Erica meets Adam at the yacht club, wondering what he wants from her. Adam cuts right to the chase and asks Erica to come back to him! He calls Jack a fool and tells Erica that he wishes he would have put up the million-dollar divorce donation! He compares Jack to Krystal, telling Erica that they have both made mistakes. He asks her to reunite! Giggling, Erica agrees to marry him, telling Adam that a re-marriage would be a wonderful solution to their problems. He tries to leave but she keeps him at the table, telling him they need to start planning her 11th wedding. Adam gets jumpy and Erica tells him she is on to his game. His proposal isn't about her - it is about Krystal! After arguing for a while Adam admits that he is still in love with his ex! Erica tells Adam that it is okay to love Krystal and that she completely understands because it is hard to shut off those emotions. He realizes she is still in love with Jack! Erica asks him to keep the secret and he agrees. Then Adam asks her how to rip Krystal out of his heart! Erica tells Adam to try a little forgiveness instead. Erica tells Adam to try a little forgiveness instead. Adam isn't interested in the forgiveness train and tells Erica so. She reminds him that she surrendered to love and she is winning!

Colby finds Sean sleeping on a table at The Comeback. She tells him to go home but he wants to stay. Sean holds her hands and they talk about the play list she gave him on the iPod the day before. All of those songs meant something to him because they are songs that Colby has played for him before. She kisses him. Sean asks for coffee and Colby leaves. He picks up a knife. Colby returns to find Sean carving up one of the wood supports on The Comeback's terrace. She tells him about being a godmother and loving her new family as he finishes up. Sean tells her about Barbara leaving town, hoping it is for good this time, and about Jack and Erica's reunion. She is the closest thing to a mom he has ever known. Finally done, Sean shows his creation to Colby - he has carved a heart into the wood with their initials carved in the center! Colby loves the gesture and they kiss!

Inside, Krystal is still glowing from spending Jenny's christening with the whole family. Tad makes a suggestion - they make their family official! Krystal gets nervous and thinks Tad is proposing. He laughs, telling her that he isn't going to marry her or even date her. He wants them to move in together so that they could both have Jenny full-time. Tad shows her pictures of a couple of different homes that he would like to buy for them. As he talks, Tad tells her about the other kids rooms. He gets quiet, thinking about Kate, and she assures him that they will find her. Krystal really likes the homes but she isn't sure about living with him. She is worried about what will happen when Jenny gets older and figures out that her parents aren't like all the other parents in the world. Tad tells her not to worry about it because Jenny will be secure enough to handle anything. Krystal asks about relationships; Tad says they'll work it all out - as long as Adam will not be in the picture. Krystal gets quiet but tells him things are over between she and Adam. He promises a Jacuzzi if it will help her make up her mind. Krystal says she'll think about it and Tad leaves to meet Aidan.

Ryan interrupts Jonathan's daydreams about Ava. Ryan tells Jonathan about his New York trip; Jonathan tells Ryan about Ava's new job. Ryan isn't thrilled, mostly because he doesn't like the idea of Jonathan and Ava together. Realizing that he can't convince Jonathan to drop Ava, Ryan hugs his brother and wishes him luck.

Greenlee is doing her darndest to make Ava feel incompetent at her first photo shoot, but Ava manages to get all of the "dark" pictures. Kendall calls for a break so they can get her all "Lilly-fied" for the daytime products. Greenlee continues sniping at Ava, trying to get her to quit or Kendall to fire the girl. Babe hustles Ava off for a break and Kendall tells Greens to back off. Amanda arrives, telling the girls about her new job offer. Greenlee is not thrilled. Annie welcomes Amanda and asks her to help with the photos. Di takes a call and learns they are having problems with the samples. Annie defends Amanda when Greenlee won't let up, telling her that they need all the help they can get. Greens backs off a bit. Ava talks to Di, telling her how nervous she is about imitating Lily. "I can be Lily on the outside but I can't on the inside," she says. Kendall brings in a picture of Lily, telling the makeup and hair people to make Ava look just like that. Ava gets even more nervous. Zach arrives, surprising Kendall with a passionate goodbye kiss. Babe realizes the music is wrong; she and Annie decide to go with another song as Kendall shows Zach the beginning of the layouts. He asks about Ava. Amanda brings up the night photos. The pictures are great and she begins making the layouts. Everything crashes - Di says they have no samples and Babe tells them the music may not be ready. Worried, Kendall tells Zach this launch has to work - and she isn't sure it will! Annie and Greens brainstorm concepts for the copy on the night photos as Ryan arrives. He pulls her into the atrium and kisses her passionately to say goodbye before leaving for New York. Greenlee watches. Ryan asks Annie to come along to New York with him but she turns him down in favor of work. They kiss again. Di interrupts, needing Annie's input on some budget numbers. Kendall shows Ryan the rough cuts. Amanda and Babe talk about the tension in the office since Ryan arrived; Amanda wonders if Babe feels about her the way Greenlee feels about Annie. She tells Babe things aren't serious but Babe doesn't believe her. Ryan and Zach are ready to leave but Kendall asks them to stay. Ava comes in, looking completely like Lily. Kendall tries to help Ava relax, especially when Greenlee keeps berating her, but she is too far gone. Amanda and Di finally calm Ava down by reminding her of Annie and Ryan's wedding. The photographer begins shooting and Ava relaxes. Finally done, everyone applauds her and tells her she did a great job. Everyone except Greenlee. Zach suggests Kendall take a nap for the baby's sake. Ava wants a nap, too, and Kendall sends her home with instructions to come back to her house later that night. Amanda has the day photos loaded and thinks she has the perfect one. Everyone begins looking for Annie to check the layouts but she is gone!

Annie and Ryan escape to the roof for a very private goodbye. He asks her again to come along with him but she insists on staying to work. He kisses her again and she says they'll be back together before he can miss her. They return inside and Ryan and Zach leave for New York. Kendall and Annie share a moment, neither wanting to be without their man for even one night. The elevator opens and Zach and Ryan return! They take their ladies in their arms and kiss them breathless.

Jonthan is flipping through channels on the television when Ava arrives home, looking exactly like Lily. He welcomes Lily home and Ava sets him straight.

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Kendall invites the Fusion girls over for a bonding slumber party before the product launch. JR thinks Krystal still loves Adam. Jack confronts Erica about her latest "suitor".