Greenlee wakes up on the beach next to Josh. She drizzles a little sand over his chest, waking him. She thanks him for the night before, but he isn't sure why. She is glad that they didn't make love and that they are taking things slow.

Annie and Ryan wake up in bed together. They talk, both ready to move forward with their life together. As they get ready for work Ryan asks Annie to come along with him on a business trip to New York but she turns him down because of work. They go to the yacht club for breakfast, with Ryan continuing his New York suggestions. She says she can't take time off because Greenlee will use that to get her out of Fusion. She isn't sure that Greenlee has really moved on. Greenlee and Josh walk through, laughing. They leave quickly, without saying much to Annie and Ryan. Annie wonders what is going on and asks Ryan if this could be a sign that Greens is finally moving on. Ryan isn't sure but hopes so. He gives Annie a passionate kiss.

At the Slater home, Zach leaves a message for Josh to check on things at Chandler. Stuart arrives and tells Zach it is time to make a deal! Stuart is nervous because he doesn't trust Zach's motives. "You're sneaky," he says and asks how Zach managed to get all of Adam's money. Zach tells him about the kidnapping, loan and collateral but Stuart believes there were other things going on. He tells Zach he isn't there for JR or Adam, he is there to get the Chandler mansion back for little Adam and Colby! Zach turns him down but Stuart won't drop down. A deliveryman arrives with a crib. Zach has no idea what to do because it isn't assembled. The guy gives him directions - in Swedish! - and leaves. Stuart offers to help as long as Zach will listen to him in the mean time. Stuart begins working on the crib. He begins talking about Zach's impending fatherhood, comparing that with how Adam has raised his children. Stuart rambles on about the growth charts on the wall at the mansion and how much Colby loves her new home. "You can't just switch one home for another," he says and asks Zach to sell the mansion to him. The more he talks the more guilty Zach feels. Stuart offers to give Zach all of his money and to cover the difference by deeding the gallery to him. Zach tells him he'll think about it. Stuart leaves and a little later Ryan arrives. He tells Zach about the new company and asks for his advice in investing on them. He suggests that they partner on the deal, surprising Zach. He agrees to listen and Ryan begins telling him the details. Zach agrees and they decide to go to New York together to complete the deal.

Kendall is excited to show her new idea to the Fusion girls but Annie and Greenlee are missing. Worried, she tells Di and Babe about the night before. Kendall tells them that Greenlee has given up on Ryan, or so it seems. Babe and Di tell Kendall not to wait around for Greens and Annie and they get to work. She tells them about her day-to-night, sweet-to-sexy campaign. Babe loves the idea but Di has questions about using Lily. Kendall brings up using Ava, with a lot of work, thrilling Di. The girls start working on their opposites theme. Kendall can't concentrate and both Babe and Di tell her to take it easy because of the baby. Babe brings up the drama surrounding Zach and the Chandlers and Kendall wonders if there is more trouble brewing for the company because of Babe's connection to JR. They begin arguing even though Babe doesn't care about JR any longer. Di tries to get between them but neither woman will listen. Babe admits that she is concerned for little A; Kendall tells her the child will be fine, with or without an inheritance from Adam.

Ava wakes up alone and wonders where Jonathan is. Seconds later Jonathan walks in with breakfast in bed for her. Nervous, she starts talking about her past and her brushes with prostitution. Jonathan makes her stop, telling her to move forward from her and stop revisiting the past. He reaches for the toast and begins feeding her. He kisses her. They make love. Jonathan asks Ava out on a date and offers to pick her up at The Comeback that night. Ava hesitates, afraid that Lily might see them together. "Lily is the first good thing that I've had in my life," Ava tells him, asking him to keep their new relationship quiet for a while. Jonathan doesn't want to but he finally agrees to keep things quiet. Di calls and asks Ava to get to Fusion ASAP. Ava hangs up, wondering if she is in trouble. She leaves to get ready. Lily wanders in to Ava's room, surprised to find Jonathan there. Nervous, she begins cleaning up the room as Jonathan makes up a story about bringing Ava breakfast. She tells him that she saw them kissing and Jonathan gets worried. He tells Lily that he likes Ava. She tries to vocalize how she feels but can't. Instead she asks a question of her own - she wants to know if they slept together! Jonathan admits the truth. Lily tries to make him feel better about that by telling him that it is okay with her, but that doesn't work. She suggests building a treehouse for Ava, the way he did for her. Lily gathers her things and leaves. Jonathan takes his things and leaves the room, too. He watches from a window as Lily leaves the estate.

Annie arrives at Fusion. Kendall asks where Greenlee is and Annie says she'll be in soon. Babe begins telling Annie about the new ad campaign. She loves it! They begin brainstorming ideas as Greenlee walks in. They girls gawk at her, making her mad and then return to their concept development. As soon as she hears Ava will be the model Greenlee objects but Kendall talks over her, selling the idea. Greenlee still doesn't like it. Kendall suggests a New York trip for the company to launch the new Green line. Greenlee likes the idea of a New York trip. She and Annie talk quietly for a moment; Greenlee is surprised that Annie hasn't told the others about the yacht club meeting. Kendall, Di and Babe watch them. Ava storms in expecting to get the boot. The girls all begin talking about Ava, but she thinks they are making fun of her. Kendall surprises her by offering her the job as Fusion's new model! Ava is stunned but takes the job, thrilled. Di asks Ava about Jonathan and she tells her what happened, excited that her life seems to be turning around. Across the room, Kendall suggests that the campaign will be their biggest success.

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