Erica arrives at her yacht club room to find a romantic evening in the works. Jack is just finishing lighting the candles around the room and kisses her. They enjoy a romantic dinner. Afterward, Jack tells Erica that he has been researching the million dollar donor for the Miranda Center. He thinks they should reach him to see if he'll still donate the money when he learns Erica and Jack are back together! Before he can dial Erica stops him. She tells Jack they should just let the million dollar donor find out when the rest of the country does. Jack is really curious, though, and decides to call anyway. He calls - and gets Greenlee's answering machine! Erica asks who it is and Jack covers, telling her the number has been disconnected!

On the terrace of The Comeback, Colby tries to convince Sean to let her tag along on his trash duties but he turns her down. He wants to take her on a real date - not a trash walk.

Jonathan is stunned by Ava's appearance. Seeing her looking so much like Lily is freaking him out. She keeps talking about the shoot, not realizing at first how weirded out he is. When she realizes he hasn't said anything, Ava runs from the room. Looking in the mirror, Ava studies her reflection. Jonathan comes to her, puts her arms around her and watches. He kisses her softly, and they begin to make love. He slowly undresses her, planting soft kisses on her skin as he does and carrying her to the bed. Afterward, Ava begins to cry. With Jonathan sleeping beside her she realizes this time with him was different - and she thinks it is because she looks so much like Lily! Jonathan wakes up, alone, and calls for Ava.

JR walks in to The Comeback to talk to Krystal. She doesn't disappoint him and lets him have it because of the kidnapping scheme. She asks how he will feel with little A turns on him the way he turned on Adam. He doesn't believe little A will ever turn on him because he will never treat little A the way Adam has treated him. Krystal sets him straight, reminding him that Adam isn't the best man but that he loves all of his children with all his heart. JR swears that he is different from Adam and that he won't repeat the mistakes his father made. Krystal tells JR that Adam didn't deserve what JR did; JR thinks Krystal might have feelings for Adam still. She tells him to think again and leaves the table. Colby walks in and JR leaves. With her shift over, Colby decides to surprise Sean with a picnic on the beach from some of Krystal's kitchen leftovers. Jonathan walks in, looking for Ava but neither Krystal nor Colby have seen her. Neither knows where she would be but Krystal suggests he try Kendall's. Derek walks in later. He spins her around, obviously wanting to continue with their new relationship. Krystal pulls back. She tells him about Tad's offer. "You deserve somebody who knows what she wants," Krystal says, telling him that she has no idea where her future lies. Telling Derek she likes him, Krystal explains that the timing for their relationship isn't right. He tells her not to lose his number and leaves.

Ava goes to the beach and sits alone. Sean walks down, sees her and thinks he is seeing Lily. Crying she tells him she's Ava - the cheesy knock-off of the real thing! Sean sits with her, letting her talk about Jonathan and Ava tells him everything that's happened. "Tonight Jonathan looked at me and saw Lily. He touched Lily and he kissed Lily," she says, her voice breaking. Sean tells her she must have been imagining things but she knows she wasn't. Sean hugs her as she cries, not noticing that Colby just walked down to the beach. He turns, sees Colby and tries to explain. She throws the picnic at him and walks away. Sean runs after her. He returns - alone - and Ava apologizes for messing things up for him. She tells Sean that she'll make things right between him and Colby.

Jonathan returns home and begins putting Ava's clothes away.

Colby returns to The Comeback. She gets a knife and begins to destroy the carving that Sean made of their initials.

Ryan and Zach are going over some last minute deal details in New York. Zach isn't so sure the deal is a good idea, which is annoying Ryan to no end. He realizes Zach is holding back because of Greenlee and tells Zach to leave Greenlee is the past. Rather than wondering what Greens will do next, Ryan thinks they should just ignore her. Zach agrees and begins going over the papers again. Later, they head to the bar to continue talking about the deal. Zach offers a toast to their families.

Kendall is busy passing out bags of goodies to the Fusion gals - filled with jammies! She's decided another night of bonding is in order. The girls change into identical outfits - green yoga pants and white tees with "Green Is Always In" printed in green. They girls begin joking about the slumber party atmosphere as they lay out sleeping bags. Greenlee doesn't like the idea and tries to leave but Kendall stops her. She reminds them about the girls they loved who were lost and asks them all to give this a shot. Zach calls Kendall as Ryan calls Annie. Both ladies tell their guys that things are going well. Josh arrives with ice cream, surprising Greens at the door. She warns him it's a hotbed of female emotions but he sticks around anyway. Josh delivers the prints of the campaign shots but they decide to wait for Ava to check them out. They wait for a while but when Ava doesn't show up decide to screen the shots without her. They all love the reel. Josh congratulates Greenlee on the concept launch; Kendall kicks him out, telling him that the night is girls only! Josh leaves but not before returning one of Greenlee's earrings to her. They girls begin cleaning up the food mess. Greenlee asks Babe about the Josh/JR mess. Babe walks away, not wanting to talk about it. Kendall fills in Greenlee and Amanda steps in, painting Josh's bad side since everyone else is bagging on JR. Di tries to reach Ava again but she isn't answering her phone. Amanda asks what's up and Di lets her know about Jonathan's new attraction. Amanda isn't sure that is a good idea. They ladies get down to work but are soon distracted when Babe brings Spike into the room. The baby wants a little mommy-time. All the girls gather round except Greenlee who hangs back. They get Spike back to sleep and pull out the icecream and they girls start talking about sleepovers from their childhood. Babe puts on some Motown music and the girls begin dancing around the house to Diana Ross and The Supremes! Laughing and dancing, the girls finally find common ground.

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Erica tells Krystal to go after Adam! Sean tells Ava that Lily knows she has slept with Jonathan!