JR tells Adam about Josh's plans to chop up Chandler Enterprises and sell it off bit by bit. He apologizes for messing things up for the company. Adam could care less about his apologies, especially when JR tells him that he quit the Chandler Board! JR listens as Adam begins to rant about him being too weak to stick with a job. When Adam winds down, JR plays into his rants, telling him that no one is strong enough to bring Chandler back except Adam, that JR himself never should have been trusted with the company. Then he stuns Adam by saying he is signing all of his Chandler shares back to Adam! Telling Adam that no one should run the company but him, JR hands him the share certificates, the dividends. "The only one who can yank Slater out of Chandler is you," JR says, telling Adam that he will keep fighting Zach but that the fight will be off the radar. And with Adam still inside the company they'll have all their bases covered. Adam can't believe that JR would do something selfless and tells him so; he continues to run JR down and JR just takes it. "I can give up trying to please you. You can give up hope that I'll finally turn into you," he says. Adam turns away but JR keeps talking. When he brings up Krystal, Adam gets mad and points the finger at JR. Finally mad, JR tells Adam that he doesn't care about anything any more, and he hates the feeling. With fire in his eyes JR swears to build a life, get a job and make a family on his own! "I'm moving out," he says! JR packs a few things and returns with a suitcase. Adam can't believe he is going to be on his own but rather that showing the weakness he continues to berate JR for leaving. Sadly, JR says goodbye and walks out.

Jack and Erica are planning their non-divorce at the boathouse. The show ends the next day and they are going right to the courthouse to put a stop to their divorce! They go inside and play to the camera Pam has set up - Erica is keeping up her non-effected-by-Jack pretense and Jack is keeping up his you-can't-resist-me-line. Erica turns to the camera, asking her fans to cast their vote on whether or not she and Jack should divorce! Pam calls for the cut and sends a runner off with the tape. Pam tells them both to go home and rest before their big day. She and the cameraman leave but Jack and Erica stay behind. Outside, Pam talks to the cameraman, relieved that the reality show is nearly over. They leave. Erica walks around the side of the building and Jack joins her. He shows her a new contract for their marriage - promising not to ship off her luggage, pretend to know what he is thinking and promising to team up on parenting duties with her. Erica loves every one of his promises. She loves him. And makes a few promises of her own - no Tad, no Jeff. Nobody but Jack. He agrees! Erica calls for one more promise - that the won't let any of their children's needs to come before their own ever again. Jack seals the promise with a kiss!

Sean is happy to see Lily has calmed down. He asks her about Ava and Jonathan but she doesn't want to talk about them. She wants to talk about Erica and Jack. Just then Jack walks in the front door and Erica walks in the back door. They tell Sean and Lily that the divorce is off and their reunion is on! They tell the kids to keep the news quiet until the next day when they officially halt the divorce. "Sweet!" Sean says. Erica and Lily begin talking about love. Lily wonders if she'll ever be free of her feelings for Jonathan. Erica encourages her, telling her that she'll be happy again soon. Across the room Sean stuns Jack with Ava's news. Getting mad because Adam was behind it, Jack stalks off ready to go after Chandler. Sean stops him, telling him it doesn't matter. Calmed a little Jack asks Sean to stay with Lily because he'll be gone for the evening. Sean picks up on the vibes between Erica and Jack and sends them on their way. When they are alone, Jack suggests a final illicit meeting between the two of them. "It's going to be a night to remember," he promises, kissing her passionately.

Ava goes to The Comeback, watching the people inside but remembering what Lily told her and what Jonathan said. She turns away before going inside. Meanwhile, Tad and Krystal take a seat a little way from the bar. Tad realizes Krystal is upset about Adam but she doesn't want to talk about it. She changes the subject and tells him they're going to move in! Tad is excited but wonders what Adam will say about Colby moving in with him. He turns to Colby, who is playing with Jenny at the bar, and lays down a few groundrules - no short-sheeting the beds, no replacing toothpaste with hemorrhoid cream and generally making Colby laugh. Tad takes off with Jenny. Ava walks in. She heads straight to Krystal and asks for her job back. Neither Krystal nor Colby want her there and they let her know. Ava doesn't back down, she begs Krystal to take her back but Krystal won't give her the job back. Ava tells her she'll work for free until her debts are paid off - she ruined Krystal's pool table when she was drunk. Before she can answer Tad walks in. Krystal tells Ava that she feels for her but she can't trust her with a job again. Angry, Ava strikes out at them all for turning her away. Krystal doesn't take kindly to that and tells Ava to leave - for good. She hands Ava some cash for her work before she walked out for the Fusion job and tells her to go. Ava walks away.

Near the boathouse, Jonathan is still trying to convince Amanda that he had Ava's interests at heart. As they talk, he realizes he has hurt the girl and should just walk away, but he can't. Jonathan also realizes how much he hurt Amanda and apologizes. After a while Amanda realizes Jonathan isn't staying at the boathouse to talk to her - he is waiting for Ava to show up! She decides to go. Jonathan stays on the dock, hoping Ava will show up so that they can talk. He flashes back to the moment she left the Montgomery's, worried about her.

On the drive to New York, Babe is trying to calm Kendall down about the Ava-mishap. It isn't working. They call Greenlee, who is in the car behind them, and Babe suggests they sing the to the kiddo to get rid of the tension. Kendall and Greens make fun of Babe's boom-chica-boom song but eventually join in with her. After a while, Babe puts on headphones and listens to music on her own. Kendall and Greenlee begin talking over the phone. Kendall asks why she's been so difficult lately and Greenlee apologizes, not sure how to explain why she's been acting the way she has been. The subject turns back to the launch. Spike gets a little fussy and Babe begins feed him some cereal. Hearing them over the phone, Greenlee gets a little jealous. She pretends another call is coming through and hangs up on Kendall and Babe's baby-talking with Spike. Greenlee turns on her radio to a call-in show. The radio shrink tells a female caller that she has to want a family as much as a career, annoying Greenlee. She switches channels just in time to hear a fertility commercial. Angrily, she switches channels again. Back in Kendall's car, they call Zach and leave a message. As soon as she hangs up, Kendall begins have abdominal cramps and swerves the car off the road!

Next on AMC:

Kendall realizes there is a problem with the baby; Babe calls Zach and he rushes home.

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