At the crash site, Ryan is pleading with Spike to come back to him. The emergency workers are focused on Spike but another crew is working on Greenlee, afraid that she might not make it. Ryan keeps talking to Spike, who does finally wake up. But he doesn't make a sound or cry. The workers lift him to the ambulance, with Ryan promising him that he'll be right behind him. All of the workers go to work on Greenlee. She opens her eyes, staring at Ryan as he runs after Spike.

In the waiting room, Joe explains things to Erica. She worries that Ian won't survive. Jack walks in, talking to Derek on the phone. He learns about the crash but that Spike and Greenlee are alive, at least for now. Certain that Greenlee was involved in an accident while bringing Spike back to town, he tells Erica and Josh what he knows. Tad arrives and talks with Erica. She tells him that things don't look good for either of her grandsons. He hugs her reassuringly but Erica pulls back. "Kendall needs them both. They have to make it," she says. Josh walks up, asking if he can help but there is nothing he can do for her.

Kendall begs Zach not to let the doctors go through with the delivery. He holds her, telling her it has to be done. Together they convince the doctors to let Kendall stay awake through the procedure. The doctors tell her that she won't hear the baby cry because he'll immediately be put on a respirator. Zach tells her that he'll let her know that the baby is fine. Erica rushes in with news that they have found Spike. Kendall is relieved, believing that he is fine. Erica doesn't correct her and the doctors wheel Kendall into the surgery. As they take her down the hall, emergency crews arrive with Spike and take him down the same hall. Kendall sees her son with an oxygen mask over his face and hooked up to IVs. She screams for him as the workers wheel him into another area.

Joe walks with Ryan, telling him to stay outside of the exam room. Ryan doesn't listen, he goes right inside and stands by Spike, talking to him. The surgeons come in and Joe leads Ryan back into the waiting room. The surgeons go to work on Spike, unsure how the operation will go. Ryan is alone outside the surgery for a few for a few minutes until Annie arrives. She holds him tightly, not saying anything. Annie walks Ryan to the chairs and he tells her what they have to do with Spike. Joe comes out, worried because Spike needs more blood and they don't have the right time. Jonathan, who just arrived, tells them he has the same blood type and they rush him over to donate. Ryan, Jonathan and Annie wait as the doctors continue working on Spike. "If I could just talk to him," Ryan says. Annie reminds him that Spike is a tough little guy and he'll be fine but Ryan can't believe her. She hugs him and so does Jonathan, trying to give Ryan some comfort.

In her own surgery, Kendall listens to the doctors work. She asks Zach to hold her hand tighter. She asks Zach what happened to Spike but Zach can't tell her anything. He tells her that the doctors will give them another miracle, for both of their boys. He reminds her of her promise after the cops captured Alexander and tells her that she was right. The doctors call for the crash cart as the baby is delivered! They won't let Kendall see him before they take him to the NICU. Kendall tells Zach to go be with their son. The nurses wheel Kendall into a private room. Erica follows. Kendall asks about Spike and the baby. Erica tells her they are both fighters - just like her. Erica tries to get Kendall to rest but she can't calm down. She sits with Kendall, telling her that all of the Kane women are there - Bianca, Mona and the others are all with her and with her children.

Zach watches Dr. Delano from the waiting area. Josh walks up beside him, asking how things are. Zach tells him the baby is really small and asks Josh what that means. "I don't understand it," Zach says. Josh tells him that the baby is a miracle. He leaves Zach and runs into Ryan, Annie and Jonathan in another waiting area. Unable to help them, Josh walks on. Moments later, Joe walks out from Spike's surgery room. He tells them Spike is stable but still in danger. "The next 24 hours are critical," Joe says and returns inside.

Jack is pacing through the waiting rooms, trying to find out about Greenlee but no one will tell him anything. She hasn't arrived yet. Babe, Di and Amanda arrive, worrying about Greens. Just then, emergency workers wheel her in, talking about her injuries. Jack follows them inside the exam room but the doctors immediately make him leave. Outside, he tells the waiting group that Greenlee wasn't trying to hurt Spike - she was trying to bring him home. Aidan corrects him, telling Jack that Greenlee was headed away from Pine Valley at the time of the accident. Jack doesn't want to believe him. He returns to Greenlee's room after a while. She is awake and asks after Spike and Kendall. When Jack doesn't say anything, she knows that Kendall, Spike and the new baby are all still in danger. He sits with her as Greenlee recounts the events of the night. Jack tells her about the new baby. "I was bringing him back," Greenlee says, desperate for someone to believe her. She asks Jack to check on Spike and then report back on his condition. Crying, she tells Jack that the baby has to be okay. Jack leaves.

Josh returns to Zach, who is eager for news of Spike. Josh offers to check on Spike and report back so Zach doesn't have to leave the new baby. He returns to Ryan as Aidan walks up. Josh fills in the blanks that the doctors left, giving Ryan some hope because they didn't have to remove Spike's spleen. He tells them about the new baby. "He's tiny. He hardly even looks real," Josh tells them.

Zach is still watching the new baby when Erica walks up. She can't believe the baby is so tiny; she tells him they are taking Kendall to a private room. Zach asks her to stay with the baby for a minute so he can talk to Kendall. He walks away, leaving Erica to watch the doctors and nurses try to keep her grandson alive. Zach returns to Kendall. Joe walks in and tells them about the surgery and Spike's condition. A chaplain walks in, asking Kendall to come with him for the christening. Erica follows him, telling them that having the new baby christened was her idea. The thought freaks Kendall out. Angry, she yells at Erica to leave. "You leave me alone. I want my babies," she says, pulling away from Joe when he tries to help her. He offers a sedative but she refuses, screaming for her babies. Zach pulls Erica outside, angry that she brought a chaplain to Kendall's room. Crying, Erica can't defend her actions. Zach walks away. Erica watches Joe give Kendall a sedative to calm her.

Angry, Krystal goes to the Chandler manse to confront Adam. She changes her mind when she sees him and instead talks about Kendall, hoping that her troubles will inspire Adam to change things with his own children. Just as mad because he feels he is losing his children, Adam lashes out at her, ordering her to leave. Krystal asks him to come with her to the hospital to be checked out but Adam refuses. She tells him to call one of the kids or go himself but he still won't go. Instead, he tries to make Krystal mad by bringing up Tad and Derek and any number of other men that she may have slept with. Frustrated, Krystal turns to go. Alone once more, Adam gazes out the window. He returns to his desk after a while and picks up the phone. He calls a florist to send flowers to the Slater's and then hangs up.

Krystal meets Babe at the hospital and gets the news about Spike and the new baby. She holds Babe for a moment and then tells her she went to see Adam. Tad and Jamie walks in, talking about Greenlee and Spike.

Ryan and Annie stand over Spike's crib as he sleeps. Zach returns to watch the new baby in the NICU. He sees Josh there and hugs him, thanking him for staying with the new baby without saying a word. Josh leaves to check on Kendall as the nurses prepare Zach to enter the NICU for the first time. Zach goes inside and sits with his son, overcome with emotions.

Next on AMC:

Babe asks Ava for help. Kendall asks to see her kids. Erica and Jack butt heads over Greenlee. Ryan warns Greenlee away from his family.

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