At home, Zach tries to distract Kendall from work but she is too absorbed in the Fusion drama to let it go. She is still worried that Greenlee is not letting go of Ryan! Zach interrupts her, asking her to leave Greenlee, Ryan and Annie at the door for the night. He pulls out a few baby tees and markers and they begin making personalized tees and onesies for the new baby. Kendall loves the new idea. Kendall realizes Zach is getting quiet. She assures him that despite the problems with Ethan and not having a real father himself, he'll be a great dad to the new baby. Just like he is a great dad to Spike. Zach brings up the Chandlers, remembering that they threw Alexander's killing spree in his face. Kendall gets mad and tells Zach to ignore anything the Chandler's say, after all he saved JR. Zach admits he didn't, that JR didn't need saving at all! Kendall can't believe how quickly Zach caught on to the scheme and tells him that he didn't do anything wrong. Zach does feel guilty, though. He talks about selling off the company in little pieces to finish off the revenge but is worried that one of them might come back at him or Kendall. Talking about Adam and JR reminds Kendall of the problems with Greenlee and Kendall; she worries that their concept launch will fail. They begin talking about the campaign. Zach wonders why the campaigns have to be so different and Kendall realizes the key to the new campaign is to pull everything together. Kendall kisses him and hurries to grab her sketch pad to work on the new idea. She wants to use Ava - because she can be sweet and sexy! Zach pulls the papers from Kendall and begins kissing her. The baby starts to kick!

Josh takes Greenlee to the park for a game of midnight basketball. She is annoyed and doesn't want to play but Josh starts playing anyway. He takes of his shirt, telling her that playing around will help her forget Ryan! Josh puts a pair of too-big shoes on Greenlee's feet. She isn't thrilled but when he keeps goading her about playing, Greenlee begins to shoot around. She makes three baskets in a row, telling him she knows how to play but she prefers not to. She wants to go back to Fusion for a drink. "I'm not finished with you yet," he says and continues to shoot. He challenges Greenlee to a game and she reluctantly agrees. Josh sets himself up as "Ryan" - her present - and dares her to get around him to the hoop - her future! After the game Josh takes Greenlee to the beach. Beside a bonfire they talk about her life, his mistakes and how to move forward. "Don't get so obsessed that it is all you are," he says. Josh begins to undress. He heads for the water and dives in! Greenlee doesn't join him in the water but laughs as he splashes around. Soon, she is ready to join him and heads to the water fully clothed! They return to the beach and Josh offers Greenlee his dry shirt. She changes and asks him about the next stage in his love detox program. She returns and Josh can't take his eyes off of her. He begins rebuttoning the shirt because she messed them up and kisses her. Josh lays her down on the sand but soon pulls back. "If this thing is going to happen between you and me, it's only going to be between you and me. No one else," he says. Josh explains that she needs to finish the love detox program first. They stay by the fire and Josh holds Greenlee close.

Adam talks to Colby for a moment at The Comeback. She tries to make him eat but Adam isn't interested in the food. Instead he tries to convince Colby to give up her job, but Colby likes to work. Seeing that he won't change her mind, Adam bellies up to the bar. Lily arrives and immediately runs into Krystal. She asks for Ava and is surprised to find out that her sister isn't at work. Krystal gets worried when Lily tells her about Ava's job interview. Lily leaves and Krystal returns to the bar. She tells Colby she can leave but before she can stop talking, Colby has told Krystal everything about the kidnapping. Colby walks away, leaving a stunned Krystal and Adam to talk. He tries to make light of it and leaves but Krystal follows. She questions him about the kidnapping. Adam doesn't want to talk about it, but tells Krystal that the kidnapping didn't worry him - it made him fight. She won't let up; she compares what he went through with JR to what he did to her and Jenny. "I hope you went through hell," she says and walks back inside. Adam watches her through the window. The bar closes down and Krystal is alone. She calls Derek, wanting company. He comes to the bar, realizing that Adam has Krystal upset. Derek holds her close.

Adam goes to the yacht club and orders a drink. He puts it down and heads back to The Comeback. He sees Krystal with Derek!

Colby tracks Sean down at the park picking up trash. She offers to help him finish the clean up. Sean keeps working, telling her she should go have some fun. She stays and they begin playing a fighting game with his litter sticks. Things turn serious and Colby asks Sean how he really feels. He admits that she is the most important thing in his world!

Jonathan walks Ava inside Wildwind, kissing her the entire time. She pulls back, asking if he is just feeling sorry for her. He assures her he doesn't. They are on the couch, making out, when Ava pulls away. She doesn't want to hurt Lily and is also afraid that Jonathan is substituting her for her sister. Jonathan tells her that both he and Lily have moved on and begins counting all of the differences between the girls. Lily is trusting, Ava is wary. Lily hides behind sunglasses, Ava hides between sarcasm. Lily assumes the best about people, Ava assumes the worst. The more he talks about the differences between them the more Ava tries to protect herself behind her hard exterior. Jonathan kisses her again and Ava kisses him back. Lily walks in to the mansion and begins looking around. She sees Jonathan and Ava on the couch, kissing passionately. Shocked, she steps behind the wall. She peeks around the corner and runs from the house. Ava pulls away, telling Jonathan they have to stop and running from the room. Jonathan follows and demands she let him in to her room. Ava opens the door, tells him goodnight and he steps inside. They begin kissing again and Jonathan takes her to bed. They make love. Afterward, Ava tries to push Jonathan out of her room but he won't go. "I'm not going anywhere," he says and pulls her back into his arms. They fall asleep in each others arms.

Outside, Lily begins counting backward from 100. Di finds her and tries to get Lily to talk to her. Lily can't explain why Jonathan and Ava kissing is upsetting her; Di asks if she wants Jonathan back. Lily realizes she does want Jonathan back, the old Jonathan, though, not this one. Still she doesn't understand why it is upsetting her to see her sister kissing him. As she talks, Di interrupts, telling her that Ava isn't replacing Lily. She tells her that Kendall knows the difference and so do a lot of other people. Lily wonders if Jonathan knows the difference. She leaves and Di goes inside. She looks around and finds Ava's bag at the bottom of the stairs.

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Lily finds Jonathan in Ava's bed. Greenlee lets Ryan believe she and Josh are an item. Kendall thinks Babe might try to sabotage Fusion because of Zach's involvement with the Chandler's. Stuart asks Zach to make a deal.