Amanda is waiting at the boathouse for JR. He shows up and pulls her into a passionate kiss. Amanda pulls back, telling him she wants her money. JR wraps his arms around her, kissing her neck. Even more impatient, Amanda demands her money and then turns and kisses JR! They make love under the staircase and then cuddle for a little bit. Amanda tries to pull away from JR but he just keeps kissing her, distracting her from the money issue. She gets up and asks him if he's found the $100 million. JR laughs, telling Amanda there isn't any money and he hasn't figured out how to get back at Zach. Then he surprises her when he says he quit his job! Amanda gets mad because his money is tied up in all of his Chandler shares; she gets even more mad when he tells her he gave it all to Adam. Amanda pushes him into the water! Even the cold water can't dampen JR's happy mood, though. He gets dressed, telling her he hasn't ever been happier and begins talking about his room at the Pine Cone Inn. He turns to leave but Amanda stops him. She invites him to stay at Wildwind, in her bed, for one night only. JR isn't sure that's a wise decision and wonders if Amanda is going to turn him in to the Feds. She tells him the invitation is only so she can protect her fiduciary interests - she doesn't want him spending her money on a cheap motel! JR finally agrees to go home with her.

Seeing Colby outside The Comeback alone, Tad goes to talk to her. He lets her go on about Adam and how hurt she has been by him. Tad reminds her that Adam does love her, he just has a twisted way of showing it. They go inside and Colby begins talking about Liza, believing that she has now lost both of her parents. Tad tells Colby that Liza loves her more than anything and is simply giving her space. Colby doesn't believe him, after all Liza won't even talk to Colby on the phone. "Your mother loves you. Don't ever doubt it," Tad says and leaves. Colby gets back to work. She and Krystal begin talking about new hires and Krystal vents about Ava. Colby doesn't want to talk about the girl but does. She is sympathetic to Ava because of how her mother treated her; Colby identifies with her because it seems as if Liza has been ignoring her since she moved in with Adam. Krystal is shocked that Colby has some sympathy toward Ava. Colby tries to explain, telling Krystal that no one, not even her own mother, has ever wanted Ava around. She wonders if Ava even knows what acceptance feels like.

Adam is alone at the manse, trying to enjoy dinner for one. As he pushes the food around his plate, Adam relives memories of Colby, Krystal and JR - all of whom have left him behind. Instead of eating, Adam goes for alcohol but before he can take a drink, he hears Colby telling him not to. Tad arrives at the manse. He realizes Adam is heartbroken but pushes his buttons anyway, trying to make Adam admit that he wants JR and Colby back. It doesn't work. Adam plays it off like he's happier than ever, especially since JR signed everything over to him. Adam orders Tad to leave. Before he does, Tad tells Adam to give his kids a break. Adam tells Tad there is another reason JR left him the shares - because he wants to go after the $100 million from Slater alone! Tad tells Adam he is wrong but Adam won't listen. Tad tells Adam to give JR and Colby space to make their own decisions. Angry, Adam lashes out, telling Tad that the kids are his and his alone. Tad walks out.

Zach and Ryan are still stuck in Manhattan traffic, trying to get back to Pine Valley. Zach has a bad feeling and he doesn't know why. He yells at the driver but that doesn't make traffic go any faster. Ryan pulls out the teddy bear he bought for the new baby. Zach talks about his dreams for the new baby. Ryan talks about his hopes for Spike. Zach tells Ryan he needs to get home.

On the way to New York, Kendall begins having pains in her abdomen. She swerves all over the road, freaking Babe out and tries to cover by telling them it was an animal in the road. Babe doesn't believe her and neither does Greenlee, who calls from the following car. Kendall convinces them it was nothing and they carry on. Trying to focus on work, Kendall asks Babe for the target numbers. When Babe doesn't have exact numbers Kendall gets angry. Babe tells her they need to go to a hospital and Kendall calls Greenlee, who sides with Kendall. Babe tells them both that she is positive Kendall is having contractions. Another hits and Kendall nearly loses control. She refuses to believe it is contractions but does agree to pull over. On the side of the road, Kendall is still refusing to go to the hospital and Greens is siding with her but Babe puts her foot down - she wants to take Kendall to the hospital. Kendall refuses but does let Babe drive. In the driver's seat, Babe keeps trying to convince Kendall to go to the hospital. Kendall gets really quiet. She finally realizes it isn't indigestion and it isn't Braxton Hicks contractions. "Something's not right," she says and asks Babe to get her to a hospital. Kendall starts to break down, scared that something is wrong with the baby. Picking up on Kendall's panic, Spike begins to get scared too. Kendall asks Greenlee to take Spike in her car so Babe can get her to the hospital. Greenlee doesn't want to but finally agrees to take Spike. Kendall calls Zach but can't talk because of the pain and her own fear for the baby. Babe takes the phone but it goes dead as soon as she tells him they are taking Kendall to the Pine Valley hospital. They get back into their cars and head back home. Babe tries to reassure Kendall that she and the baby will be fine. "This baby is our hope. What if I lose our hope?" she asks. Babe reassures Kendall, who is deep into blaming herself because she has been working so hard. She asks Babe if she'll help deliver the baby. Babe tells her they don't need to deliver the baby because the baby isn't coming. As she talks, Kendall gets really quiet, remembering a similar conversation she had with Greenlee, just before Greens found out she could never carry another child. She begins having more contractions. Worried, Babe hits the gas and speeds away from Greenlee.

Zach begins freaking out because he can't get the phone to work. He tells Ryan that Kendall is on the way to the hospital, gets out of the car and begins to run. Ryan follows! They run through the streets of New York, trying to reach the heliport. They finally arrive. They give the pilot all of their money, their watches and anything else valuable so he'll fly them directly to Pine Valley.

In the car with Spike, Greenlee pours out her heart to Spike. Telling him how much she wanted him and still wants him. "I was supposed to be your mommy," she tells him. Greenlee remembers talking to Kendall about the surrogacy and learning that Kendall was carrying her own child. The more she remembers, the more angry she becomes that her life exploded and Kendall's carried on normally. Seeing Babe and Kendall speeding away, Greenlee decides it is time to take her life back! She hits the brake and takes off in another direction!

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Kendall believes she is losing the baby. Babe worries about what happened to Greenlee and Spike. Greenlee gets into an accident!