Zach tries to calm Kendall down but all she can think about is Spike and bring,ing him home. Joe and Dr. Delano, the specialist tell Zach they've done all they can do medically. Blaming herself because she told Greenlee to drive Spike home, Kendall cries. Erica walks in, telling Kendall that she won't lose either of her children! Erica reminds her of the problems she had with Spike's pregnancy, telling her that she can do the same for the new baby. "Strong mothers. Strong children," she says. Finally calmed, Kendall and Zach go over the time between the contractions. She believes they have stopped the labor. Quickly, though, her thoughts turn to Spike. Erica leaves. When they are alone, Zach shows her the ultrasound picture. They talk for a bit. Kendall becomes uncomfortable and asks Zach to call the doctor's back in. Her water has broken!

Greenlee manages to wake Spike but is worried that he'll fall back asleep. She sees the cell phone, out of reach on a high rock, and promises to get the phone somehow. She pours the last of the water into the lid for Spike to drink, covers him with her blouse and begins to crawl to the rocks. Greenlee crawls, in a lot of pain because of her injuries, and struggling with every movement. She talks to Spike, encouraging him the whole time. She reaches to pull herself up and a rock comes loose, making her fall to the bottom! The fall knocks her out for a while. When she wakes, Greenlee realizes her leg is hurt very badly but that Spike wasn't touched by the falling rocks. She can't stand but begins looking around for something to help them. She sees the cell phone, only a few feet away and begins to crawl again!

At the police station, Derek is going over the search plan with Ryan. He apologizes for jumping on Derek earlier. Annie, Jamie, Babe, Di and Krystal walk in. They have built a website and opened an email address for new information. Derek thanks them but is quickly distracted by a new report - a young, brunette acting crazy at the boathouse. Thinking it could be Ava, Jonathan leaves to check things out. Later, Derek comes back to go over more plans with Ryan. Ryan's cell phone rings and he answers - it's Greenlee! She hears his voice and manages to tell him that it is her but then passes out! Ryan keeps calling to her but Greenlee doesn't answer. Derek tells him to keep the call connected and Aidan tells him they are tracing the call location now. Listening to Ryan call to Greenlee, Babe wonders if they should stop working on the website. Krystal tells her they won't stop until Spike is back home. Aidan returns, telling Ryan they have a trace on the call. He and Aidan run for their cars.

At the boathouse, Ava is high and dancing around. Adam walks in, taken aback by how out of it Ava is. He grabs her, reaming her for telling Colby about their deal but Ava can't focus on anything. Shaking her, Adam blames Ava for losing Colby. "Do you realize how much you've cost me?" he asks but Ava can't answer. She begins to sway and then cry, telling Adam that she is alone, too. Adam pushes her away. Calling Ava a waste, he order her to make things right. She gets angry and steps away - and falls into the water! Ava can't swim and cries for help! Adam stands there watching for a few seconds, shocked, but finally goes into the water to save her. Jonathan and Di arrive and help Adam pull her from the water. Jonathan tries to get Ava to talk but she is completely out of it; he blames Adam, who says Ava was high when he got there. Di calls for an ambulance. She asks Adam to stay but he refuses and leaves. Di and Jonathan focus on Ava and manage to wake her up. She wakes, freaked out because she doesn't recognize either of them!

Lily surprises Jack and Josh in the waiting area. She is armed with a lot of research on premies and pregnancies and reports what she has learned. The more she talks, about the new baby and about Spike's abduction, the more Jack and Josh worry. Erica returns to the group, telling them the contractions have stopped. Jack wraps her in a hug. Josh makes a joke about food. Erica leaves to call Bianca. Jack gets a call and leaves to answer it. It's Livia, reminding Jack that the divorce will be finalized by 5pm if he and Erica don't show up to contest it. He asks her to stall as long as possible. Jack hangs up and then tries Greenlee's phone again but doesn't get an answer. Alone, Lily asks Josh if Kendall will be okay now. Erica returns to them and is talking to Josh when the doctors go running into Kendall's room. Zach comes out, telling them that Kendall's water may have broken. Just then emergency workers wheel Ava in. She is screaming and still high, fighting the doctors. They wheel her into an exam room as Lily comes in, freaked out at how bad Ava is. Jonathan tells her Ava took drugs but Lily doesn't believe him. Jack and Erica walk Lily out of the waiting area so they can talk to her.

Zach returns to Kendall's side in time to hear Dr. Delano, the specialist, tell Kendall they have to deliver now! Joe returns to Kendall. He and Dr. Delano consult and they agree - Kendall has to deliver now or she'll lose the baby!

Jack and Erica talk to Lily, telling her things will be fine. Erica leaves to return to Kendall. Jack suggests Lily go home but she refuses to leave until she knows how Ava is. Lily asks him why Ava would have taken drugs. Jonathan steps forward and says it is his fault! Jonathan takes Lily into Ava's hospital room. Joe is still taking care of her. He tells her that Ava needs to stay in the hospital overnight, but that he expects her to be fine. He tells them not to stay very long. Jonathan steps forward, brushing her hair off her face. Lily stays beside the door.

Erica and Josh wait outside Kendall's hospital room, hoping that the doctors will be able to stop the labor again.

Unconscious, Greenlee flashes back to her childhood. She is playing with her grandmother but wishing for her mother. Next, she flashes back to her debutante ball, again with her mother missing in action and only her grandparents around. In her memories, she tries to make light of her parents not showing up but her grandmother sees through it. Greenlee swears to her grandmother that she will do more with her life than be a lonely little girl. Her grandmother asks what she really wants. "I want to be wanted," Greenlee says and walks away. Back in the present, Ryan is yelling, crying into the phone trying to get her to answer but she is still unconscious.

At the manse, Adam argues with his lawyer, telling him that he doesn't need anyone. He hangs up the phone and takes a drink.

Tad returns to the squad room and tells Babe, Jamie and Krystal about the accident at the boathouse. He tells them the girl was Ava and that Adam saved her. They are all shocked! Krystal can't believe what Adam did, and that he refused medical attention. Di calls, telling Babe that Kendall is now in active labor. Babe and Jamie head for the hospital. Krystal grabs her bag and leaves, too.

Ryan and Aidan arrive at the quarry. He sees the car at the bottom with Greenlee and Spike at the bottom. He yells for Spike and begins climbing down. Aidan calls Derek for help. Emergency crews arrive as Ryan and Aidan reach the bottom. Aidan holds Ryan back as the crews go to work on Spike and Greenlee. Neither is responding!

Next on AMC:

Joe gives Ryan bad news about Spike. Kendall goes into full blown labor; on the way to the delivery room, she sees the emergency crews bringing in Spike!

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