Ryan, cuddling baby Spike, walks around the home trying to sooth him to sleep. Talking out loud he tells Spike how everything is going to be okay. Really okay.

Livia talks with Ryan telling him they'll be lucky if the judge allows bail. She goes on stating how Kendall needs her husband home with her but just doesn't know how the judge will allow it to happen. Ryan questions Livia asking her if she thinks they buried Madden? Before she can answer, Spike starts to cry. Livia rushes over and starts to coo over the baby, telling him how lucky he is to have the family he does. And Spike needs his mommy happy, reminds Ryan.

Kendall walks in. "Oh there she is," says Ryan. He tells her he just put baby down and asks if she wants to talk. Kendall falls into the chair whining how her brother is missing, she cannot get a hold of Bianca and her husband is in jail for a murder he didn't do. But Ryan worries, asking quietly if she's really okay. She replies that she's just tired. As Ryan walks over to Kendall, he soothes her, telling her to relax, pulling her shoes off, covering her up he moves to the back of the chair to rub her shoulders. Kendall leans into the massage having a flashback to her conversation with Tad earlier. With Tad telling Kendall if she insists on looking into Zach and Dixie's true relationship she's not going to like the answers she finds.

Later, in a dream scene, Kendall awakes to hammering sounds. She gets out of her chair and quietly walks toward the backyard door. Seeing Zach and Dixie hammering a coffin shut, Zach looks at Dixie telling her he can't be without her. Dixie, knowing Kendall is watching, gives her wicked a look and smiles. Kendall yells at them both that they can't do this, they can't bury Madden alive!

Startling herself awake, she looks up at Ryan and proclaims, "They did it. Zach and Dixie killed Madden." Ryan reassures her it's just a dream. But Kendall tells Ryan of her talk with Tad. How Tad told her Dixie has men all around her. She's very bewitching, that Dixie can make men do anything she wants! Ryan asks her what Zach told her. Kendall replies that Zach said he's innocent. So Ryan proclaims to her to ignore Tad and believe in her husband! If Zach says he didn't do it, he didn't do it!

Dixie, looking at Zack with desperation, asks him how they're going to get out of this? He just shakes his head not knowing what to say.

In a dream scene, sleeping in her cell, Dixie wakes up and struggles to see who's walking towards her. "Kate? Kate is that you? Do you know who I am Kate? I'm your mommy. I miss you so much Kate. I've looked for you since you were a baby." Pictures of Kate old and young start falling everywhere. Then the little girl walks away and Dixie wakes up.

Zach asks if she's okay. Dixie sits up and whispers, "Kate. Oh yes, just a dream," she tells Zach. Just a dream. Zach assures her he'll find her little girl one day. Dixie tells Zach she doesn't want to live, to live in this world of reality. She'd rather sleep because if that's where she sees Kate then she can live with her daughter like that. She can't take it anymore. But Zach demands her to fight!

In walks Tad telling Dixie she should listen to Zach! Tad strides over to Zach and tells him he spoke with Zach's wife. That Kendall is pretty paranoid and even asked if Dixie and Zach were having an affair. But Tad tells them that he's even more upset than Kendall is. He growls to Zach that he killed the one man who would have led them to his daughter Kate. He's tired of being played by Dixie too. Dixie slashes back, asking him what he thinks he knows about her and Zach.

Tad tries to continue saying he knows the night that Madden disappeared, Dixie and Zach... But Zach yells, "Enough!"

Tad glares back at Dixie saying that Zach must really have control over her. Zach snaps his fingers and Dixie just shuts down.

Dixie tries to tell Tad that her and Zach are innocent but she can't say anything to convince him otherwise. Tad snaps back that it's not him she has to convince and walks away.

Kendall yells at Tad that she's not leaving until he tells her everything he knows. Kendall wonders why Tad told her earlier he know that Zach and Dixie killed Madden. She snaps at him wondering why Tad thinks her husband and his ex-wife buried the coffin?

Tad shouts back wondering why he should explain anything to her? He's only concerned about his missing daughter he thought was dead for the past 4 years.

But Tad tells her that Kate's mom is accused of killing Madden. That Dixie didn't turn to JR or Jamie or even him, she turned to Kendall's husband Zach. He continues on telling Kendall that he's not the one not being straight with her. She needs answers from Zach. That Dixie has a conniving way about her where she can make men do anything she wants or needs. Kendall yells that Tad has no right to state suspicions without proof and he has to tell her if they're having an affair. Tad tells her to stop with the questioning. To quit digging herself into a bigger hole. That if she continues to find out more information on Zach and Dixie, she'll regret what she discovers.

JR continues to yell with exhaustion for Babe! Babe! He looks on at Jamie proclaiming that Jamie would rather he bag the search for his wife. But he refuses, still yelling he spots something in the water. JR gasps oh no and jumps into the water. Jamie screams after JR to get back in the boat and starts to undress to go in after him.

Julia and Jamie pull JR into the boat, unconscious and not breathing. After several minutes of panic, they revive him. JR, shivering and breathless, insists he'll find his wife alive. Jamie tells him to rest, that he'll keep a lookout all night, he promises JR. If Jamie finds anything, he'll wake JR immediately.

Julia lays out a bed on the bench for JR. She gets him warm and comfortable and assures him they'll keep looking.

Jamie looks on at Julia after JR falls into a restless sleep. Shaking his head, he smartly asks her how lucky she is to have this kind of night. Julia replies, "Pretty lucky."

JR dreams they recovered Josh and got him on the boat alive. "She's dead JR," says Josh. "Dead." Josh goes on to JR, "Just like you lost your mother, Babe is dead too. You don't deserve anyone JR."

Julia, noticing JR wincing, startles him awake, telling him the coast guard found a little island.

Kissing Josh, Babe pulls back and looks at him. He kisses her again but she pulls back again saying, "o Josh, no more."

Babe tells him he's said some special things tonight, really opened up. But tells him that although he's expressed his feelings for her, she can't love him, not like that. That she has feelings for him but she loves her husband! The one kiss is all it can be between them. Josh pleads that he can't just have that. He wants more, needs much more. And asks her if JR wasn't in the picture it could be so much more.

Babe chides back gently, they have a great connection but it's platonic and has to stay that way. She's not rubbing in anything about her lack of feelings just that she refuses to jeopardize her marriage.

Josh continues on desperate to convince her that she won't know if there's something better for her if she doesn't try. Babe insists that she cannot force Josh to understand her feelings and devotion so strongly, but once they're rescued she'd have to completely cut off their friendship.

Josh tells her he'll never let her go. But Babe goes on telling him if they cannot just be friends, then he cannot see her again. Josh, very reluctantly agrees that he'll take what he can get when it comes to Babe. That she's the best friend he's ever had.

Babe smiles and asks him to shake on it and they do.

Babe dreams that JR found her and is leaning over her kissing her on the beach. She jumps up in tears telling him she thought she'd never see him again. JR tells her he's here and he'll always keep her safe. Josh, noticing that Babe is restless and shaking, crawls over to comfort and warm her. Babe sighs JR's name as Josh wraps his arms around her.

Lily walks toward the house with Jonathan going on about how her dad has controlled her life, tried to stop their wedding, tried to spread lies and break them apart. Jonathan replies that maybe he can really show her how good love can be, opening the door to an array of flowers. She's surprised and gleams as she reads the card telling her happy anniversary. Jonathan asks if she likes the surprise. Lily smiles and says beautiful.

Later on, Jonathan walks towards the living room telling her it's late and to come to bed. But Lily is not tired, she's busy submitting her admission and essay for college. She asks Jonathan about his opinion on her essay topic. It speaks about their love, his autism disorder and how she's so happy to be her. She wants to write so much more and he offers his help.

Then, Lily turns to him and asks if he could go back to being the way he was before his brain tumor was taken out, would he? Jonathan smiles and sweetly replies that he never ever felt normal then, not until he found Lily.

Jonathan falls asleep on the couch beside Lily and starts to dream a terrible dream. Lily shakes him gently and asks him if he's okay? He replies he had a bad dream. That he dreamt he lost her, that she left, the apartment was empty all because of her father and his letter. Lily assures him that'll never happen. Until death do us part she reminds him of their wedding vows.

Jonathan reads her final draft of the essay and tells her it's perfect. She asks him if he thinks it'll be interesting to someone who doesn't know them and their life. Jonathan smiles. There's a knock at the door. A man standing there asks her if she's Lily Lavery? "Yes," she replies as she takes the envelope and opens it up. Shocked and dismayed she looks up at Jonathan and tells him it's a petition to have her declared incompetent!