Jack and Erica are kissing all the way through the airport, both in their own world. She tells Jack she likes their illicit affair and isn't looking forward to getting back together for real. Pam walks in with Josh. He tells them about Kendall's labor and missing Spike, shocking Jack and Erica.

Joe introduces Zach to the specialist they've brought in to treat Kendall. They begin talking about different medical approaches but all Zach can think about is Kendall, who is sleeping. Kendall wakes, worried about the baby. Joe reassures her that the baby is fine. They tell her about the specialist which panics Kendall. Zach sits with her, saying the specialist is just a precaution and that the baby is fine. The specialist returns and begins to examine Kendall.

In the lobby, Babe is watching a television report about Kendall and Spike. Di and Annie arrive, worried that Greenlee has finally gone off the deep end. They ask about Kendall. Ryan walks in with Tad and Aidan. Annie runs to him, telling Ryan to be positive. Tad fills Di in on the police search and Aidan reassures Ryan. Zach and Joe come out to tell the gathering about Kendall. Zach asks them all to keep the news about Spike out of Kendall's room. Jonathan walks in, offering to help look for the baby. Aidan asks Annie and Di to come with him to the police station. Di goes but Annie stays with Ryan. Babe steps up, telling Ryan that Greenlee didn't want to drive with Spike. He explodes at her, angry that she let Greens take Spike. Babe apologizes. Ryan walks away. Jonathan and Annie follow him. Jamie comes over to support Babe. She asks him to come with her and they leave.

Babe takes Jamie to the hospital chapel and they pray. She talks about the chapel in the woods and all the trouble that began from that moment. Both express regret for taking little A from JR at that point. "Do you think Greenlee's where we were?" Jamie asks.

In the waiting room, Ryan blames himself for what Greenlee did. Zach steps in, basically telling Ryan "I told you so". Erica and Jack arrive with Josh; Joe updates them and then returns to Kendall. Erica asks about Spike as Tad returns. There is no news about Greenlee or about Spike. Erica begins to panic and Jack tells her to calm down. Zach and Ryan ask him where Greenlee may have gone; Jack steps back, asking them how they can be sure that Greenlee took Spike. He is holding out hope that something else may have happened! Angry, Zach and Ryan tell Jack what they've seen from Greenlee lately. Erica lashes out at Jack, who lashes right back. Zach defends Erica; Josh defends Greenlee, telling them that Greens was moving on. Ryan leaves to check in with Derek. The doctors return with good news - Kendall's contractions have stopped! However, her cervix is still effaced, so they are going to keep her on the medications because the labor could start up any time. Erica rushes to go inside but Zach holds her back, telling her not to say anything about Spike. Jack tries Greenlee again and leaves a message. Annie listens, telling Jack he is doing the right thing. "I can't see her taking Spike. Not like this," Annie says.

Erica and Zach visit with Kendall, who is ready to go home. Erica tells her they'll find a huge room to house her and their friends. Kendall asks Zach to bring Spike in. Erica makes up a story about Spike having a cold and not being allowed in to see her for a while. Erica leaves. Kendall tells Zach she knows something is wrong with Spike and asks him to tell her. Zach won't say a word, which only worries her more. Seeing that she won't give up, Zach tells her that Spike and Greenlee are missing. "Greenlee took my son?" she says.

Erica returns to Josh, Annie and Jack, upset about Kendall. She is more worried about Spike than Kendall at this point, and tells Jack so.

Di is trying to remember anything about Greenlee to tell Derek but can't remember anything of importance. Ryan and Jonathan arrive, eager to help out. Another office pulls Derek away to work on another case, angering Ryan. He attacks Derek; Tad and Jonathan pull Ryan back. Derek promises not to let them down and leaves. Tad pulls Ryan and Jonathan into an interrogation room. Angry, Tad tells Ryan to calm down and stop acting crazy. "I know how you feel," Tad says. He tells Ryan not to give up. Realizing that Ryan is calmer, they return to the squad room.

Trapped inside the wrecked car, Greenlee wakes up. She looks around, unsure what happened. She tries to move but can't because of the seatbelt that has trapped her inside. She calls for Spike but there is no answer. She tries to move and manages to turn her body so she can see into the backseat - but Spike's seat isn't there! Greens turns her head and sees the overturned car seat outside the vehicle! She tries to free herself from the car but can't. Reaching for some broken glass, Greenlee begins to cut her way free of the belt. With her hands bleeding from the glass, Greens finally frees herself and crawls out from the car. Before she can get to Spike's seat, she collapses. She is knocked out for a while but Spike's cries wake her up. She pulls herself from the car and realizes she can't walk because of her injuries. Not wanting to leave him alone, Greens drags herself to Spike. She turns tries to turn his car seat over to look at him but loses consciousness again. Her cell begins ringing and brings her around. She manages to get onto all fours and crawls to the seat. Cautiously she turns it over and finds Spike still strapped to it! She undoes the straps and pulls him from the seat. His face is scratched up but otherwise appears to be fine. Greenlee worries because he is so quiet. She hears a helicopter and calls for help but the copter doesn't see them. Greenlee finds a bottle of water and tries to make Spike drink but he is unconscious!

Panicked, Kendall begins having contractions again, screaming for Spike. Zach rushes to get Joe, who tells him to wait with the others. Joe and the specialist go inside; Annie goes to Zach, trying to reassure him. He can't stay outside and returns to Kendall. The doctors tell him they can't stop the labor this time!

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Kendall's water breaks. Greenlee calls for help but passes out before she can relay her location. Adam attacks Ava!