Ava calls the drug dealer to the boat house. He's angry because of the confusion with Lily and because Ava never bothered to pay him before. He pulls her to him, saying he'll take a different kind of payment! Jonathan arrives, watching them. He interrupts, breaking things apart between Ava and the dealer. Ava gets mad, goes straight for the dealer and kisses him! She pulls away and tells Jonathan that she'll do what she wants, when she wants. Jonathan asks her to return to Wildwind with him but she refuses. "I don't need you to protect me," she says. The dealer tells Jonathan to back off but Jonathan won't. He warns the dealer away from Ava, shoves him down but doesn't hit him. "Stay away from her," Jonathan says. He leaves and so does Ava. She returns later and the dealer asks her to pay off what she owes. Ava hands him some cash and then asks for more drugs! The dealer leaves. Crying and alone, Ava opens a sack of drugs and pops several in her mouth!

JR tells Krystal about his new plans, including giving up Chandler Enterprises. She's stunned that JR finally moved out but wonders if he'll stick with the decisions he made. She also wonders where he'll wind up sleeping. Just then Amanda walks in, asking for her drink! Krystal is surprised at the new couple and warns JR to be careful with Amanda. Aidan and Del wander in and order drinks. Del heads straight for Amanda and offers to give her pool lessons. Angry, she tells him to back off - at the bar and at her house! She tells the crowd that JR is moving in for a few days. Del warns JR that living at Wildwind is work; Aidan wonders why JR would want to live there. Both guys gang up on JR but he doesn't back down. Del challenges JR to a game of pool. If he and Aidan win, he gets to sleep in Amanda's bed. If JR and Amanda win, he'll do all of chores for a month. Amanda objects, telling Del he'll never be in bed with her. That isn't what he wants, though, Del just wants Amanda's room - not her! They begin to play. Jonathan walks in and Amanda leaves the game to talk with him. He isn't interested in talking and tells her to go away!

Kendall is wheeled in to the ER, nearing hysteria. Joe instructs the emergency workers to take her into an exam room. Kendall asks Babe to come along but they won't let the other woman in. Just then Zach and Ryan arrive. One of the nurses examines Kendall and find that she is in early labor. Zach bursts into the room. Crying, Kendall tells him she is losing the baby! Zach holds her hands, telling her everything is going to be fine. Joe finishes the exam and tells Kendall that they may be able to stop the labor. He explains about the drugs that will hopefully stop her labor and Kendall agrees to the plan. Zach asks for the best obstetrician's and offers to pay for anything as long as the doctor will come. Joe tells him that things are still dicey but even if Kendall delivers there is a chance the baby will live. They listen to the baby's heartbeat through an ultrasound and Joe is encouraged. Zach reassures Kendall that everything will be fine. On the sonogram, they see the baby, who appears to be fine. "He's doing just fine," the nurse says and they realize they're having a boy! Zach tells Kendall they need a new name, one that isn't from the past. Before they can come up with a name, a tearing pain crashes through Kendall. Joe tries to convince them both that the pains will lessen but neither is convinced. Telling them to relax and rest, Joe leaves.

In the waiting room, Babe tries to reach Erica and Jack but can't get through. Ryan tries to calm her down, reminding her that there was trouble with Spike, too, and things turned out okay. "Where is Spike?" Babe asks. She tries to reach Greenlee on her cell but Greens isn't answering. She explains that they switched cars and realizes Greenlee should be at the hospital by now. Ryan gets worried but tries to cover it up. He calls Derek and asks him to get some officers to retrace Greenlee's steps. He wants to go, too, but Babe convinces him to stay. Jamie walks in, asking if he can help. Babe tells him she is more worried about Greenlee and Spike right now than Kendall and the new baby. She tells Jamie how weird Greens has been around Spike lately, worried that she may have run off with Spike. Jamie reassures her that things will be fine and goes to check on Kendall. Derek calls, reporting that they can't find a trace of Greenlee; Ryan asks him to put out an Amber Alert. Josh arrives, worried about Kendall and Babe fills him in. Josh reassures her about Greenlee, not believing the woman would actually kidnap Spike. Jamie returns and tells them how the doctors are treating Kendall. He asks about Greenlee; from across the room, still on the phone, Ryan shakes his head. Jamie returns to work. Babe asks Josh to find Erica. Josh leaves. Babe and Ryan brainstorm, trying to figure out where Greenlee could be. He is worried that she has taken his baby. Ryan calls Derek, trying to speed up the Amber Alert. Derek reminds him they have to follow the proper channels but Ryan isn't interested. Derek agrees to file a missing persons report to speed things up. Ryan tells Babe this isn't enough. Zach comes out of the exam room. He asks Babe to give them a minute and then confronts Ryan about Spike's whereabouts. Ryan tells Zach that Greenlee and Spike are both missing! Zach tells Ryan he'll get some Cambias men on the search, too, and warns him not to say a word to Kendall. Ryan tries to calls Greens again but she doesn't answer the phone. Desperate, Ryan calls Aidan for help.

Meanwhile, Greenlee is driving away from Pine Valley with a crying Spike in the backseat. "You're finally with the mother you're supposed to be with," she tells him as he cries. The baby won't stop crying, his cries begin make Greenlee crazy. "I'm sorry," she cries. She tries to reach her phone and loses control of the car. It crashes over a cliff! In the rubble, Spike has been thrown from the car and Greenlee is trapped inside!

Babe sits with Kendall, telling her things are fine and talking about the new baby. She keeps Kendall calm by asking about the new baby and her plans. Kendall asks about Spike and Babe tells her the boy is fine, too.

Overhearing how hard Jonathan is with Amanda, JR tells him to watch his step. They begin to argue and nearly come to blows before Krystal interrupts them, telling them to take it outside. Aidan returns to the group, telling Jonathan about the trouble in his family.

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Kendall realizes Spike is missing and it sends her into full blown labor. Greenlee realizes Spike has been hurt. Jonathan promises to help find Spike.