Ava can't believe that Lily is actually touching her. "You're the only person that I've ever really cared about," she says, still feeling bad for the things that have been going on. Jonathan rings the doorbell, surprising them. Lily opens the door as Ava hides behind a wall. Lily tries to head off Jonathan but he insists on seeing Ava. Lily holds him off by telling what Ava said - that he was really making love to Lily when he was with Ava. Ava steps out from the corner. Her new look shocks Jonathan. He wonders what the new 'do will do to her job at Fusion. "I make my own decisions," she says. Jonathan offers to drive her to the office but she refuses. He tries to get her alone but she doesn’t want to talk to him at all. She asks him to leave but Jonathan won't go. The way he did when she was turned down for the Fusion contract, he points out the ways she is different from Lily. "I care about you," he says when she asks why he touched her differently when she came home looking like Lily. From across the room, Lily begins counting back from 100. Neither of them can calm Lily down. She stops counting and leaves for her room. Jonathan starts to follow but stops when Ava lashes out at him. "Go! Save the woman you really want," she says, getting more angry by the second when Jonathan doesn't go after Lily. He tells her that the night before was about her, not about Lily. "When I touch you, Ava, I know exactly who I'm touching," he says and reaches out to her. Scared, Ava backs away and then runs from the house.

Jonathan goes to the boathouse, calls Sean and asks him to go to Lily. Amanda walks up, not thrilled with how Jonathan has been spending his time. Jonathan tells Amanda that he has fallen for Ava, but she believes his only interest is getting into Ava's bed! She reminds him that she told him getting together with Ava was a mistake but Jonathan doesn't want to hear it. He admits that he'll always love Lily, not realizing that Ava has been listening from outside. She walks away and he goes on, telling Amanda that he isn't in love with Lily - he will never be in love with Lily again!

JR and Josh have an early morning meeting at the Chandler mansion. Josh isn't sure JR is being completely forthcoming with his Chandler information. He warns JR that he won't be part of Chandler for much longer because the company is basically in a free-fall. Not happy to be throwing the Chandler Enterprises failures at JR, Josh begins berating Adam, too. JR hits back, reminding Josh that his father won't win any father of the year awards either. JR packs up Josh's briefcase and orders him out of the mansion. Josh wonders if this is JR's way of quitting the company. When JR doesn't answer, Josh leaves.

Inside, Krystal walks in with a suitcase! She tells Adam that she is there to move Colby out! Colby goes upstairs to begin packing. Adam plays dumb and Krystal explodes, telling him they all know about Ava and the drugs. He swears he is innocent but Krystal doesn't believe him. Colby returns with a packed suitcase and tells Krystal she is ready to go. Adam reminds her she has moved out before and come back. Colby tells him things are different this time around! Krystal leaves, giving them some space. She tells him that she doesn't like the things that she has done since returning home, just so she could be a "Chandler". She wants to be a different person! Adam can't believe what he is hearing. Telling Colby that he regrets making mistakes with, Adam says he loves her more than anything. Colby isn't sure what that means, though, because he has said the same things to JR. "You're the only one I can count on," Adam whispers. Colby doesn't think she can count on Adam for anything and tells him so. She reminds him about trying to sell Jenny and says she only stayed because he was so sick. Krystal returns, telling Adam to back off and let Colby go. Certain that she'll be back in a few days, Adam lets Colby go. When Colby is gone, Adam calls Krystal a homeless virus. With tears in her eyes, Krystal tells him about moving in with Tad. Adam is stunned and hurt and afraid, more than anything else, that Krystal will see it. He strikes out, reminding her that she tried to hide Jenny's paternity for a long time because she didn't want Tad in the baby's life. Krystal can't believe how he is twisting things around. Angry, she storms out.

JR meets Tad at The Comeback, needing advice. He tells him about the meeting with Josh and Slater's plans to dismantle Chandler Enterprises. He wonders what he can do to save the company and Tad tells him not to bother. He reminds JR that he can be a bigger, better man than Adam if he can only let the company go. JR tells him about throwing his more-or-less resignation papers at Josh, thrilling Tad. He believes it is a step in the right direction for JR. "You're half Dixie," he reminds JR, telling him that he can make something more of his life than just being another Chandler in a boardroom. JR isn't ready to cut and run, though, and tells Tad that he can't be free of Chandler until he pays Adam back. Tad wonders what JR's next move will be. JR leaves. Krystal and Colby arrive to spend some time with Tad.

Greenlee makes an executive decision - against the wishes of everyone else - to change the Fusion Green script. Everyone objects but she just carries on. Kendall gets a call from Zach to see how she is. He lets her know he's going to be late. The girls begin worrying about Ava, who is still missing in action. Rachel arrives with Spike, dropping him because of a family emergency. Kendall sends her off to the hospital to be with her family, telling her not to worry about Spike. Di and Annie try to reach Ava but can't get through. Kendall asks the girls to go ahead to New York. Greenlee suggests that Annie stay behind to be a babysitter for Spike but Kendall shoots that idea down. She wants Spike to go with them! Greenlee strongly objects, not wanting to spend several hours in a car with the baby. Babe tells Greenlee not to worry, that she won't have to deal with the baby. She steps back, saying Spike isn't her worry - her worry is the pitch as a whole. She brings up carseats and extra space. Babe suggests taking one more car and Greenlee drops the subject. Di and Annie head out but Babe stays behind to run interference with Kendall and Greenlee. Babe leaves to get some things ready for the car ride.

Alone, Kendall vents on Greenlee. She tells Greens to drop the attitude or watch Fusion go down in flames! "You're scared," Kendall says and tells Greenlee that she doesn't have to prove herself this time around. Greenlee realizes that Kendall has no idea what she is really scared of - Spike! Kendall invites Greenlee to ride up with her and Spike but Greenlee declines, telling Kendall to go with Babe. She decides she'll ride with Ava. Just then Ava walks in with her new 'do. Babe walks in, suggesting a wig but Ava refuses. She wants to stay brunette! Kendall and Greenlee tell her it won't work. Ava still refuses to change back and Kendall fires her! "This is bad," Babe says. Kendall leaves a message for Zach - that Spike is going to New York - as Greenlee begins to have a mini-meltdown about the campaign. The ladies head to New York.

JR returns home, still not positive what to do next but with an idea of his next move. Adam, still upset over Colby's leaving, asks if he has come back to dig the knife in a little deeper. "I've come back to make things right," JR says.

Next on AMC:

JR tells Adam that he quit Chandler. Krystal tells Tad she is ready to move in!

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