Erica meets Pam in the park. She gives her instructions and Pam leaves. Krystal arrives soon after and Erica asks her to stick around for a bit. Sending Winifred off with Jenny, Krystal reluctantly sits down for a chat, wondering what is going on now. Erica asks Krystal if she ever loved Adam, making Krystal mad. She skirts the issue of Adam and Erica sets things out. She tells Krystal to go after Adam! "Stop being a fool," she says and walks away.

At Kendall's, Di calls Ava who is still missing in action. The girls are beginning to wonder is Ava is too flaky for the campaign but Di covers, saying she probably just fell asleep and didn't wake up. They all pack up; Di and Amanda leave together to check on the things at Wildwind. Babe and Greenlee are talking over the phone with a client who wants advance payment. Kendall takes the phone to talk with the client, trying to smooth things over. Rachel brings Spike out and Greenlee is again taken in by the sight of the child. Kendall goes on with the client and when Greens tries to take over shoos her away. Rachel asks Greenlee to feed Spike and she runs out. Annie takes over with the baby as Greenlee watches from the doorway. Annie plays with Spike for a bit, keeping him occupied. Greenlee becomes even more entranced with the child. Babe leaves to get ready for the launch. Greenlee and Kendall both get on the phone to cover the pre-payment costs. Done, Kendall takes over with Spike, telling Annie to go home to be with Emma. She then hands Spike over to Greens, who reluctantly takes the baby. She isn't sure what to do with a child but tries to play with him. Erica arrives, angry to see Greenlee with Spike. Kendall tells Erica to back off but she won't - and takes the baby away from Greenlee, calling her a stranger! Erica begins going over the plans with Annie and Erica, leaving Greenlee out. This angers Greenlee and the claws come out. Erica points out all the people that Greens has hurt in the past. Kendall puts the kibosh on the argument, telling Erica that they have work to do. Kendall, Annie and Erica walk out, leaving Greenlee alone. She picks up Spikes toy truck, contemplating the things Erica said. Kendall returns and apologizes for Erica's actions. Greenlee blows off the apology and begin giving Kendall a hand massage to help her relax. The friends talk about old time and new, both seemingly settling in to their new roles as friends and co-workers. "We are the same," Kendall says, leaning on her old friend.

Babe runs into Krystal at the boathouse. A few minutes later Winifred arrives with little A and Jenny. Babe tells little A she'll be back soon and Wini takes the kids back to the condo. Alone, Babe asks Krystal what is going on. She tells Babe about buying a house with Tad and living together as friends and co-parents. Babe tells her mom to go with her heart - whether that leads her to a house with Tad or not. She tells Babe that she could move in, too, but Babe turns the offer down. She wants some time on her own with little A for a while.

Over breakfast Sean sees Lily working on the computer. She begins talking about sex and tells Sean she is researching the activity to understand it better. She talks about how other people can touch but she can't and Sean realizes she is upset about Ava and Jonathan's new relationship. She isn't okay with the concept, which confuses her even more. Lily doesn't understand why Jonathan moving on should bother her.

Jonathan goes to Fusion to find Ava but she isn't there. In a panic, Di comes in and asks him what happened. He explains, not getting it. Di sets him straight, telling him that he connected to Ava because of her resemblance to Lily! Di asks him who he was really with the night before and he tells her he was with Ava. That he cares about Ava, not Lily! He realizes that even though he saw a different side of Ava, she thought he was only seeing Lily!

Meanwhile, Ava wakes up on the pool table at The Comeback. Colby walks in, sees Ava and dumps some beer over her head. When Ava wakes Colby starts in on her about Sean. Ava tells her there is nothing between them but Colby doesn't believe her. She starts to call Krystal but then stops. The girls exchange barbs, neither liking the other. From arguing about Sean, they begin arguing over Fusion which sets Ava off even more. She begins talking about Jonathan using her to replace Lily, how the Fusion girls want her to be Ava for them and not liking either situation. She tells Colby to go after Sean and the girl wonders why. She demands answers, thinking Ava and Sean are still sleeping together. Ava tells her they aren't and angrily tells Colby she was behind Sean's drug arrest - and just how involved Adam was in the scheme! Sean walks in. Angry, he asks Ava how she could do that. She defends her actions, telling him that she had to pay him back for how he treated her. Colby yells at her, telling her to go to the police to set things right and she says she will. Before she can leave, Sean tells her that Lily is having problems because of Ava's relationship with Jonathan. She runs out of the bar. Colby isn't sure she should believe Ava's story. She wonders why Adam would want to frame Sean but Sean thinks Ava might have been telling the truth. He tells Colby that Ava didn't have the money to buy the drugs and reminds her of the things Adam did to Krystal and Jenny. Krystal walks in, asking what is going on. Colby lets her know what Adam did.

Ava goes to Lily's and rings the doorbell incessantly. Finally, Lily answers. Ava tries to explain what happened and tells Lily that when Jonathan made love to her he was really making love to Lily. Lily doesn't understand, and Ava keeps trying to explain. While she is talking she looks around for booze and finally finds a new bottle of cognac and takes a big swig! She becomes angry as she talks, which makes Lily nervous. She is shaking and rocking on the sofa but Ava is too wound up in herself to see. Looking in the mirror, Ava calls herself ugly names and begins giving herself a makeover. "Redredredredredred," Lily says when Ava turns with bright red lipstick. Ava realizes she has gone too far and hurriedly tries to take the makeup off. Lily counts backward from 100 until she feels more together. She offers to help Ava! Lily suggests Ava make herself look different. She begins with a new, brunette hairstyle, but the new hair color doesn't make her feel better. Seeing her sister hurting, Lily goes to her and reaches out. She gently touches Ava on the shoulder and tells her that she loves her. Jonathan arrives on the doorstep.

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Krystal goes to see Adam. JR asks Tad for help. Kendall and Greenlee don't like Ava's new look - at all!