica not to believe the gossip, to wait until the full truth comes out. She can't believe Jack is defending his daughter. Derek comes out of the hospital room, telling them the investigation is on-going. She suggests Erica listen to all the facts before passing judgement on Greenlee. They leave to talk things over. Greenlee comes out of her room and gingerly begins to walk away. Derek takes Jack and Erica to a quiet area, telling them that there is no proof that Greenlee kidnapped Spike. He surprises them, telling them how hard Greenlee worked to save Spike's life after the crash. "Greenlee saved Spike's life?" Jack asks and Derek says yes. He goes on to tell them if new evidence comes up he'll arrest Greenlee but until then the woman is free to go. He leaves. Jack asks if Erica is satisfied now but she isn't. She still believes Greenlee was trying to take Spike! "We both know what she did, Jack," Erica says.

Greenlee goes to Spike's hospital room. Crying, she apologizes to him for hurting him. As she talks, Annie and Ryan return! Ryan grabs Greenlee and angrily demands that she get out of Spike's hospital room and out of their lives! As she is leaving, Zach wheels Kendall in to the room!

At the condo, Babe and Krystal are playing with little A on the patio. Babe paces, worried about her friend. Krystal tries to settle her down by telling Babe the best thing she can do is whatever Kendall can't. Babe isn't sure what she means at first but then catches on - she can take over the plans for Fusion to make sure the company gets back on track!

Babe walks in to the hospital and finds Ava arguing with the dismissal nurse. She offers to help pay the hospital bills - if Ava will come back to Fusion! Ava isn't sure whether she should believe Babe. Babe goes on, telling Ava about Kendall and the babies and asking her to help get the launch back on track. "I'm sorry I can't help you," Ava says but Babe stops her before she can leave. She tells Ava that she wasn't a replacement for Lily. She is the only face for Fusion Green. Ava still isn't sure and Babe vents all of her anger at the other woman. She tells Ava that it is cowardly to hide behind alcohol and pills instead of facing her problems! She grabs Ava, pulls her down the hall and orders her to help save Fusion!

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Kendall worries because Spike hasn't woken up. Zach and Kendall are called to the NICU. Jack and Erica are at odds over their children.

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